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EURO 16 Player Matchday 1 Review Special – How Did He Do?

At Fantasyfootballfirst, we pick out the week’s standout fixtures, offering a player-by-player review because of their next two fantastic fixtures. With Belgium (SWE, IRE), Italy (IRE, SWE) and the Czech Republic (CRO, TUR)’s fantastic games ahead in mind, ScottSBL does a player-by-player breakdown of who can be considered over the next two.



  • A defender is recommended.
  • Silva and Iniesta were the midfield best performers (the former being the prime pick);
  • Morata underperformed and may be replaced by Aduriz next game.

Czech Republic:

  •  A strong defensive performance with Cech, Sivok and Hubnik all putting in strong performances.
  • Krejci was the biggest threat in attack and as the set piece taker may be worth a punt if you fancy the Czech Republic to cause a shock in the next game.


  • Too narrow in attack to threaten the Italians.
  • Considering Ireland were solid in the middle of the park against Sweden with their midfield diamond and only showed weakness down the wings, a change of tactic may have to be on the cards if they want to pose a bigger attacking threat.
  • No fantasy recommendations or promise from this game.

Italy ­

  • The defence was the star of the show, with Bonucci the pick of the bunch.
  • Giaccherini repaid Conte’s faith with some great running off the ball and a fantastic goal.
  • Pelle was fantastic in attack with a great rounded performance.


Player Rating
De Gea
Influential. A by­stander for the most part but did his job very well when called upon.
Influential. A constant threat down the right wing and always looking to cross into the box. Potential for assists.
Influential. A threat from set pieces and played much further forward as the game progressed and Spain looked for the winner. Scored the winning goal and assist/ goal potential.
Influential. Much like his defensive partner, a threat from set pieces and not afraid to carry the ball out of defence.
Explosive. Played like a left winger, always looking to overlap Nolito. Potential for goals and assists.
Ordinary. Often found himself deeper than Pique and Ramos, particularly as the game progressed.
­Influential. Kept his side ticking over and constantly recycled possession. Not often in goalscoring positions but is very likely to pick up assists.
Ordinary. Recycled possession well but did not have the same influence in the final third as Iniesta, Silva or the full backs.
Explosive. Drifting centrally off the right wing, he played some very good through balls and went close with a shot from outside the box. Likely to have more points output than Iniesta due to playing higher up the pitch.
­Ordinary. May have been trying too hard to impress but shooting was wasteful and decision making sometime off.
Ordinary. Had two good opportunities to score but missed them both. Link up play was not good enough. Sometimes dropped too deep into the space that Fabregas, Iniesta and Silva wanted to occupy.
Ordinary. Peformed better than Morata by being a bigger presence in the box and giving the midfielders their space to play.
Ordinary. No decisive passes.
­Ordinary. Not enough time to influence the game.

Czech Republic

Player Rating
Cech ­
Influential. The last of defence and did well to keep Spain out as long as he did.
­Ordinary. Struggled to deal with the overload of Nolito, Iniesta and Alba at times and could not get forward to influence the play.
Influential. Defensively solid and kept Morata and Adruiz relatively quiet. A threat from set pieces.
Influential. The same as his partner ­- a good game where he posed a threat from set pieces.
Ordinary. Struggled to cope with the overload of Silva and Juanfran, allowing for too many crosses to come in to the box down that side. No attacking threat.
Ordinary. Not enough of an attacking threat but did his defensive job well enough.
­Ordinary. Not an attacking threat but also did his defensive job well.
Explosive. Was an out ­ball for his team but had to spend most of the game tracking Alba’s runs forward which put him in a very deep position. Showed promise and might be one to watch if the Czech Republic are still in with a fight going into the last game.
Ordinary. Did a lot of defensive work and tried to spring some counter­attacks but ultimately couldn’t influence the game.
­Influential. The set piece taker put in some great deliveries and with Sivok and Hubnik both aggressive in their attacking of the ball, he could have assist potential in the next two games.
Ordinary. Didn’t have enough support to link the play but for a target man, he struggled too much to win the aerial battle against Pique and Ramos.
Ordinary. Spent too much time forced to defend than showing his attacking potential.
Ordinary. Subbed on to see the game out.
Ordinary. Subbed on to see the game out.


Player Rating
Ordinary. Made some good saves but the clean sheet potential may not be there.
Ordinary. Surprisingly struggled considering both Darmian and De Sciglio did not run at him. Giaccherini’s runs from deep caused him too much trouble and his threat in attack was minimal.
Ordinary. Struggled with the overload of Italian attackers when the ball went wide.
Ordinary. Much the same as Alderweireld.
Ordinary. Contributed in attack with some clever passes but Candreva caused him trouble in one-­on-­one situations.
Ordinary. Did not work with midfield partner to effectivley screen the defence. No attacking influence.
Ordinary. Positioned too far from Witsel to combat the Italian numbers in the middle. Had a couple of long shots but none really troubled Buffon.
De Bruyne
Ordinary. Too wide for much of the game and dropped too deep to ever be in a scoring position. Never pushed past the striker to make a run in behind the Italian defence.
Ordinary. Spent too little time in the Italian box to ever use his aerial presence effectively. Not good enough creatively when the ball was in the middle.
­Ordinary. Saw a lot of the ball but his insistence on dribbling into the middle of the pitch saw him run into the congested midfield.
Ordinary. Poor touches, very little link up play and more often than not poor movement off the ball. When he did have a good chance, he fluffed his lines.
Ordinary. Created one good opportunity but otherwise too deep to threaten the goal.
Ordinary. Offered something different to Lukaku and posed more of a threat but missed some good chances.
­­Ordinary. Played out of position and had no impact.


