Fantasy Football Stats

What is the impact of 3-4-3 on our FPL teams?

Since Conte set up Chelsea in a 3-4-3 formation he has taken Chelsea to the top of the table and in the process won the League Manager of the season 3 times in a row – a feat unmatched by Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho. However, the 3-4-3 infection is spreading to other teams too. In game week 21 Everton, West Ham, Tottenham, Middlesbrough and Leicester played a form or 3-4-3. Indeed, Everton’s, West Ham’s, and Tottenham’s 3-4-3 all delivered victory. What is the impact of this 3-4-3 on our FPL Teams? Continue reading

Fantasy Football Game Review

Man United – Not Just Ibrahimovic?

Manchester United have hit an upsurge in form over their last ten league games, with seven wins and three draws in that period. So in this article I want to analyse their defence and their midfield, and look at their prospects over the next ten league games, as well as whether or not I recommend taking on any United players into your FPL team beyond the obvious goalscoring threat of Ibrahimovic. Continue reading

Late Fantasy Football Transfer

Harry Kane in Leaving it Late for Game Week 15

If there has ever been an early transfer week, this might be the one. Aguero four-match ban spurred us all to prompt action, with Euro games still ahead. Have you chosen rightly? Kane, Costa, Ibrahimovic, Defoe, Austin (ouch!), Iheanacho… – the competition was fierce, and the favourite choice, added to more than quarter of a million teams, is dissected by Van. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Podcast

The Fanfeud FPL Show for game week 14 produced by Fantasy Football First

Each week we partner with the excellent Fanfeud to produce the “fantasy football weekly” podcast. This week we look at replacements for Coutinho, how you can build a team around Chelsea, and how do you plan from now until January given we are approaching a time with lots of rotation and injury. Lastly, we answer your questions on site and review the RMT Bot’s team in the Elite 50 game for December. Continue reading

Late Fantasy Football Transfer

Fiesta Time in Leaving it Late for Game Week 12

After five consecutive wins, Chelsea players are undoubtedly a hot property and it’s no wonder everyone is buying. Wanton recommends two of the Blues this week (no, it’s not Hazard and yes, it has a lot to do with Spain). Somewhat surprisingly, Sanchez (fatigue scare, cash issues?) and Walker (tough away games ahead?) are among the highest transferred out players, and Wallace tries to figure out if you should do the same, hold anyway, or even buy. Continue reading

Choosing Fantasy Football Players

Is there still a case to triple up on Liverpool midfielders?

After game week 7, I wrote an article putting forward strong case to support the argument to select three Liverpool midfielders. The points were as follows:

  • Any three out of five of the attacking Liverpool midfielders scored at least 5.24 points/player/game over the first 7 game weeks.
  • Liverpool’s top 3 midfielders scored as many points (127) as Arsenal’s, but at a much lower cost.
  • Liverpool has 4 players in the list of 15 top scoring midfielders.
  • After the home game against Man Utd in game week 8 they have very good fixtures.

What has happened since game week 7? Did I triple up on Liverpool midfielders? Is there still a case for three Liverpool midfielders? This article will hopefully answer these questions. Continue reading