Choosing Fantasy Football Players

Is there still a case to triple up on Liverpool midfielders?

After game week 7, I wrote an article putting forward strong case to support the argument to select three Liverpool midfielders. The points were as follows:

  • Any three out of five of the attacking Liverpool midfielders scored at least 5.24 points/player/game over the first 7 game weeks.
  • Liverpool’s top 3 midfielders scored as many points (127) as Arsenal’s, but at a much lower cost.
  • Liverpool has 4 players in the list of 15 top scoring midfielders.
  • After the home game against Man Utd in game week 8 they have very good fixtures.

What has happened since game week 7? Did I triple up on Liverpool midfielders? Is there still a case for three Liverpool midfielders? This article will hopefully answer these questions. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Is there a case to triple up on Liverpool midfielders?

Before the season started I did not plan on having any Liverpool players in my team. This was mainly because Liverpool started the season with some tough fixtures compared to other teams. But then Liverpool played well in preseason and Arsenal, their opening day opponents, had defensive injury problems. Plus Liverpool’s second fixture was away to Burnley, so I took a punt on Firmino. Continue reading