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Fantasy Football First wins World’s Best Fantasy MLS Blog

On the back of winning the World’s Best Fantasy Football Blog in 2014 (there was no award in 2015), we are pleased to announce Fantasy Football First has won the “Fantasy MLS Blog of the year 2015”. A huge thank you to Ivan and his writing and editing team for all of their hard work last season. Well done team.

MLS Blog Of The Year 2015

Here to pass on his congratulations and offer MLS help, here is the organiser of the competition, MLS Fantasy Boss.

Hey everyone here at Fantasy Football First! Are you ready for MLS Fantasy Football to start? I know the answer must be yes because I’ve seen that Ivan is already helping you get ready for Major League Soccer Week 1. To help build on the tips that Ivan has already shared, here are four lessons I took away from the 2015 MLS Fantasy season.

Home/Away Rotations

For the last two years, I’ve attempted to work out home/away rotations so I could maximize my player point production, especially for my keeper and defenders. After last season, I’ve decided to scrap that. While it is true that players do earn more points at home, I don’t think the extra potential points are worth the amount of cash it would take to have Starting XI quality players just sitting on your bench. This is especially true for keepers.

This season, I’m sticking with the one keeper team setup and instead of wasting my time working out rotation, I’ll just focus my trades on the best looking home fixtures.

The Fullback Temptation

Finding budget players is always a key component in every fantasy game. Last year, there were many times when I was tempted to, and at times did, bring in cheaper fullbacks into my defense. Now don’t get me wrong, some of these guys did pay off, like Villafana, Ellis, and Tierney, but most, like Remick, Shea, and Rodgers, just didn’t produce consistent points. Unless you were lucky enough to find a player who was consistently able to get assists or goals, you were really just praying for a clean sheet.

This season, the scoring changes of the CBI stat appear to favor center backs getting even more points and that makes me more determined than previous years to keep my focus fixed on them.

Player Price Changes

The biggest change last year was how prices would change for players through the season. Now I know many of you may enjoy “playing the market”, but I loved this new system because it helped to reinforce the MLS Fantasy game‘s focus of rewarding players for doing their job. That being said, in the past, injuries or bye weeks provided a built in way that a popular player could have a price drop and thus become more affordable to other managers. Without this, there were a few players whose score just kept increasing and quickly because cost prohibitive, yeah I’m looking at you Giovinco.

This season, since increases are still based on the average point scores, it’s the studs that are going to have the highest consistent ceilings. This means that I’m going to put less emphasis on finding the value players or super subs early in the season and instead use that extra $8 million entirely on my starting XI. With hope, I’ll be able to identify value players as the season go on who will have consistent minutes played and fantasy numbers to rotate in when needed.

Wildcard Timing

Last season we had A LOT of wildcards. My strategy has always been to save my wildcard so I could use it for a particularly enticing Double Game Week. Building on the previous lesson learned about price changes, the fact that DGWs are the most forgiving weeks for a player to take point hits from transfers, and the easier advance planning the cleaner MLS schedule should provide, I think I am finally coming around to the camp that advocates an early wildcard.

MLS Fixture Difficulty

This season, I’m planning to use my first free wildcard between game weeks 3 and 4 or between weeks 5 and 6. It’s still too early to commit to the timing of my second wildcard, but game weeks 25, 27, 31, and 32 are all potential targets at this point of the season

I hope you all found something to take away from at least some of these 2015 lessons. If you still have questions, feel free to come by r/FantasyMLS or come to my site, MLS Fantasy Boss, and check out the other resources my team provides and live chat with other MLS Fantasy managers.

Good Luck and well done on winning “Fantasy MLS Blog of the year 2015”.


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