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Harry Kane in Leaving it Late for Game Week 15

If there has ever been an early transfer week, this might be the one. Aguero four-match ban spurred us all to prompt action, with Euro games still ahead. Have you chosen rightly? Kane, Costa, Ibrahimovic, Defoe, Austin (ouch!), Iheanacho… – the competition was fierce, and the favourite choice, added to more than quarter of a million teams, is dissected by Van.

Harry Kane (FOR), Tottenham, £11.1m

The most transferred in player this week was Harry Kane, closely followed by the red hot Chilean Alexis Sanchez (just rolls off the tongue that one) who might still overtake the English striker come Saturday’s deadline. Resembling “Black Thursday” way back in 1929 football forums all across the globe were screaming “sell, sell, sell!” last Saturday as fantasy darling Aguero finally had enough and lashed out at David Luiz (who? me? I did nothing at all..) as payback for, well, being Brazilian mainly.

The direct beneficiary of said stock-market sentiment was Harry Kane who, luckily for the trigger happy amongst us, shipped 2 goals at poor Swans only a short while later that afternoon vindicating the transfer. Scoring midweek against listless CSKA Kane is now on 7 goals from 6 matches since his return from injury. The skeptics and mild nay-sayers between us (that would be me at least) would say that 6 of those were either penalties or tap-ins while the only ‘proper’ goal came only due to H.M. Son’s exaggerated sense of magnanimity and desire for changing room harmony.

The weekend fixture does not bode terribly well for a torrent of Kane goals but who knows which United team will show up after their own northern escapade. Speaking of, Kane did play well against the Moscow, providing not only his customary tap-in goal but also spraying some useful passes that should have become assists had Alli and Eriksen not been so wasteful in front of goal. But it’s not all doom and gloom for Kane owners and lilywhite fans; the upturn of Eriksen’s performances and form (arguably the best player midweek at Wembley) bodes well for the future prospects of goals.

It seems the Dane has finally decided to rejoin the rest of his team and start to actually play football (is that what it’s called this thing I do?), and after weeks of meandering in the virtual desert of the centre circle Eriksen is now showing signs of his true potential being the glue that connects and the visionary that creates. In addition, with two of the league’s best fullbacks in Rose and Walker, the return of Alderweireld (a collective sigh of relief could be heard all the way up the north circular), the engine that never stops in Wanyama and Alli, when and if he decides to grow up the Hurricane might still equal or even eclipse his own lofty heights of last season.


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15 thoughts on “Harry Kane in Leaving it Late for Game Week 15

  1. As soon as I saw that red card I brought in Costa and Kane for Lukaku and Aguero, had enough of those two. Wish I had done it weeks ago.

    • @kushansamararatne Depends if you have a good alternative to stand in for Austin this week. If you don’t then I would say ‘yes’. If you do then I would hold of until the next GW, when we should know more on how long Austin will be out for (keeping an eye on price drops of course!)

  2. I never buy into this “he just scores tap-ins” nonsense. That’s his job! Nobody mentions that the majority of Defoe’s are poachers goals solely due to his price; the higher the price the more extravagant play people expect from the player. I fully expect Kane to get 20+ goals this year as the tired cliche goes, he has the knack for it.

  3. What should I do with Austin, I have only just put him in last GW, he could be out for this GW or for ages :@

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