Fantasy Football My Rules

My Rules: The Return!

Feeling bored, feeling daft, needing something else to get the brain juices flowing, then My Rules is your game! The idea is simple, “you make your own rule for your fpl team”. However, the rule has to be fun and different! It could be only left footers, only red heads, only players without a sports car or only players who wear blue shirts? The world is your pitch. And we all know that life’s a pitch anyway. Continue reading

Can you be a Fantasy Football Champion

My Rules Cup ‘The Seeded Cup’

This Season has started off for us FPL regulars in a rather unspectacular fashion. Bobbins as ChorleyRocks would say. Many of the more experienced managers find themselves ranked in the millions with all the usual strategies counting for nothing. Many have spat out their dummies, pulled out their Wildcards and used their Chips all to no avail. So what should we all have done then? Well set up our “Teams With Rules” of course. Continue reading

My Rules Fantasy Football

My Rules Tournament for 2015/16 season

Do you find Fantasy Premier League too easy? Feel that you should be restricted to choose only players who play in red, players born within the sound of the Bow Bells, players who have been bitten by Suarez or players who were born in Wales? Then the “My Rules” contest is for you.

“My Rules” is a fantasy football tournament for FPL managers who feel the standard FPL rules are not hard enough. Quite simply, you invent a new rule to add to the existing rules, and play this rule against other “My Rule” managers. Continue reading

Fantasy MLS Advice

Morales and Plata steal the show in a “rather normal” MLS week

Off season Fantasy Managers play Fantasy MLS. This is our weekly round up of the action and our MLS tips.

39 goals including 2 braces and 1 hat-trick, 32 yellow cards and 1 missed penalty in another exciting week of MLS action. The dream team was dominated by N.Y.C Houston and Dallas players. Most of the expectations were met as Giovinco, Morales, Kamara, Feilhaber and Villa all scored. Disappointment from LA and particularly from Keane and Gerrard who were popular choice in this round. Most of us FFF managers finished with scores above average. Well done to Abraham 22 and J with 93 points each, WeirdOne had another great week with 96 points but the but the winner this time was Mr.Go with massive 98. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Hall OF Fame

Major League Soccer Fantasy Football Cup

Welcome to FFF’s MLS Cup Draw. The 1st round is this week in DGW 17 and the rules are very simple; it’s a straight knockout following the weekly scores as allocated by MLS. Hits are NOT deducted and in the event of a tie, the AWAY team will go through. In the event of any errors or problems the judge’s decision is final; that’s me, SecretZorro at your service. Eyes down, game on, good luck guys, gals and Chipper! Continue reading