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Getting warmed up for the new season

After my best season yet (top 1%) I didn’t want the season to end, my team was flying, a combination of Harry Kane, Alexis Sanchez, having Josh King for months and a last day Coutinho captain, the points were rolling in, and I loved it.

So it surprised me that when the transfer window opened, fantasy football didn’t cross my mind. Then, I told myself, ‘I’m not playing this year’, days and weeks went by and I was still telling myself that I wasn’t going to play. See, last season I took note after note, read page after page, took hit after hit, listened to podcast after podcast, spent hours debating if an out-of-form Sanchez would be better at home to Middlesbrough than Theo Walcott. Sometimes, it felt more  like something I HAD to do and not something I WANTED to do.

I couldn’t do it all again….or could I?

Yes, yes I could. And yes I will.

The thing about fantasy football and why we all love it so much, is the same reasons why we sometimes hate it. The satisfaction when you’re last minute transfer scores, when you’re differential captain outscores a premium player, nailing the perfect triple captain. There’s nothing quite like it, and despite the stress and obsession it causes, I love it. This season my team Pique Blinders will be back again, I will be back.

My plan for this season?

  • Watch Match of the Day more, too many transfers last season relied upon match reports instead of watching for myself
  • Less hits – I lost SO many points last season thanks to rash hits, hopefully this season I can sit on the itches more and take no more than 10 hits over the season.
  • Don’t hold grudges – too many players missed out on a slot in my line up because they’ve let me down previously

… and …


Playing fantasy football shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn’t feel like one either, I’m going to enjoy it a lot more this year and get more involved in the wonderful community. I hope you do too.


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532 thoughts on “Getting warmed up for the new season

  1. scottfraser127, thanks for the article :thumbup:

    I am going to try and refrain from making transfers before Friday each week.
    Got hit with a lot of injuries last season, which meant taking hits as I had made my transfers early.
    Problem is, what do you do when the player you want to bring in looks to be rising in price early doors, and you don’t have enough money should they rise 0.1 :wacko:

    • @OldGoat This is the exact same problem I faced which made me go from 2nd to 7th In a 3 week span end of season, due to those int games making half my transfers obsolete T___T

    • @OldGoat I’m a big fan of early transfers, to help build team value. Buying and selling at the right time is the main way to increase team value.

      I look at it like this: if you get a player injury, you can take always take a – 4pt hit for a replacement. But you can never take a bank loan for the extra £0.1M you need to do the ideal transfer because you didn’t act early enough!

    • @IvanTheTerrible Can we not upload images anymore? I wanted to share my first draft which I did fast and on gut feel!

      I like the Rashford inclusion, he’ll be straight in my team if he looks like starting.

      • @FFC
        That feature has been switched off temporarily. Use the or for the time being to display you team. Just save the image as usual, upload it it in one of those and then post the link.

    • @IvanTheTerrible You can do better than that!

      I have Sanchez/Alli/Jesus AND Kane

      Just requires me to rotate between two 4.5 mids and a 5.0 striker for the final spot in my starting 11

      Foster, Myhill

      Kompany, Lindelof, Trippier, Cedric, 4.0

      Sanchez, Alli, Willian, 4.5, 4.5

      Kane, Jesus, 5.0

      Currently looking at RLC, Chalobah, and Ayew as the three but I’ll just pick the three most nailed at the start of the season, if I stick with the same strategy

      • @DantheManinaPan – wow…well done getting the big scorers in on 100m! Team looks pretty good to me. Just have to be sure the 4.5 mids play.

  2. Draft 10 of my GW 1 team.

    Baines/Azpi (keepers), Rotate Mee/Lowe/Hunemeier
    Siggy, Alli, De Bruyne, Zaha, Enabler (Chalobah)
    Blankaku, Firmino, Rondon

    Thinking whether to Change Rondon for Vokes and use that to upgrade Lowe/Hune

    • @Shrivathsa Baines on the downturn of his career maybe? Heard an Everton fan says he’s off spot kicks and maybe pens.

      Hunemeier isn’t likely to start.

      • @noah Good point, sigh, back to the drafting board. I really had told myself to stop tinkering from the beginning and to leave it to the last weekend before the game starts.

    • @Shrivathsa Everton’s fixtures aren’t brill first up.

      For 6m there are some ace defenders out there who may do better than Baines – Bailly/Alder/Kompany. Or Bertrand at 5.5 would free up some money. Or Milner at 6.5 is worth a look.

  3. Hello everyone, so good to be back after time off! The articles, posts, tips have already started so I’d like to jump in and post my WIP squad too..maybe get a few good ideas for the first couple of GWs!


