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Getting warmed up for the new season

After my best season yet (top 1%) I didn’t want the season to end, my team was flying, a combination of Harry Kane, Alexis Sanchez, having Josh King for months and a last day Coutinho captain, the points were rolling in, and I loved it.

So it surprised me that when the transfer window opened, fantasy football didn’t cross my mind. Then, I told myself, ‘I’m not playing this year’, days and weeks went by and I was still telling myself that I wasn’t going to play. See, last season I took note after note, read page after page, took hit after hit, listened to podcast after podcast, spent hours debating if an out-of-form Sanchez would be better at home to Middlesbrough than Theo Walcott. Sometimes, it felt more  like something I HAD to do and not something I WANTED to do.

I couldn’t do it all again….or could I?

Yes, yes I could. And yes I will.

The thing about fantasy football and why we all love it so much, is the same reasons why we sometimes hate it. The satisfaction when you’re last minute transfer scores, when you’re differential captain outscores a premium player, nailing the perfect triple captain. There’s nothing quite like it, and despite the stress and obsession it causes, I love it. This season my team Pique Blinders will be back again, I will be back.

My plan for this season?

  • Watch Match of the Day more, too many transfers last season relied upon match reports instead of watching for myself
  • Less hits – I lost SO many points last season thanks to rash hits, hopefully this season I can sit on the itches more and take no more than 10 hits over the season.
  • Don’t hold grudges – too many players missed out on a slot in my line up because they’ve let me down previously

… and …


Playing fantasy football shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn’t feel like one either, I’m going to enjoy it a lot more this year and get more involved in the wonderful community. I hope you do too.


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532 thoughts on “Getting warmed up for the new season

  1. I’m saying this with bated breath but pending the arrival of any tempted new arrivals…I think I have my final team based on th first few game weeks. Would appreciate your valued feedback.

    McAuley – Cedric – lindelof
    Redmond – Ramsey – KDB – Philips
    Fermino – Kane – Lukaku

    Bench: Elliott – RLC – lascelles – Naughton

    • @pompeyfc Strong attack and a good mix! For GW1, I’d go for Naughton instead of Phillips – TOT cleanie perhaps more more likely than Phillips doing well (but keep an eye on how he performs in preseason).

      Any transfer plans after the initial few weeks?

    • @pompeyfc It’s a good team. Doubling on WBA’s defence is no bad idea. Bench seems fine. There is the risk that if RLC doesn’t play he could lose value quickly – but hopefully he will play.

      Of the 6mish mids you’ve good two of the soundest looking in the early weeks (Redmond and Phillips).

      I’d stick one of the Chelsea mids – consensus so far seems to be Willian – for Ramsey. Zaha’s not a bad punt either. I’m thinking of playing a waiting game with the Arsenal attack. Others may say, why wait?

      • @Kralin thanks both, the one I’m watching early doors is lacazette but I don’t have the bottle to put him in straight away. Prem is a different ball game than Ligue 1.

  2. Here’s my first draft. Thoughts please. Really tough to get a balance this season I feel.
    Cameron, Trippier, Cedric
    Alli, Coutinho, Sanchez, Sterling
    Deeney, Kane, J Rod
    Speroni, loftus-cheek, Simpson, Rangel

    • @5up3rman Id beef up your attack mate. Perhaps downgrade Ali and spend the extra upgrading J Rod. I’m also not certain on sterlings game time so Id hold out on him for the time being or upgrade to Sane who in my opinion is more nailed on.

    • @5up3rman I like the way it deviates from the template. You have some big hitters in there – Sanchez and Kane could carry any side if they click. Simpson and Cameron are good choices.

      I think there are minor injury issues with Deeney, so keep an eye on him. J Rod is a bold choice but they have good fixtures. Sterling – we have no idea where he is in the pecking order. I think Sane is above him slightly.

      I like it. I think avoiding the Arsenal attack isn’t a bad idea until we see how it settles down.

