Fantasy Football Game Review

Man United – Not Just Ibrahimovic?

Manchester United have hit an upsurge in form over their last ten league games, with seven wins and three draws in that period. So in this article I want to analyse their defence and their midfield, and look at their prospects over the next ten league games, as well as whether or not I recommend taking on any United players into your FPL team beyond the obvious goalscoring threat of Ibrahimovic. Continue reading

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Defending the final third – which teams concede the least Key Entries?

So having looked at which teams have the best attacking stats in the final third, I now want to look at which teams defend the final third best, and what possible reasons, or players, that we can isolate. So in order to do this, I want to look at which teams concede the least key entries, and which teams concede the least key entries per attack.  Continue reading

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Aguero vs Costa – Is There A New King In Town?

Having, assessed Sanchez and Hazard, I now want to look at strikers. Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are two of the league’s top strikers, many would argue the top two in the league right now, with seventeen goals between them this season, and 134 combined FPL points across a total of 20 games. But which one is better for your fantasy team? Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Hazard vs Sanchez – Which Should You Gamble On?

Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez are two of the most in form attacking midfielders in the Premier League, with thirteen goals between them this season. They are also the third and fourth most selected midfielders on FPL, with 28.4% of people picking Hazard and 23.3% opting for Sanchez. But which player is a better option? I want to look at a variety of stats and figures to see which one you should be selecting. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Tom Heaton – England’s Number One?

Tom Heaton is currently the best goalkeeper on FPL, having racked up fifty points so far this season. Heaton is currently being hailed as one of the top keepers in the division, and his performance at Old Trafford, where United had thirty-seven shots without scoring and Heaton made eleven saves, is being called one of the very best. The brute stats backing up Heaton’s performances so far this season are overwhelming, so I want to just rattle off a few in his defence. Then I will examine the United game to see how far it affects his overall stats. And then I want to look at what I think is a very interesting feature of Heaton’s game, which underlines why he is a top keeper and how he will fare in future weeks as a result of this feature. Continue reading

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Does the November curse still haunt Arsenal?

Arsenal looks reasonably well set going into this November, currently second in the Premier League only on goal difference and having not lost since the opening day of the season. But historically, November is a bad month for Arsenal. Over the last decade, they’ve played 40 November league games worth a potential 120 points, yet the Gunners have lost 15 of these games picking up just 59 points.

So will it happen again this year? Continue reading

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Sergio Aguero – Time To Bite The Bullet?

Sergio Aguero is the hottest prospect in the Premier League. In the last five seasons, he’s broken twenty goals three times, and when he hasn’t it’s because he’s been injured. As far as FPL, he has broken the two hundred point barrier on more than one occasion, was in the dream team last season and is selected by over 43% of teams. He is a must buy. Continue reading

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Will buying a Stoke City player drive you potty?

Stoke City are the focus of this week’s article and there’s a lot of things that I want to look at. I want to focus briefly on why Joe Allen is doing well, look at their other key attacking players including Arnautovic and Shaqiri, assess their defensive chances and then look at their next opponents to try and draw some conclusions about Stoke’s FPL chances over the next set of gameweeks. Continue reading

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Chances Created And Conceded – Who are the Teams to Watch?

So when we look at which players we want to bring into our fantasy teams, one of the key factors to take into account is chance creation – both for and against. In this article we will look at the teams creating the most chances and the teams that concede the least chances. Continue reading