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Augero and Mane in Captain Picks for Gameweek 11

Our captains article is back to help you choose the right captain for game week 11. This year we are using data from the RMT Adviser’s algorithm to make our recommendations.

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Sergio Aguero

Followers of my Site Team will be aware I was concerned that Aguero’s shots are bring struck further out this season, as demonstrated in this image where the coloured dots represent shots this season while the yellow and blue dots represent shots last season:


Last week Aguero delivered his third double digit FPL score of the season. However, his shots against the Baggies were still from further out than in previous seasons.

Screenshot 2016-11-04 at 8.05.52 PM

The difference is not massive, maybe 2 meters further back, but it is worth monitoring his shooting position in future games.

Yet the RMT Adviser’s algorithm has no concerns this week as City entertain Middlesborough. In simulations he averaged 5.2 points and 0.54 goals. He scored one goal in 31% of simulations and two goals in 7% of sims. I expect he will be the favorite captain this weekend, despite Aguero failing to score in 59% of simulations.

Sadio Mane

Facing Watford at home, this week the RMT Adviser’s algorithm has selected Mane as it’s second choice Captain. I was quite suprised by this choice as Watford concede most of their goals in the centre of the box and to the right of the goalkeeper, suggesting Coutinho or Firmino would be better choices. However, as Fergie has said in the article, never doubt the RMT Adviser’s algorithm.

In the RMT Adviser’s simulations, Mane averaged 4.57 points and 0.31 goals. He scored 1 goal in 23% of simulations, and 2 goals in 3.6 % of simulations.

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  1. RMT Algorithm Machine was right when suggesting Mane as alternative option. What a magic :) :fingerscrossed:

    Facing Watford at home, this week the Bot has selected Mane as it’s second choice Captain.

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