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Navigating Gameweek 28 (Part 1)

The Blank Game Week in game week 28 is a concern for us FPL Managers. While three fixtures are confirmed for GW28, the remaining seven fixtures having at least an 80% chance of being postponed. How can we plan our teams if we don’t know the players who will play!

In this two part series we try to answer that question for you. In part one I will look at only the players in the six teams that will play in GW28. This will allow you to choose some transfer targets now. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

Liverpool – Sinking Ship or About to Bounce Back?

Liverpool were one of the hottest sides in the front half of the 2016-17 season, but since the turn of the year their form has drastically declined. Premier League draws with Sunderland, Man United and Chelsea, coupled with defeats to Swansea and Hull, have left the Reds outside the top four, and with just three goals in three games. So is now the time to jettison your Liverpool players? Or will things pick up? I want to isolate the main problems Liverpool are having right now and look at if these problems can be addressed over the next few games, in order to make FPL recommendations. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

Crystal Palace under Big Sam – What has changed?

The introduction of Big Sam Allardyce at Crystal Palace was a desperate move by the Palace board to steady the ship. After having an infamous awful 2016, Alan Pardew was sacked as Palace realised that they were in serious danger of relegation, with Pardew’s momentum leaving Palace sliding towards the bottom.

But with just one point in five games and only two goals scored, Allardyce is finding life at Palace much harder than he imagined. So let’s analyse the changes (or lack thereof) that Allardyce has made to Palace, compare the last five games of Pardew’s reign to the first five games of Big Sam’s reign, in order to see if there are any significant changes between the personnel, formation or tactics two, and identify what this means for FPL. Continue reading

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Man United – Not Just Ibrahimovic?

Manchester United have hit an upsurge in form over their last ten league games, with seven wins and three draws in that period. So in this article I want to analyse their defence and their midfield, and look at their prospects over the next ten league games, as well as whether or not I recommend taking on any United players into your FPL team beyond the obvious goalscoring threat of Ibrahimovic. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Stats

Defending the final third – which teams concede the least Key Entries?

So having looked at which teams have the best attacking stats in the final third, I now want to look at which teams defend the final third best, and what possible reasons, or players, that we can isolate. So in order to do this, I want to look at which teams concede the least key entries, and which teams concede the least key entries per attack.  Continue reading

Choosing Fantasy Football Players

Aguero vs Costa – Is There A New King In Town?

Having, assessed Sanchez and Hazard, I now want to look at strikers. Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are two of the league’s top strikers, many would argue the top two in the league right now, with seventeen goals between them this season, and 134 combined FPL points across a total of 20 games. But which one is better for your fantasy team? Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Hazard vs Sanchez – Which Should You Gamble On?

Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez are two of the most in form attacking midfielders in the Premier League, with thirteen goals between them this season. They are also the third and fourth most selected midfielders on FPL, with 28.4% of people picking Hazard and 23.3% opting for Sanchez. But which player is a better option? I want to look at a variety of stats and figures to see which one you should be selecting. Continue reading