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Current Writers


Alexis Bryann

I am a born soccer fan, every match day is Valentine's day for me.

I also run eplmaniac.com, please follow it.


Obsessed with FPL despite the protests from the missus

Anirudh Van Nistelrooy

Guy who loves football.


Young sports journalist from East Yorkshire

Aayush Rathi

Law student. Aspiring coach. Amateur writer. Fantasy Football nerd perennially on the hunt for differentials. Making the profound, profane - and vice-versa.


Aston Villa unfortunately!


Bundoh is a freelance writer and stand up comedian. In his past life as an ad man he once designed and built a spreadsheet that ran a Fantasy Football league for his work colleagues. The 3 hours required to manually type in the scores each week did not dampen his fervour for the game, nor did it improve his rank. Read more of his Fantasy Football musings at Fantasy Football Trials.


Resident Fantasy Football analysis expert. Played Fantasy Football since 2009. Post your team and I'll let you know what I think.


Full time United Fan first and part time FPL analyst. Here to help where I can.

Djordje Savic

Passionate Newcastle United and Premier league fan!
Son of Serbia - prince of Danube and Sava.


Newcastle United Fan and Fantasy Premier League obsessed. Uses all the stats and figures to help lead your team to glory. Loves a risky.. but not stupid Captain choice.


If its game week 3, and you haven't played your wildcard, you are doing something wrong!


A Man City fan since 2002! Currently in my 3rd season as manager. Passion for FPL? Limitless.


Freelance journalist based in South America, reporting on football in Latin America. Involved in life-consuming fantasy draft league.

FPL Beard Writer

FPL Bulldog

I am Bulldog. Hear me roar!!!!!...............woof.
Southern African with an addiction for Fantasy Football whose mad about Chelsea


A Chelsea fan and because of my obsession with fantasy football I now spend my Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching games from behind the couch, and praying my opponent's caps don't score. I'm also deathly allergic to overcooked steak and cheap scotch.


An amateur writer, an Arsenal fan and a fantasy lover. Started with FiFa World Cup in 2014 and had no vision to play it again, but FFF community has made it an inherent part of life.


Plays the stats with his gut & a little hope. Highest finish of 250 & inside world's top 0.2% managers for last 4 seasons.


A Chelsea fan from India. Getting more and more addicted to FPL and a total stats man with a penchant for a risk or two.

Highbury Harmony

Arsenal fan and Fantasy Football devotee. Blogger on Arsenal blog Bergkampesque.com


There was no fantasy football game I wasn't involved with . This time I am sticking with FPL with two teams plus My Rules. And of course my beloved MLS.


Fantasy football manager who is using stats to try and score 2500 points in 2016/17 season.


I am a big Middlesbrough fan. I grew up watching Juninho and Ravanelli and I have been in love with football ever since.

Jobin S Mathew

Lives, eats and breathes football.

Jack Woodfield

By day I am an experienced journalist and Deputy Editor of Diabetes.co.uk, a global diabetes support network. But by night I am a passionate sports journalist currently writing for Wrexham AFC,


Kop of the Mountains : A Liverpool Supporter from the Himalayas. I won FPL manager of the month in April 11/12.


Cool Mannnn.......


Lone Wolf

Taciturn and mysterious, doesn’t care for cultural rules and conventions; the rebel who blazes his own path.


Hull City till I die! FPL addict since 2014. Second year on FFF. Excited to be writing for the new season.


Super happy hammer with an eye for differentials within FPL and FMLS.


79 yr old retired water & wastewater Chemist from Philadelphia, PA; retired to Florida. Enjoying the game more through association with all on site.
Continuing my FPL educations with the help of quite a few friends.

MLS Fantasy Boss

Founder of MLSFantasyBoss.com, moderator at /r/FantasyMLS, and freelance contributing writer to fantasy.MLSsoccer.com. I have a love for all things MLS and enjoy sharing that passion with others. When it comes to EPL, all i have to say is To Dare is To Do!