    – Nothing ITB! I’d like to start with and stick with Lukaku for the foreseeable future. Feel UTD is an upgrade on EVE for him and he could well be among goals throughout the season, maybe even more than previous seasons!
    – Staying off Alexis till he starts in games, which could be 3-4 GWs into the season! So Iwobi to fill in, like he did last season in early stages.
    – Should I go ahead with Valencia + Walker premium DEF and risk non-starters for 4th-5th DEF? Or should I divide the money even across the Back 4?
    – Lastly, Alli or Ozil? Coutinho or Salah?

  4. Hello . really excited for the season . Here is my first draft, feel free to make suggestions and give some advice. Thanks!

    Van Aanholt/ David Luiz/ Vertongen/ yedlin/ Brad smith
    Klaasen/ Salah/ Knockaert/ Mane/ Cabaye
    Lukaku / Gabbiadini/ Benteke.

    • @Egg on toast Would ditch Butland for a 4.5 mil keeper and upgrade Brad Smith. Alderweireld is more of a goal threat then Vertonghen for me. I was thinking of Cabaye, like the shout :thumbup: 5.5 for him could be great price if he can keep fit under FDB. Douple Liverpool could be great too if Mane is fit.

  5. Been playing around. Not that I want too but a side with Lukaku, Kane and Aguero is not too bad.

    4.5, 4.5
    Trippier, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4.5
    Salah, Ramsey, Ritchie, Fraser, 4.5
    Aguero, Kane, Lukaku

    Trouble is Bournemouth rotate the wings and Fraser tends to come on or off early.

    • @Jamo97 for me your midfield is too weak. Others may chime in about your defence but I like a cheap defence especially early on where clean sheets are rare. I think downgrade kun and upgrade your midfield. Aguero is no longer guaranteed to start anyway and all that money is wasted on your bench.

      • @reemslaw It’s not something I’m thinking of, just thought Id play around. I agree with defence two big hitters and then rotate, and at this stage any defenders like Alonso not worth it with only 100mil budget to start. I’m still thinking Aguero over Lukaku ATM as City attack to me better and I’m not sure on United ATM. Aguero easy to downgrade anyway or swap.

        • @Jamo97 @reemslaw It shows that it isn’t impossible to fit in three big hitters. I would have tended to agree that cheap defence is fine in GW1, but I’ve just been reading / commenting on another post about Alonso, and I was all ready to try and get him in. Now I’m thinking you’re both right that cheap defence is the way to go. I am so easily swayed, haha!

        • @reemslaw It is very hard. 3×11.5 = over a third of the budget and somewhere a corner has to be cut. Often with painful long-term consequences or the humiliation of taking a premature, soul-destroying wildcard.

          This is why nerves are on edge trying to spot any 4m goalkeepers / defenders.

        • @Kralin aye it is tricky. For me, having already decided to go with only 1 big hitter, the question is, which one? Or for those fitting 2 in, who do you leave out?

          Sanchez can be left out for now because he won’t start until a few weeks in.
          Costa… haven’t seen him in any drafts for obvious reasons..slept with Conte’s wife etc
          Aguero is risky now because he is no longer guaranteed to start.
          Kane is nailed and will score big.
          Lukaku – pressure withstanding is nailed and should score big.

          I went for lukaku purely because i can’t have Kane and lukaku, and if Alli/Erikson can repeat the scores they did last year, they’ll score roughly the same points as Kane with a 2.5m saving. It would be nice to have a Spurs mid and Kane, but the rest of the team would suffer, and I need to have people from other clubs spread around.

        • @reemslaw @Chipster @Kralin Yes it isn’t impossible but I think if you compared this to a more balanced team the balanced team would be the way to go.

          As the season goes and you increase team value is the time to go bigger on defenders for me by maybe increasing some of the 5-6 mil defenders, but also keeping the ones who are rotating and performing at value for money. It could be possible to then add in 3 premium strikers like some did with Costa, Lukaku and Kane last year.

          However value should come to light then like Kane and Vardy of old. Hopefully there are more 6.5 strikers this year for starters. I certainly feel there is value in midfield, and I have some cheaper options to start off with.

        • @Jamo97 there will always be some in form mid range mids/striker that we’ll all be clambouring to get so I don’t see it as being an issue :fingerscrossed:

        • @reemslaw Strictly speaking, it’s not “impossible”. But it certainly might not be advisable! :D

          I think that kind of front three is something to aim for later in the season, by building team value so you can afford a top heavy strike force without compromising elsewhere.

        • @Chipster I think if you can fit Kane and lukaku in you’re doing well, and that is a good objective to work towards with team value. Another million could make all the difference. I just don’t see 3 as worth it. Unless 1 or 2 other top mids get injured early on and drop in value considerably, and you’re happy going with Huddersfield defenders.

    • @IvanTheTerrible no and can’t see myself doing it this year. Might not resist now it is out though ;)

      • @Jamo97
        I’ve never done it before. It looks a bit strange. You need to team up with few other managers. The ideal is 5-6 teams or max 8. Anything more than that you will run out of players in few weeks.

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