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Fantasy MLS Game Week 30 Review and Game Week 31 Preview

It was an ordinary round with not many surprises. More than half of the Dream team was shared between NYRB and NYCFC. Most of the managers in the FFF League did well and above the average score. Well done to GoalMachine and Gallow for holding in top 10.

Looking back at GW 30

It was a good start of the round with New York City FC welcoming and destroying Chicago Fire. Mena scored the first goal in the 8th minute. Just a minute later Villa doubled the lead. Later Solignac scored a consolation goal for the visitors. A minute before the end of the first half Mendoza made it three for NYCFC. The show was completed with another goal from Villa. Score: 4-1.

The points were shared when Toronto FC hosted Philadelphia Union. The visitors took the lead in the 25th minute with a goal from Bedoya. That was all for the first half. In the 70th minute Morrow scored the equaliser. Score 1-1.

D.C. United completely dismantled Orlando City at home. The only goal in the first half was from Mullin. Sam scored shortly after the start of the second half, followed two minutes later by Mullins for his second goal. Baptista scored the consolation goal for the visitors then in the last minute of the game Buscher made it four for United. Score: 4-1.

New York Red Bulls grabbed the three points at home against Montreal Impact. The first half went goalless with not much action. The only goal was scored in the 60th minute by Royer. Score: 1-0.

Vancouver Whitecaps managed a draw at home against Colorado Rapids. Badji was quick to give the lead for the guests in the 8th minute. In the second half, Waston produced the equaliser. Shortly after that Gashi scored from a penalty. Morales gave the lead back to the host but five minutes later Gashi came back with his second goal.
It looked like the Rapids would win and grab the three points, until the last seconds when Hurtado equalised. Score: 3-3.

Houston Dynamo won comfortably at home against Portland Timbers. The only goal in the first half came from Manotas. Valeri scored in the beginning of the second half. Later on Manotas came back to score his second goal. Five minutes before the end of the game Manotas completed his hat-trick. Score: 3-1.

Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas took part in a goalless draw. The hosts had a few attempts but with no results. Dallas was attacking all the time, with many missed opportunities but it just didn’t work for them. The game went into a stalemate till the end. The man of the match was Seitz with four great saves. Score: 0-0.

San Jose Earthquakes lost at home to Sporting Kansas City. In the 7th minute Dwyer gave the lead to the visitors. Three minutes before the end of the first half Dawkins levelled the score. In the 81st minute Ellis scored the winning goal. Score: 1-2.

LA Galaxy lost badly at home against Seattle Saunders. Keane gave the lead to the hosts in the 20th minute. Shortly after that Van Damme scored an own goal. Morris scored in the 63rd minute and had a second one ten minutes later. In another five minutes Alonso scored as well. Five minutes before the end Keane pulled one back. Score: 2-4.

The round finished with Columbus Crew beating New England Revolution at home. Two minutes before half time Kamara scored for the host. Not a lot happened in the second half with a few unsuccessful attempts from both sides. Five minutes before the end of the game Kamara scored his second. Score: 2-0.

Looking ahead to DGW 31

Here we are in the big DGW with eight teams playing twice: Montreal, LA, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, DCU, Seattle and Orlando.
It looks good but will we have a massive headache? Who do you pick, and will that player play twice? Expect many rotations. If you still have your wild card now is the time to use it unless you have the perfect team and want to keep it for after the next horror round. Remember we have very limited time before the next deadline.

D.C United ( W 8 D 13 L 9 ) vs Columbus Crew SC ( W 7 D 11 L 11 )

United are just about hanging in the last play-off spot in the Eastern. The upcoming fixtures are a mixed bag with Crew at home and Toronto away. Sarvas has done nothing for ages and Neagle blanked in the last two games. Sam scored but that is a rare event for him. The only player worth considering is Mullins. With the brace last week he has seven goals in total.

