Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for EPL GW11 2017

There are two UEFA competitions being played prior to GW11, which include 5 EPL teams involved in the Champions League and 2 EPL teams in the Europa Qualifiers. United, ‘Pool, City and Spurs were winners; Chelsea lost. The other 2 teams are Everton and Arsenal who play on November 2, in the Europa competition. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for EPL GW10 2017

Just when you think that FPL is settling down to normal, something else jumps up to bit you. Rather than looking forward to a regular slate of matches the Carabao Cup slate may throw a spanner into the mix. Tuesday, 24/10, will see 7 EPL teams in action, and 4 more on Wednesday, 25/10. Swansea City and Crystal Palace have been bumped out of the Cup, with 2 of the remaining EPL teams in play for the final 2 spots in the draw to be held on 26/10/17. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for GW7 2017

The last weekend was one in which the website prognosticators earned their pay. There were some excellent forecasts by those at the top of the leaderboard, and overall the returns for correct outcomes were at 40% and above. The RMT algorithm seems to be experiencing a roller coaster ride; down one week and up the next. I have faith that the algorithm will work out the kinks and perform up to its’ abilities. Continue reading

Fantasy Champions League

Fantasy Champions League

Getting tired of the same old under-performing players in the Premier League, having to pick from a small pool of world class players and a host of journeymen? Then maybe you need to set your sights higher and raise your game as a Fantasy Football manager! Take your team to the Champions League, where the best teams in Europe battle it out with the cream of the players from around the world. Where billion-euro squads battle it out in a series of leagues and knockout competition towards the ultimate prize in European football. Continue reading

Premiership Talking Points

Talking Points For GW4

The Fantasy Football transfer window for game week 4 is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved.  Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for GW3 2017

The Premier League Table is full of surprises after GW2. There are 3 teams at the top who have recorded clean sheets in each of their matches, while 6 teams are vying to secure their places in the relegation zone. Of the 6 teams in this scramble, 5 have yet to dent the opponents’ net. Newly promoted Huddersfield in second place is making a claim on remaining in the top league by being undefeated and unscored upon. The other two promoted teams are included in the group battling it out escape relegation.

Manchester United continued their assault upon opponents goal by scoring 4 goals in each match while not conceding. So far this has been a complete turnaround from last season, good defense while lighting up the scoreboard. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for FPL GW1 2017

Welcome back to all those looking forward to another season of fantasy joy and heartbreak. I look forward to once again providing a statistical analysis of the scorelines predicted by various websites, either from experts or computer generated algorithms. Hopefully, I will be able to publish the weekly articles without interruption this year. Continue reading

Choosing Fantasy Football Players

Added Value “rule of thumb”

So I’ve an idea. It might work, it might be bobbins.

A player could play every week, picking up two points every week thus providing 76 points over the season. A £4.5m player who does this delivers exactly the same as a £6m player who does this. In effect, the £6m player is over-priced and only really worth £4.5m. A £6m player who plays 36 games and earns 178 points over the season has returned 102 more points than the £4.5m 76 point player. Is this 102 points worth the extra £1.5m? Continue reading

Fixture Changes

Premier League fixtures guide for Fantasy Football Managers 2017

The 2017-18 premier league fixtures have been released, with Chelsea opening at home against Burnley while Newcastle start with Tottenham Hotspur.

As we all know, we vary rarely choose our FPL players based on the one fixture. We tend to look at a batch of fixtures when buying players. Also, we know that the teams that have a good pre-season, where the players are gradually brought back to fitness, tend to do better in the opening 5 games. This are our early thoughts on the 17/18 fixture list. Continue reading