      • @Kralin I’d have preferred Sane over sterling of course, however nothing to say they both won’t play. Deeney and Jrod are in there for now, still early doors. I’m considering Wilson and Gayle as other options.
        I’m sticking with tried and tested players for the most part. Will wildcard early if some of the newbies start to click.

        • @5up3rman sounds good. I’ve built my side (like you, tried and tested) and have just parked it for now and am pratting around with 4-3-3 and 5-3-2 experiments to amuse myself and probably test the patience of people on this site. Just keeping an eye on the pre-season games, transfers etc.

          Things can change quite quickly. We don’t know yet who’ll be main striker for Chelsea etc. I forgot Sterling is cheaper than Sane.

    • @5up3rman all out in midfield, I like the tactic. Watch for Sanchez being given the usual break at the start of the season after summer cup, and also wouldn’t expect Sterling to get much game time with the holy plethora of midfielders pep has at his disposal.

      • @reemslaw yes I’m having real doubts about Sterling.
        More than Sanchez game time I have a slight concern about which position he will play in, however if he goes to City I think he’ll be devestating.

        • @5up3rman it could well be a game changer if he does go to city yeah.

          All FPL aside, I really do hope he goes. I have a couple of Arsenal fan mates who are a bit too smug for my liking, they are adamant that he won’t leave and that this will be their year. They want him to see out his contract and leave for nothing, which would be bananas, wouldn’t it?

        • @5up3rman haha, well that’s certainly true of my friends.

          I think Newcastle fans give them a run for their money though, personally.

        • @reemslaw The Kun/Sanchez swap has almost taken on the flavour of a hostage situation. You half fancy an almost cold war type border exchange between Kun and Sanchez. Wenger wrapped up in a coat, chain-smoking, pacing up and down. An intense Pep surveying the area with binoculars.

        • @Kralin I’d feel sorry for Kun if he was sold to Arsenal. I’d imagine he would prefer to go abroad.
          Sanchez on the other hand would be great at City.
          Still enough time left in the window for plenty more deals.

        • @5up3rman It doesn’t seem likely to me. The rumour seems a fairly wild one. But maybe secret winds are blowing. I’d be less surprised if Arsenal cashed in on Sanchez.

        • @Kralin Didn’t seem likely to me when first mentioned, for sure it won’t now Arsenal have Lacazette.

  3. Hi guys

    Getting closer to a 1st draft. Settled on most of the team, but bit unsure on whether I should downgrade Benteke to Gayle to upgrade Fab or Ramsey to Coutinho. All thoughts appreciated!

    Foster – Myhill
    Trippier, Lindelof, Cedric, McAuley, Rangel
    Alli, Fabregas, Ramsey, Redmond, RLC
    Kane, Lukaku, Benteke

    • @KezzyK Looks fine.

      I’d think about downgrading one of your 5m defenders to a 4.5m one, unless you’re planning on playing a 4-4-2. Which I don’t think you are. Yedlin/Lascelles not looking too bad. McAuley arguably the one for the chop though doubling on WBA may be profitable. Doubling has its risks though.

      Benteke is a good choice, especially for their opening game. Maybe swap with Gayle after that. Cout is a good player to have in though. The firepower you have up top is impressive.

      • @Kralin thanks Kralin, great advice. Now you mention it, there is too much in defence, which isn’t like me!

        Any thoughts on where to use the extra 0.5m then? Get another 4.5m keeper or stick into midfield?

        • @KezzyK You could bank the .5 so you have some early season transfer manoeuvrability. Or Cedric to Bertrand. Redmond to Zaha, though Redmond is probably fine.

  4. Middle-of-the-night RMT, or normal aussie time. I personally don’t care for it much but it might give people some ideas.

    Dawson, Trippy, Cedric, Rosenior, Cranie

    Alexis, Coutinho, Phillips, Stan, JWP

    Kane, Luka, Hemed

    • @VanDan I think it’s a good idea to put possible Alexis templates up there for those interested in having him. Or other template ideas in general.

      Like you I’d hesitate before playing it, though there are plenty of points in that team. Is Cranie just a substitute for any 4m player or have you heard/read anything about him possibly starting?

