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Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 37

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. My job is to tell you how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

Game week 37

Following on from last week’s wild card team, this week I have one free transfer and a Bench Boost Chip. I have avoided making a transfer because I wanted to see how Chelsea and United did midweek. This is my line up coming into GW37:

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 14.19.05

My concerns are Kos., who has a yellow flag, and Rashford, who is likely to be rotated for the EuroVase game. I am also a little concerned about my Spurs assets because last season, once Leicester were confirmed as Champions, Spurs fell away to such an extent Arsenal snuck into the second slot.

However, I can’t change them all so I am going to live with the Spurs players in my team, and accept that Kos will play one of the two games at minimum. This leaves Rashford to move out.

The sale of Rashford leaves me with 7.1m in the bank, which is not enough to by Defoe. It is enough to buy Llorente and he does have something to play for. However, I don’t rate him that highly so it is not my favourite choice of transfer. Costa would be my preferred choice, but I don’t want to take an 8 point hit.

I toyed with the idea of a double transfer, selling Kane and Rashford which gives me cash for Costa and Benteke, but that did not work for me. Nor did selling Kos and Rashford.

So thinking about the 8 point hit, I could sell Kos, Alli and Rashy and buy Llorente, Sanchez and Benalouane, which feels a reasonable swap – but I am not sure I will get my 8 points back.

So, in acceptance that Rashford will probably play one game, and that Kos should play one but will probably play two, I make no changes to my team.

The suddenly, just before I click “Publish” on this article, I discover Aguero is back in training so could play this week. Again, I’ll roll the dice and keep Jesus, but it does mean that Jesus is not my captain.

So this is my current team. I don’t feel happy about it, so might change it as the deadline approaches. If I do I’ll add a comment on here.

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 15.24.48

Lastly, the greatest help I have had this season has been from you all on site, so thank you all and best of luck for game week 37.


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    • Puh,puh 125 pts stil have Spurs.
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      2 place 2058 pts and hi is his team:
      Hi have 4 players to go.
      I dnot now what to do with all CFC now?I wil try -4 pts and take 2 from LFC!? your op gys!?

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