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Predict the Premier League Top 4

With the close of the premier league season peering around the corner like Adam Johnson looking for his girlfriend’s parents, there is still plenty to play for and a lot that can go both right and wrong for the teams chasing a top 4 finish (as Johnson can testify to as well). With this in mind we peer into our crystal ball in an attempt to predict who will be our Champions League teams for next season. Continue reading

Ultimate Fantasy Premier League

In the midst of the chaos that is the DGW and BGW, you would be excused for not completely noticing the kick off of a new version of Fantasy Premier League for this gameweek, Ultimate Fantasy Football.

Never fear however, we here at Fantasy Football First have you covered in the event that you wish to partake and decided it is time to talk about the elephant in the room. Continue reading

The Last Minute Injury Crisis: Options for Gameweek 21

From a point of near ecstasy where we saw minimal team disruption during the festive season and experienced some great performances from Walcott, Hazard, O’Shea (yeah, I know, who’d have guessed), Sagna, Cole, Mertesacker and Adebayor, (and we had our teams more organized, manicured and well maintained than Tom Selleck’s majestic moustache), we have now been hit with a colossal injury crisis.  Continue reading

tips for experienced Fantasy Premier League managers

Chasing the Bandwagon: tips for experienced Fantasy Premier League managers

We close our fantasy football tips and advice series with a focus on advanced players. If you have been playing for a few years but have yet to break into the world top 1% of the Fantasy Premier League, then this this is the article for you. Enjoy as we introduce you to some of the riskier strategies for the FPL Manager.

Continue reading

Zorro’s Weekly Sports News

captain_underpantsWe all have an angry mate down the pub. One that knows everything about sport. Our angry mate is a top guy who we nicknamed the Secret Zorro, because he turns up drops a few cutting remarks and then vanishes into the night… And sometimes.. sometimes that angry mate sticks around for one more birthday drink, which leads to Continue reading

The last minute transfer

Last MinuteDespite the title having already been won and two teams confirmed for relegation, there is still plenty to play for before the close of this year’s premier league. The fight is well and truly on for the final UEFA spot while Wigan strive to make Newcastle pay for their poor defense this season. Here at Fantasy Football First we try to bring you more than just the run of the mill as we cast our critical eye of the upcoming fixtures.  Enjoy our Gameweek 36 fixture preview. Continue reading