      In the team above Stan could be downgraded to help get a stronger defender in there / upgrade Cedric to Bertrand.

      • @Kralin Cranie played one half and 75mins in 2 preseason games, not sure how much an indication that is though. I like Stan actually, got goals and assists in him plus wicked free kicks. was injured for a while last season so he should be very keen to perform. If Sanchez goes to city my team would look much better lol

        • @VanDan Cheers, will add to the list…the likes of Phillips/Ritchie/Walters/Allen may be worth considering as well for the 6m midfield slot; that or getting Milner in.

    • @KezzyK I have been thinking about players from non-template sides – Stoke and Leicester for example.

      I wouldn’t say (looking at the first set of fixtures) that there’s a huge gulf, in terms of what they can achieve, between Vardy/Gayle/Firmino/Defoe/Benteke and maybe one or two others. This is looking at the <=8.5m range.

      • @Kralin completely agree there Kralin. Though Firmino is the weakest of those mentioned for me – but that could just be frustration at him no longer being a midfielder! Going to keep an eye on Vardy pre-season, as he is shaping up to be a good early differential based on current ownership.

  5. When is the My Rules league code given out? This year I’d like to start with the rule ‘Exes’. I will only be able to select players who used to be ‘owned’ by any Premier League Club previously! For instance, Sigurdsson, previously with Sp*rs or Marcos Alonso, previously owned by Bolton etc.
    The list won’t include players who played for other PL clubs on loan! The overall list to choose players from is not a big one and includes roughly only about 130 players. Once the squad is made, there could be very little scope of movement/transfers.

    @wanton @Secret Zorro @IvanTheTerrible I’d like to ask you guys to consider this rule and let me know if I should go ahead with it. I’ve even thought of the team name: Ex Men! ;)

      • @Wanton @Secret Zorro @IvanTheTerrible Thanks guys! I will go ahead with this for case of rule change I will notify you before hand! Most likely I will start season with this rule and see how it goes before using my first WC!

        Ex Men (WIP) is:

        Foster (Ex Utd)
        Myhill (Ex Hull)

        Walker (Ex Sp*rs)
        Bertrand (Ex Chelsea)
        Trippier (Ex Burnley)
        Simpson (Ex New Castle)
        Clark (Ex Villa)

        KDB (Ex Chelsea)
        Salah (Ex Chelsea)
        Zaha (Ex Utd)
        Siggy (Ex Sp*rs)
        Carroll (Ex Sp*rs)

        Lukaku (Ex Everton)
        Gayle (Ex Palace)
        Defoe (Ex Sunderland)

  6. Javier Hernandez looks almost done to West Ham although they have been “close” to many signings before. He would tempt me for sure even at possibly 8mil along with Defoe and Kane would mean Sane in to the midfield. Market hotting up.

  7. Dear all, going to give drafting my team a rest for a few days, but below are 3 versions that I have put together. Thoughts welcome and hopefully they act as suggestions for others.

    TEAM 1 (100m)
    Lloris | Foster
    Bertrand, Davies, Monreal | Francis, Simpson
    Mane, Sane, Lallana, Redmond | Arter
    Lukaku, Benteke, Llorente

    TEAM 2 (99.5m)
    Forster | Begovic
    Lindelof, Clyne, Trippier | Ake, Simpson
    Sane, Phillips, Pedro, Alli | Kante
    Benteke, Firmino, Lacazette

    TEAM 3 (100m)
    Forster | Begovic
    Lindelof, Trippier, Cedric, Holding | Hunemeier
    Sane, Willian, Alli, Coutinho | Hudson
    Lacazette, Lukaku | Okazaki


  8. 1st draft
    Valencia, Monreal, Otamendi
    Coutinho, Fernandinho, Herrera, Wanyama
    Firmino, Kane, Lukaku
    Subs: Foster,Daniels, Oriol Romeu, Zabaleta
    Money In The Bank: 1.5m

    What do people think?

    • @hammerfan Would Aguero instead of Lukaku be best?
      Should I spend the 1.5m to strengthen?

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