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Thank you

The 17/18 season is over, and what a crazy season it has been. Throughout it all we have been here to help your FPL team.

A huge thank you to our writers, especially Nomde, Mosc and Fergie for their hard work over the season. Your tips and advice helped thousands of people.

A huge thank you to the editors and admins Pago, Ivan and Zorro. Your help really gave me some free time.

A huge thank you to our readers for making the site popular.

But most of all, a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment, help, ask and answer questions. The community on here is amazing and the site is nothing without you all.


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Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.

98 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thanks to Chorley for maintaining the site, and to everyone who contributes to it, whether as an admin, writer, editor, poster or responder. You all make it special and long may it remain so :highfive:

    Thanks to all your valuable help and suggestions, I won my new work ML (the first ML I’ve ever won!) :bliss: I lost to my rival in another ML, but only by 22pts. I’ve beaten him the past two years, by larger margins, and with him having 7yrs FPL experience before I even started playing, so I’ve nothing left to prove to him (and 22pts is just a lucky captain pick one week). Winning the new work league was more of an accomplishment for me this year than beating the old rival again :lol:

    I never bother about OR, but may start to concentrate on that next season. For now, I’m just happy with my uber-consistent points tallies from the past three seasons I’ve been playing:

    2015/2016: 2121pts
    2016/2017: 2128pts
    2017/2018: 2119pts

    I hope everybody had some form of success with their FPL teams this season. I hope to interact with you all on site over the summer, if you’re involved in WC or MLS. If not, enjoy your break and I hope to interact with you all when the 18/19 FPL season kicks off :)

  2. Love this site! I probably don’t comment enough as i silently lurk grumbling in the background. But great effort from all the team.
    I shall now go weeping to the lower divisions where i’ll be more suited!

  3. Well done to everyone that runs the site.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this article/video on the BBC website – it is worth a watch.

    For those interested in analysising the Squad Guru’s FPL team over this season, here is a link to it’s team page – not bad finishing with an OR inside the top £31k.

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