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Good bye and may your arrows be green

Over the years I have really enjoyed this blog. Seven years ago I started creating stats for the regulars at the brilliant Fantasy Football Cheat. These stats have evolved into a fully blown Fantasy Football engine. And the growth and success is all thanks to our brilliant community: Writers, Regulars, Editors, Coders, the SquadGuru team – you have all made a difference. I thank you all.

The number of visitors to our site has grown year-on-year. In our first 12 months we had 175,000 people use the site. In our second twelve months we more-than-doubled to 380,000 people using the site. In our third 12 months, we had over half a million people use the site, and in 2017 we have had 1,099,245 visitors to the site.

This success is down to three things:

  • excellent and well researched “evidence based” fantasy football articles by talented knowledgeable FPL writers,
  • experienced community of managers with repeated FPL success who are happy to help others,
  • the RMT Adviser algorithm, the number 1 FPL algorithm, tool ranked 32K this season (top 0.7%).

However, I no longer have the time to dedicate to writing for the site, nor do I have the time to enjoy commenting on the site. I feel my journey with this site has finished. Therefore, I an sorry to announce I am closing the site. I hope you all understand.

For the MLS fans, you can keep up to date with Ivan’s thoughts at MLS-Ivan (@IvanGB111).

I thank you all for making Fantasy Football First such a warm and welcoming place, and we all owe our thanks to all of those who gave up so much time to write, edit, administer and support the site. I raise a glass to you all and feel we are parting on a high.

Good luck to you all, and may your arrows be green.


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Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.

146 thoughts on “Good bye and may your arrows be green

  1. @ChorleyRocks Well, you already know how devastated I am about this. So sad :cry:

    I guess we are all guilty of taking you for granted for too long. For my part, I can only apologise for that and offer you my sincerest thanks for all your hard work and financial commitment in running the site for as long as you have. Thanks also to the excellent admins and writers :tiphat:

    This site has given me immense pleasure in the three years I’ve been doing FPL (although I regret being a lurker for so long at the start). And it’s only through this site that I even became aware of FMLS and I am now a passionate devotee of that too. I’ve also ‘met’ some great people in the comments blog, who were always ready to help me out when I needed it (and to share in the joys and pains of fantasy football).

    I admire everybody’s desire to try and carry things on in some shape or form. I hope these new forums prosper and that I manage to stay in touch with all you lovely people :rose: :heart:

    Thank you, everyone.

  2. Thanks very much CR for keeping the lights on. I was sad (but not surprised) that things were ending.

    All the best for yourself and family and cheers again for providing a brilliant place to, well, hang out.

    I’ll be sloping off to 24/7 – I’m too prolix for Twitter – so I hope I’ll see some of you over there.


    • @Kralin2 good luck in future Kralin
      Been good knowing you albeit just for this one season
      Enjoy 247
      You’ll fit in perfectly on there :thumbup:

  3. @CR thanks you and your cast of many for all the great articles and advice. FFFst has been my daily breakfast read for the last 2 and half years and will be sorely missed. Best to you and your Family and success in all you future endeavors.

  4. Out of all the sad news this year so far this has been the most saddening news. FFF was not just a place where we visit to cheat the game of FPL. It was much bigger than that. It was a part of our lives, so much so that the first page i opened after logging was always this. It was a game changer. The insights, ideas, various algorithms, permutations has all been a part of this great ride. So needless to say we will miss FFF as it was a part of our lives. It was Family.

    I started using this site around 4 years ago when my best friend (Team owner of Real Lions) suggested it to me and I can fondly recall the evolution of the site. Initially there were very few articles but as time progressed many new additions came along. The most key for me being the “Game difficulty checker” which i based my entire FPL strategy around. So needless to say it is with heavy heart this message is been written.

    In saying that, I know life moves on and great runs do come to an end some day. Life evolves and our priorities change and we have to adapt for the bitter reality.

    So Hats off CR……You have revolutionized the game FPL for us normal managers. I would like to wish all the VERY BEST for your future endeavors in what ever it may be. You have been a great servant for the game FPL and I hope the FPL gods will smile on you always for the service you have done.

    Good Bye & May your Arrows be Green…….

  5. Thank you for everything CR. I started FPL 3 years ago and found FFF and never looked at other site since.
    I am going to miss this site next season ….

  6. Thank you and all the team and everyone involved. It helped me win my mini leage twice in a row. Good luck in the future :)

  7. I started playing fantasy football 4 years ago and if not for CR and the great writers on FFF, I would have given up a long time ago.

    Thanks CR, you’ve been a legend with the countless articles and timeless advice. I’m super sad that the website is shutting down but that’s just me being selfish! I’m not sure if it has been said enough but to soldier on through the server and funding issues must have been hard :thumbup:

    All the best CR!

  8. Terrible news that is. I don’t want to start another eulogy (it’s been covered well and eloquently by everyone and I cannot agree more with everything said) just want to say thank you for all your hard work through the years. Having been here from the very beginning (following Chorley from FFC :lol: ) I cannot possibly imagine spending a GW anywhere else. So, thank you for giving us this great platform to share those great football moments, it will never be the same.

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