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Fantasy Football First is dedicated to empowering Fantasy Football players who are seeking a more detailed and intelligent conversation around playing fantasy football. By bringing in-depth data and reviews to the masses in a consumable form, Fantasy Football First aims to be part of every Fantasy Premier League conversation; before, during and after matches.

We provide

  • Live conversations alongside real-time scores from around the Premiership.
  • One indepth article most days covering news, analysis, match reviews, opinion pieces and other fun activities.
  • Unique content that can be accessed on the go with our mobile friendly website.
  • Latest information 24 hours a day, including player ranks and other Fantasy Football stats

Why advertise with Fantasy Football First?

Reach sports enthusiasts

Our users are afluent and active; many managers access the site when they wake up, during their lunch break, after a workout, during a match or just before bed.

Align with rich football content

Fantasy Football First has insightful commentary, interactive polls, news, exclusive analysis and innovative data.

Promote ads that reach

Fantasy Football First offers a stunning range of high-profle, rich-media slots

Restricted availability

Fantasy Football First display adverts only to fund running or improving the site for the benefit of the readership. Therefore, only a limited number of cost-effective advertising opportunities are ever made available at a time.

Our visitors

Over one hundred and twenty five thousand Fantasy Football fans visit our site each month. We are in Alexa’s top 109,677 sites world wide and in the top 9,500 sites in the UK – and climbing!

Unique monthly audience: 127,774
Monthly page views: 799,165
Time per person: 6m 42s

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If your company or brand wishes to reach fantasy football fans then you will be interested in advertising on this site. Available formats to display ads include the usual standard sizes and video pre-roll. We also offer betting linkage.

Due to our cost model then once our advertising opportunities have been sold then no new slots will be created. There are currently 0 slots available at a flat rate. We do not accept CPA, CPL, CPC nor CPM advertising.

To run your campaign, or for further information about advertising on, please email the team directly via – and remember to ask us about our discounted season-long packages.