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Talking Points For GW28

The Fantasy Football transfer window for game week 28 is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved.


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456 thoughts on “Talking Points For GW28

  1. I’m just not good at taking hits anymore :(

    Brought Aguero for -8pts last week, resulted in -3pts plus another transfer to bring back Luka

    Brough Coutinho and Matip for -8pts, resulted in -4pts plus another transfer to get them out…

    Will switch to dullard mode now! :eek:

      • @Kralin Hits arent bad but when they are taken just for the sake of protecting rank, it doesnt work for me :/

        Had taken only 5 hits till GW26. Now 4 in last 2 weeks and will probably have to take another -8pts to sort the mess.

        • @masterdeds Costa is my first choice, for Kane by the look of things. Then fingers crossed about dead-leg Llorente.

          If he’s crocked as well then I may ride that one out and play Pieters or de Roon off the bench. They’ve both got really easy games.

        • @masterdeds As Kralin mentioned before as well, it is considerable to take a look at Defoe in my opinion (and probably Gabbiadini as well – although difficult game @gw29). Niasse is a punt option because of the easy fixtures. Also Deeney is in-form and some handy fixtures incoming.

        • @heavenzeyez1 Good point about Deeney. I’ve completely ignored him but yeah, looking at the last 6 weeks, he’s been very reliable. Fixtures not bad at all.

        • @Kralin with kane injured.ibra suspend..the big hitter only costa n lukaku. Plus maybe vardy…
          The budget with lorente doubt..
          Gabidiany looking good but after spurs. Or deney…
          Defoe is unperform but agains burnley maybe he get a goal..
          How about barnes??…but with30 split by international maybe gets a player who can be rise in price..
          And looks the form n fixture deeney could be a nice.
          Cry (a) sun (h) wba (h)

  2. Oh shiz, I completely forgot about the Millwall game and brought Kane in yesterday with my 1 FT as I only had 0.1 to play with and was worried about price rise. :headbang:
    That and my Liverpool captain Mane and leaky Lallana- I feel the gods are turning on me!

    • @Dalkeith Divided Loads are in this situation, if it’s any consolation (it probably isn’t).

      Oh well, we have to move on and moments like this separate the err nanny goats from the kids.

  3. Dear Chorley, sorry to ask a hassly question, but how easy / difficult is it to enable us to put words into italics? Would be handy for emphasis sometimes.

    However I may be the only person who has ever suggested this.

  4. Do we have an idea how long Kane is out for?

    Already have Costa and Luk, not sure whether to bench Kane or not

    No problem taking hits….

    • @Jbugman It’s not looking great, but nothing confirmed yet.

      Suggestions – Defoe / Gabbiadini / Deeney.

      Kun against Liverpool’s defence and beyond maybe but risky rotation wise.

      • @Kralin kun to prively and not explode anymore with pep strategy.

        How about mid?…seem son.king.hazard/pedro mikhi??
        Redmon/tadic after spurs…

        • @masterdeds There are some pretty good midfield options out there; you’ve listed a lot of them. Barkley is in good form as well.

      • @Kralin @Goalmachine @Masterdeds

        Thanks for the info. Deeney may seem a good option.

        In mid i have Snodgrass, Ali, Mane, Morrison & Frasier. Suppose I better start getting myself aligned for DGW as still have all my chips

  5. Help for Game week 29…
    FT – 1
    ITB – 1.1M

    Planning to swap Firmino > Siggy & Diaye > King…will be taking -4 hit…Cheers..!!!

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Devil2011 The Firmino to Siggy move sounds good. Hopefully King will continue his freakish run of form (I brought him in this week as well) and he’ll repay that -4.

      Hits are always a risk and his (King’s) fixtures start getting dodgy after this week, so bear that in mind. I imagine you’ll be playing a 3-5-2.

      Maybe hold off until after Chelsea play later, just in case Costa joins the limping / suspended band of strikers.

  6. Morning everyone. How did all your weekends go? I thought with Josh King I’d be over the moon until I saw he missed a pen. Everyone in my mini league captained Lukaku while I did Carroll, I lost a double Hull clean sheet in the last minute, and did Chris Brunt not play? I may move him out for a one week defensive punt before my wildcard. 47 points turned out OK though with the amount of games.

    On the subject of my wildcard tempted to go Vardy, Defoe, Gabiadinni. May be slightly mad :idunno:

  7. 69 pts this week..50 pts above GW average of 19pts…thats a good start to my Mission top 100k at GW38 ..but I bought kane just before inury

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