Player Rating
Influential. Made some good saves.
Influential. Good positioning and not afraid to bring the ball out of defence.
­ Explosive. Great defending, composed on the ball and fantastic passing range. An assist for Giaccherini straight down the middle that traversed half the pitch epitomised how exemplary his performance was.
Influential. Solid in defence and comfortable on the ball when moving into the midfield positioning.
Influential. Really clever in attack with some good crosses into the box and managed to elude Vertonghen on several occasions.
Ordinary. Did a lot of defensive work but did not pose much of an attacking threat.
De Rossi
Ordinary. Sat in the ‘Pirlo role’ in front of the defence and did a lot of good screening defensive work. No attacking threat.
Influential. The one in midfield who was given the license to support the attack; he always looked to push beyond the two centre forwards. Promise for more points in the next two group games.
Ordinary. Sat too deep and unwilling to take Ciman on due to cutting back onto his favoured right foot. Subbed off after an hour.
Explosive. Great link­up play, good movement off the ball, excellent presence in the box and a good goal to top it all off. Could be a key man this tournament.
­Influential. Always buzzing around Pelle looking to get involved. Did not pose as much of a goal threat but could benefit from playing next to an in-form forward like Pelle.
Ordinary. Took some long shots but was brought on mainly to do his defensive duties and hit on the counter attack when possible.
Ordinary. Did not have enough time to do much except his defensive duties.
De Sciglio
Ordinary. Defended well but did not offer anything in attack.


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62 thoughts on “EURO 16 Player Matchday 1 Review Special – How Did He Do?

  1. Euro fantasy apps showing unlimited transfer. Did 4 transfer. Point not deducted. Will it be deducted later. Or should I use wild card to avoid it??? Plz help

    • @xcusesubhajit There’s only ONE free transfer per gameday. Do NOTHING for now because they’ll probably fix the glitch. If say an hour before deadline it’s still showing 4 trannies then wildcard a team to die for. But WAIT for now matey.

  2. Why I can’t let Pogba and Koscielny to play? I’ve subbed them yesterday, for Portugal players, and today I cant let them back in..

  3. Any thoughts on what the situation with De Bruyne is.

    Have KDB and Junzovic injured and need to figure out which one i should transfer out. Not planning on taking hits as of now.

    • @anishfpl Transfer out the more expensive one. THat way you will have additional funds on a later stage when high performers cost more.

      • @Vikonta why do you say that? Value aint gonna change until group stages are over and we will be getting unlimited transfers between and for round of 16. So whats the point in doing what you say?

      • @Vikonta It’s a fair point. What I need to make sure is that KDB actually is injured. Else Junzovic to Alli is what I was planning.

      • @Berbacat Thanks Berba. There is no site which is confirming KDB injury apart from the fantasy game. Reports mention that he is tired. But with Belgium needing a win now, i can see him being rested.

  4. So I had planned to either WC after GW1, or after GW3. I’m considering pulling the trigger right away.

    I didnt have a bad start – 65 points. But here is what I am planning

    1) Vertognen to Bonucci – Straight swap … Italy looked quite solid defensively against a Belgium team that had a clear attacking strategy in place

    2) Junuzovic to Alli – Zlatko is injured and England looked really good against Russia, even though they couldnt get the 3 points. I have Dier but I don’t think thats enough

    3) Rakitic to Perisic – Perisic looked like getting in better goalscoring positions. Rakitic seems more likely to assist than score.

    4) Morata to Kane – Morata seemed a little Giroudy to me (when he plays for Arsenal I mean) I could do Giroud to Kane too but France look great on offense.

    What do you guys think?

    Click to enlarge image

  5. Sommer
    Jordi Alba – Rami – Verthongen
    Alli – Hazard – Ozil – Kante
    Giroud – Milik – Ronaldo

    Subs : Rui Patricio – Lindelof, Junuzovic, Raphael Guerrero

    Is there a need for WC ? Junuzovic was good against Hungary, but failed to score. Now they face Portugal. Plus, he has a yellow injury symbol. Hazard also has a yellow injury symbol on the site. I was thinking of doing a straight swap of Hazard to Yarmolenko, and bring Spanish midfielder, maybe Silva in. Maybe my defense need some sorting too.

    Wild card or not ? If yes, what do you guys suggest ?

      • @Berbacat Going for Vladimir Weiss (Slovakia). Straight swap for Junu. Topped assists table in Euro qualifiers, ex-aequo with Milik at 6 each.

        I will bench belgium play much later. Giroud as my captain.

  6. Guys, maybe a stupid question as I can’t find info on this but I can’t get players I substituted during MD1 back in?! For example I had taken out Griezmann and Koscielny after france played Ukraine but now I am not allowed to bring them back in for the Albania match. Is this how the game works? I can’t use any players I took out for the rest of the group stage?

    Help on this would be really appreciated. Thanks

    • @d hippo Make a transfer first, or try to change a formation. For me, transfer helped.

      • @Manager06 – thanks for your reply. will try once i’ve sorted out my transfers.

        sorry for creating another thread abt this. didn’t realise its been discussed above.

  7. This has probably been discussed here and there in the comments already, but I’d like your opinions again: What is the best time to use the wildcard?

    My idea is after the round of 16, since you get only 4FT then and there’s a reasonable chance that more than 4 of your players won’t make it till the next round. So you can use the wildcard to replace all players that don’t make it to the QF, and add some extra transfers of your choosing…
    So, when will you use the WC and why?

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