Scouting Transfers: Begovic, Gross and Solanke

At Fantasy Football first we focus on more than just the MLS. We extensively cover the Fantasy Premier League game. Having taken a few weeks break, we resume our articles with a look at a few of the transfers that have kicked off our summer.

Asmir Begovic to Bournemouth

Having joined Chelsea for £8m, Chelsea sell on Asmir for a £2m profit. Not bad for a player who only made 8 appearances last season. Yet 29 years old is “young” for a goalkeeper and Bournemouth have picked themselves up a bargain.

Last season Boruc played in all games bar 3, but conceded 63 of the 67 goals conceded last season. This was very high, for example, the prior season he only conceded 51, and in Boruc’s Southampton years he conceded only 26 and 28 goals. Boruc is losing Bournemouth points, and Begovic is an incredible upgrade.

Between the 2012/13 season and the 2014/15 season, Asmir averaged 34 games per season, so can be relied on to play almost every game. He also averaged 3.79 points per game, which is incredible for an average price of £5.3m, suggesting 0.71 points per million per game (ppmpg) – and remember anything over 0.75 ppmpg is great.

Given Boruc started the season at £4.5m, I expect Begovic to be priced at a minimum of £4.5m, and a maximum of £5m given his FPL history. Bournemouth are great at preventing shots, so if Begovic makes the expected difference to the Bournemouth defence I would think 0.8ppmpg is achievable. If the fixtures are right and a rotation exists, Begovic should be the first player in your 17/18 squad.

Pascal Gross to Brighton

Gross is an attacking midfielder from a defensive Bundesliga club. Last season he predominantly patrolled the halfway line, receiving the ball after turnover, and then looking to transition the ball into attack. He tended to move the ball sideways or right, with some long ball play to switch the game from one side of the field to the other, or to bypass the midfield press.

I think Gross is a good buy for Brighton, but relies on a fast attack to make a difference. He is not afraid to have a pop at the goal, so will probably score 3 to 5 per season. However, I think he will usually be the pass before the assist and thus not one for our FPL teams. On the plus side, he won’t pick up many cards, so if priced right could be suitable for our benches.

Dominic Solanke to Liverpool

Usually when we see transfers of under 20 players, they are pitched as “one for the future”. However, most U20 transfers are from lower league clubs to middle tier clubs. This is a huge move, because Dominic Solanke has allowed his Chelsea contract to wind down in order to join Liverpool so there is a rivalry element combined with a Klopp over Conte element, and also because Solanke is on form, having scored two of the three goals that have taken the England under 20’s team to the U20 World Cup Final.

Now I am not saying Solanke will play every game as the expectation is Klopp will introduce Solanke to the first team slowly. However, he has the potential to be the next Gabriel Jesus, who scored an unsustainable 7 goals in 10 games. Dominic is a very exciting talent who should not be in your initial team, but be prepared to move quick if he’s gets game time and goals in the first two fixtures of next season.

What do you think of these three? Will they be in your FPL team next season? Come back next week as we catch up with all the Premier League Transfers of the past two weeks.


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72 thoughts on “Scouting Transfers: Begovic, Gross and Solanke

  1. If City get Sanchez for the reported 50 Million that is being reported then City would’ve gotten themselves a bargain. If that transfer goes ahead City will be hard to stop next season imho. Being a Man United fan that hurts.

    • @PM …and being an Arsenal fan, that hurts too…..anyway we are struggling with EPL form…losing best player is not an option when things to be rebuilt.

      • @GoalMachine How do you think Wenger will tackle the UEFA cup next season? will Wenger take it seriously? I’m sure I read somewhere that he has prioritised the premier league next season so does that mean he’ll play his ” 2nd team” in the UEFA cup? whatever the case, next season is going to be very very interesting indeed.

    • @PM Not sure why he would join them though, should know that Pep will rotate him and looking at Sanchez’ track record and mentality, he loves to play 24×7

      Age-wise, 50m looks fair…

  2. I’ve been away a lot lately so a bit out of the loop. Is there a game we as a site are collectively participating in for the Confederations Cup? I can’t remember if there was any banter regarding the tourney back in 2013

  3. Telegraph running a championship fantasy football next season if it is of interest to anyone. I will be putting too much focus on that too :shocked:

  4. Opening day fixtures (15:00 BST Kick offs, subject to change)

    Arsenal v Leicester City

    Brighton and Hove Albion v Manchester City

    Chelsea v Burnley

    Crystal Palace v Huddersfield Town

    Everton v Stoke City

    Manchester United v West Ham United

    Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur

    Southampton v Swansea City

    Watford v Liverpool

    West Bromwich Albion v Bournemouth

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