Monster (Leazes)

Football is my religion, St James Park is my cathedral and Sir Bobby is my god. Newcastle United daft, fantasy football addict. As a veteran of fantasy football, I hope to help you with your team and show you football the way I see it. Software consultant in the week, footie fan and gambler on the weekend.


I'm a 25-year old football fan and blogger from Milton Keynes. I spend an unhealthy amount of my time, absorbing or talking about football-related content.


Part time betting tipster, turned football blogger. After years of boring my friends and family, I now attempt to bore the world.


Student journalist and Liverpool FC supporter. I have a huge passion for football, and love international tournaments!


Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.



Dutch lover of English football. Former match reporter at goal.com and certified sofa tactician.


Student Journalist with a passion for all things sport.

As a Liverpool fan I'm never far from greatness… there always next year :P



Southampton Fan Till The End Of Time. Also Enthusiastic On All Leagues In Europe. Can Speak French English And Spanish! Life Would Be Empty Without Football!

Secret Zorro

One of the three amigos writing from the start. Secret Zorro "SZ" has an addiction to all things Fantasy Football.


Hi. My name is Silenssi and I am an addict.
A fantasy football addict. Former fantasy ice hockey addict.
#FMLS 2015, #86
#FPL 2014-2015, #12k
@Silenssi on Twitter


Soccer fan, aspiring gentleman and a professional problem solver, FPL is one of many the games I play. I'm never shy of a good argument and I love making sense of numbers. Devil's always in the details.


Finished 2015/16 season with my personal best rank of 27K. Now taking the game of FPL to another level.


Aspiring freelance sports writer - London based northern lad who has been obsessed with the EPL since Brian Deane's early header against my beloved United way back in September 1992.

The Corner Kick

Football, Football and more Football!

I am passionate about football and football tactics. Currently progressing through the F.A coaching courses programme to further develop my knowledge - hopefully it will give me an advantage in FPL too.

The Xan

I am The Xan...

Thomas Paul Hodgson

Big Liverpool Fan
Barcelona Lover
Sports Journalist
And obviously a lover of fantasy football


A master of philosophy with a passion for football and a potential future in sports journalism. Loves tea, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.


Been playing fantasy football for years, have played all types of fantasy games from IPL Cricket, Formula One, World Cup Rugby and even Horse Racing and many more.


A semi professional number 9 and a half with an average of 0.1 goals per game spanning his diverse career. Not supporting any particular team, TheVan is passionately neutral and fanatically ambivalent while fiercely maintaining football ideals of the highest purity.


The Fantasy Football version of Jeremy Clarkson, just younger, better looking, and a smaller belly.


I'm a site regular who once said "Sometimes I feel spending so much time online on research and taking structured decisions does not help at the end of the day. One should go by gut instinct and leave it on luck.", but then that was week one when I was bottom of the work mini-league. I'm now top.


I play this game closely, yeah they try to toast me. I'm married to the game, but the game don't love me :|

Current Editors



Liverpool fan and Fantasy Football addict. You will never walk alone with my Captaincy Stats.


A passionate fan of football related tactics, attempting to translate it into writing, futsal, and Fantasy Football.


Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.

Fergies Henchman

Man united fan, seasoned Fantasy Football veteran and Fantasy Premier League addict. I will help improve your team, but I will also mock and tease given a half a chance. Into fitness, poking and seeing how far I can throw a hair dryer.


I've been playing Fantasy Football for seven seasons now. My points tally has steadily risen thanks to the help and information available on here. Like all Goats, I can't wait for the day when I am put out to grass, but I shall continue playing each week and joining in with the banter on the excellent Fantasy Football First site


Fantasy Football newbie and stats nerd. Let the numbers do the talking!



Big Football fan. Big Chelsea fan. Always ready to offer an opinion on a team or player if needed


Proud owner of an official Europa League ball won in the UEFA fantasy game.

Wallace F.C.

Avid follower of the Premier League, and Champions League. Class over fluke form in all fantasy games. I'm ready to help your team and offer my opinions.