The Crew hopes for a play-off place are still alive. Finlay blanked again, after getting a goal and two assists in GW 29. Ola Kamara has scored two braces in the last two games. He is now on 15 goals. Guess who will be top transfer this week?  The team will play Chicago at home this week, and are away to them the following week.

Montreal Impact ( W 9 D 11 L 10 ) vs San Jose Earthquakes ( W 7 D 13 L 9 )

The Impacts have won just one game in last eight. I am glad I sold Piatti who now has four consecutive blanks. Drogba has two goals in the last eight games. I am not sure if I will chance Piatti again. They play SJ at home and OLC away.

The Quakes kissed goodbye to the play-offs. They are on a six games winless streak. Wondolowski has been awful with just a goal in the last eight games. I don’t think I will be having any players from this team.

Toronto FC ( W 13 D 9 L 8 ) vs Orlando SC ( W 7 D 13 L 10 )

The Canadians are guaranteed a play-off spot. Altidore blanked but that was probably a one off. The last time this team had a clean sheet was eight rounds ago. The long wait for Giovinco return is still wrapped in a mystery. If he finally does show, we all know what is going to happen. Irwin is back so no more Bono. With two home games you must have at least one player.

The Lions lost for a third time in a row. Larin has become very inconsistent. Kaka has blanked in the last three games. Don’t ask me why I still have him at that unjustified price. The last clean sheet they had was seven weeks ago. After this game, which I think they will lose, they play MTR at home. To keep Kaka or not to keep Kaka? I need to decide.

Seattle Sounders FC ( W 11 D 5 L 13 ) vs Chicago Fire ( W 6 D 9 L 14 )

The Sounders are still in the race for a play-off spot. Lodeiro only had an assist again. Alonso scored but that was only his second one since round two. Dempsey is still injured and Morris is leading the show. Jordan had a brace and I know he will be one of the most popular transfers in this round. The second game will be against Vancouver which is promising and the team will play in the next round.

It’s the same old story with Chicago. Keep losing on the road and they do it by conceding so many goals. The team plays twice but both games will be away. The only other thing is that they will play in the BGW. So, make your mind up do you need any of those players and if you do who is going to be?.

Houston Dynamo ( W 7 D 11 L 11 ) vs New York City FC ( W 13 D 9 L 9 )

The Dynamos have no chance of a play-off place. They have won their last two games though. Alex blanked last time but before that he scored in three consecutive games. The hero of the game was Manotas with a hat-trick and he is only 6.3. This team will play in GW 32 and will be on a double.

The Blues are doing very well. They are almost guaranteed a place in the play-offs. We know the usual suspects – lead by Villa who is a serious contender for the Golden Boot with 18 goals, two less than BWP. They will be playing away to Houston next week.

New York Red Bulls ( W 13 D 9 L 9 ) vs Philadelphia Union ( W 11 D 9 L 11 )

The Bulls are guaranteed a place in the play-offs. BWP disappointed in the last game but he is still top scorer. The same goes for Kljestan but his 16 assists can’t be ignored. The Bulls are without a game in the next round. Do you keep Bradley for this game is the question?

The Unions are on a four games winless streak. Pontius has gone AWOL with just one goal in the last seven outings. I can’t see them doing much away to the Bulls.

New England Revolution ( W 9 D 9 L 13 ) vs Sporting Kansas City ( W 12 D 7 L
12 )

The Revs three games winning streak was snapped by NE. Kei Kamara couldn’t do anything against his ex team mates. I don’t think they can do much in this one and with no game in the next round I doubt any players will be in any teams.

SKC had their first win in the last six games. Dwyer scored in each of the last three games and had an assist. Feilhaber has three assists in the last three. If you have any of these two perhaps it is better to replace them with a double game player.

