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Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 18

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. My job is to tell you how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

How did I do in game week 17?

In game week 17 I sold Lovren and bought Cedric, rolling the other FT in case of injury to any of my first 11 players over the Christmas period. I scored 61 points boosting my rank 71K to 220K.

Screenshot 2016-12-26 at 8.48.45 AM

I remain concerned about Firmino, particularly a suggestion in the Guardian that he is tired. However, against Everton he was given a free role in the second half, which is usually an opportunity for goals, and Firmino is creating shots in the right position, as demonstrated by this Squawka shots map:

Screenshot 2016-12-26 at 8.50.47 AM

Moreover, Firmino will be in Liverpool’s first 11 during the African Cup of Nations – where players have to report to their national teams on January 2nd. So I know he is game time assured and hopefully opportunity assured.

The other player who’s form concerns me is Kane, but then his shots stats remain around 5 per game.

Game week 18

I come into this game week with two transfers and no strong contender to sell. Costa is suspended but it is only for one game, so I’m not too concerned. My bench is weak, so there may be an opportunity there. However, I am going to start by looking at the fixtures of my players.

Screenshot 2016-12-26 at 9.04.37 AM

My Goalkeepers are a concern for this game week, but contiune to rotate well for the subsequent weeks, so I am comfortable in the knowledge that my goalies will probably only return 2 points this weekend.

We know my defenders rotate as we looked at that last week, while in attack I think the fixtures are again reasonable.

I am tempted by a Palace defender now Big Sam has arrived, and I think Arsenal’s fixtures look amazing. However, the truth is there is no transfer I really fancy. Kane to Zlatan appeals, but Zlatan only returned from Sweden on the 24th so might not play a full 90. So my decision is to make no changes this for this game week.

Screenshot 2016-12-26 at 9.19.24 AM

My captain is Hazard because I fancy him to outscore Walcott, Kane and Defoe, while my choice of goalkeeper is based on Liverpool scoring more than United over this season.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend.


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  1. Morning shb,
    Personally I have experienced a harrowing succession of gameweeks of late but have concluded that Benteke,C. is my forward for a way forward in 2017 and think he could be worth a shout for you as well up front – hunch,nothing else.

    Take care.

    • @rafay Not sure about the rest, but Callum Chambers is playing 90 mins every game since GW 6. I don’t see him being rotated in the future as well.

  2. RMT has no suggestions and sets out my team like this. Anyone disagree ?

    1 x FT and 0.5 in the bank. Do i need to take a hit to get Arsenal cover ?

    Click to enlarge image

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