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Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 29 – part 2

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. My job is to tell you how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

How did I do in game week 28?

For game week (GW) 28 I sold Phillips, Pieters, Costa and Sterling and bought Lukaku, Sigy, Lanzini and Coleman for an 8 point hit. I scored 53 points, 45 after my hit, and my rank rose 20K to 62K. I covered my thoughts on this and game weeks 29 to 32 in article earlier this week.

Game week 29

So Kane, Snodgrass and Walker hit my injury list. Kane is the bigger concern.

My plan was to bring in Gabbi of Southampton, who has scored an unsustainable 4 goals in three games. Yet these games were against the leaky teams of West Ham, Sunderland and Watford. This week they face Spurs, who I expect to be very tight at the back given the injury to Kane and Walker. Therefore, I feel I can wait a week before buying Gabbiadini.

For those of you who have Gabbi, well done. He will be a great buy. He is averaging just over 5 shots per game, nearly all of which nearly all in the box, which is really indicative of star quality. However, three games is a small sample size so I know I should wait, and also this week is tough so I have a second reason to wait.

However, if I hold Kane on my bench this week and do some other move instead, I’ll only have to make an early sale of Kane next week to avoid losing money on him. In truth, I don’t want to have to do an early transfer on an international game week (next week) because the incoming player could well be injured while on international duty. I feel am better transferring (or even hitting) this week so I get some points despite my above concerns, particularly when compared to taking an early-transfer next-week and then being forced to hit because of international break injury.

Therefore, I sell Kane and buy Gabbi.

My second planned move was to dispose of Snodgrass for Hazard, and given Snodgrass’s injury I see no reason to delay this move.

To confirm, this week I have sold Kane and Snodgrass and bought Hazard and Gabbiadini for a four point hit.

This week I am benching Lanzini only because of Leicester’s recent form. I will confirm my captain on twitter tomorrow.

Screenshot 2017-03-17 at 21.35.38

Best of luck all.


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81 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 29 – part 2

  1. Foster, Jaku – whom to play?
    Alonso, Coleman, Walker (Evans, Olsson)
    Sanchez, Coutinho, Siggy, King (Romeu)
    Costa, Luka, Gabbi

    Do I need a Spurs mid? I can do Romeu > Son and play AOA (as walker is injured and I have Gabbi). Any thoughts?

  2. Marhez / Lazini = Keep Augero guys?


    Lazini / Vardy = Keep Mane?

    Which one guys?

    Either way i am gunning for a Leicester player, trying something different. Not many people are going to do this, which is what i need.

  3. Reposting query here..not a lot of time left before deadline:

    Quick question:

    Who do I bench? Siggy (v bou) or Deeney (v cry)?
    Both are in good form..depends which Home team is more likely to concede!

    Please help before deadline!

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