Colorado Rapids ( W 12 D 12 L 5 )  vs Portland Timbers ( W 11 D 8 L 12 )

The Rapids have drawn their last 2 games. They are second in the Western Conference with a big chance for a play-off spot. Sjoberg is still one of the most popular defenders around. The 4.5 Badji has started to play full time in the last four games and he scored his fourth goal. Gashi is back with a brace. This team will play twice in the next round.

The Timbers lost last week after two previous wins. They still have chance for a play-off spot. After two goals in the previous two games Adi blanked. Valeri scored for a second week in a row. After this game they are away Colorado in GW 33.

FC Dallas ( W 15 D 8 L 8 )  vs LA Galaxy ( W 11 D 15 L 5 )

Dallas is still at the top of the overall league despite a loss and two draws. Urruti blanked again after a goal and assist in the previous game. Diaz has done nothing in the last three games. The defence is still one of the best with ten clean sheets.

The Galaxy missed on automatic play-off place by losing to Seattle. They are still with a big chance to get there. Dos Santos had just an assist. Keane scored a brace and that brought his tally to ten goals. LA is not very famous on the road and with no game in the next round it’s a good idea to remove them.

San Jose Earthquakes vs Real Salt Lake ( W D L )

San Jose is covered above.

RSL haven’t won in the last four games. Jorales has completely lost the plot. The same goes for Plata. Yura is injured. I would stay well away from this team.

Vancouver Whitecaps ( W 9 D 8 L 14 ) vs Seattle Sounders

I bet you that the Caps are wishing this season to be over. I don’t think they have a chance in the play-offs. Porales scored but that was his first goal since the stone age. To be honest I don’t fancy any of their players.

Seattle is covered above.

The three remaining games are – Columbus vs Chicago, Orlando vs Montreal and Toronto vs DCU. All of these teams are covered above.

Captain Projections

1. Ola Kamara – he is on fire at the moment.

2. Altidore – if Giovinco is not back.

3. Lodeiro – two games against relatively weak teams.

4. Morris for the same reasons above.

5. Giovinco– if he is finally back.

The Play-offs

We are in that part of the season when the big fight for a play-off spot is already on. Six teams from both Eastern and Western Conferences will play in the post-season, at the end of October and November with the Cup Final on 10th of December.

There is already speculation that the teams who have already qualified will start resting their best players for the play-offs. I can’t see that happening. The battle will go on till the last day. Regardless of the outcome in these games the team with most points will be crowned with the Supporter’s Shield with a direct entry into the next COCACAF Championship.
So far Toronto, NYRB, NYCFC are the confirmed teams qualified. Many others are still in contention. So, no worries for rotations, just the upcoming call-ups need to be monitored.

Notes for your Diary

*And just when we get excited by this round the second international break arrives. Do check the call-ups list.

*On the 28/09 we have CONCACAF Champions League games with teams involved – NYRB, Dallas, Portland and Vancouver. These teams have games two days later.

The next round will have a ridiculously small BGW with only four games. The only teams who will be playing are – Houston, Colorado, Seattle, Chicago, San Jose and Columbus. Make a note that Colorado and Houston will play twice.

Deadline: 28/09 at 19:30 EDT – 00:30 BST

Best of luck to all FFF Managers


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There was no fantasy football game I wasn't involved with . This time I am sticking with FPL with two teams plus My Rules. And of course my beloved MLS.

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          The standard has definitely gone up since we set up those 2 leagues
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          To all in the Banter leagues
          I take my hat off to you all
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  1. @SecretZorro
    “midnightrunner Found this: Players that may miss time in 32 for international duty based on past call ups
    •Chicago: Gashi, Accam, Arshakyan,
    •Columbus: Meram, Saravia
    •Colorado: Pappa, Williams, Jermaine Jones
    •Houston: Bonnie Garcia,
    •SJ: Ceren, Francis, Dawkins, Quintero, Godoy, Cato, Wondo
    •Seattle: Torres, Joevin Jones, Morris, Lodeiro”

    Gashi plays for Colorado. He is not on the list yet but that could change in the next couple of days.

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