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Fantasy MLS Game Week 26 Review and BGW 27 Preview

It’s been said that playing MLS is being the equivalent of Apple’s chief accountant in Ireland. One week there is joy o’joy, and the next week it’s sad o’sad. While most managers who captained Gio are in the sad o’sad camp, we have GoalMachine and Gallow knocking back the joy o’joy as they retained their positions in Top 10. Even Secret Zorro had a good round with 63 points. Continue reading

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Fantasy MLS Game Week 22 Review and Game Week 23 Preview

Most of the managers reached or crossed the 100 points mark. I had a bit of a worry though – after a long busy day at work, I fell asleep in front of my PC and missed the deadline. Eventually it all turned out to be OK and it wasn’t the biggest disaster after all. The two FFF representatives in Top 10 GoalMachine and Gallow are still holding their positions. ChorleyRocks is progressing with every passing round and climbing the table. Special mention to Secret Zorro, who finished the round with 142 points. Well done to all. Continue reading