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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 35

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 34

102 points, the week ending with a whimper on Thursdays night with rotation and suspension biting hard into the previous 2 nights gains.

We sat 10k last night after good week gains but are projected to fall to 12k after tonight’s games.

Alonso suspended, Morgan benched, Willian benched tonight have been damaging omissions on an otherwise good week.

I won’t go over the full team due to lack time because of the short turnaround between gameweeks.

At the back

Alonso…. let’s not go there, he’s being sold in GW36…. enough said!!!!

Mike Smalldini  :) What a week from him, 16 points and a GW difference at 8% ownership

In attack

Groß, Kane, Luka, Murray all getting good points.

So where does this leave us?

With a projected rank of 12k and a short turn around between game weeks I can’t wait for the game to update as this article needs to get out tonight.

Game week 35

Now the important bit

GW35 is if you were unaware of it, a blank GW.

The FA Cup semis are this weekend so the semi finalists and their opponents are missing this week leaving only 6 games consisting of 12 teams.

We are activating the last chip available and it’s the newest and most valuable – Free Hit!

I have clung in to this chip all season for dear life knowing it’s potential significance towards the end of season during a blank GW.

The clubs to target here are; Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

City and Liverpool simply because in my opinion they are the 2 best teams in the Premier League, extremely attacking and not too shabby at the back either.

It is in attack we intend to go in on these two clubs, City are home v Swansea and Liverpool at doomed WBA who pulled off one of the shock results of the season on Sunday winning at Man Utd.

Which players are the main targets?

City-Sterling, Jesus, Silva, KDB, Sane.

At the moment we have Sterling Jesus and Silva but will be looking for hints on Peps team selection via the press conferences.

Liverpool- Salah, Firmino and Mane.

The Liverpool team has been getting leaked in recent weeks and of all weeks this is the week we need that info due to rotation threat to one and all in their team due to Champions League involvement next midweek.

Salah of course is chasing the Golden boot so I think he will start this game but will be rested in GW36 v Stoke which lies between both semi final legs .Firmino and Mane could be rested, once the team news comes out (likely Friday night or at latest Saturday morning well in advance of the 11.30am GW cutoff). I will post the team on site, the information that has been coming out has been 100% correct for weeks on end now so is highly trustworthy. Once known, the site team will be finalised for the week.

Palace-Zaha and Milivojevic are the picks.

Zaha has been playing striker the last 2 games scoring 3 times, alongside him is Townsend if you fancy a differential pick chasing your league, Milo is on everything, Pens, FK the lot!! He’s been very successful of late bringing in premium price points at bargain basement cost.

If on FH I strongly urge you to at least have Milo first on the bench as there is highly likely a lot of rotation this week and he’s quality cover in the event you lose a premium price attacker to rotation.

Arsenal- Wenger has stated in his presser that he’s considering resting Aubameyang in favour of playing his Europa team given the time passed between the last game v Toon and the Europa game v Athletico Madrid

TBH you can see his thinking here, it does not however help us in FPL as Aubamayang was expected to be rotation proof given he’s cup tied in Europa

Aubamayang is now a risk, if you get him make sure you’ve good cover. Others who interest me are Ramsay ( if passed fit ) and maybe a defender.

I was going to just get Chambers as bench cover but as Arsenal appear to be playing a full strength team getting a defender now appeals.

Defence this week is troublesome, by going all in on City and Pool attack it leaves no room to get the likes of Robertson or Otamendi, this may change in Robertson’s case if there is Pool rotation, it will actually suit me to have one missing allowing Robertson to come in. Zaha would then be the Pool attacker replacement.

Others to consider? Arnautovic for West Ham is viable, he was unlucky for us v Stoke on Monday night but could face a full strength Arsenal side so bear that in mind.

Tompkins; I highlighted on boards last week and he obliged with a goal last week, as an enabler he’s very nicely priced at just 4.3m.

Newcastle- They have been in outstanding form of late, scored in every game since the week before Xmas bar at Liverpool a few weeks back.

They are safe now but won’t let up, Rafa will make sure they press on so I don’t expect to see any beach towels anytime soon, Lascelles in def, Dubravka in goal, Kenedy and Ayoze Perez are the picks, Perez has been on fire of late and if it’s an enabling third forward you want he’s your man at 5.3m.

Burnley- The defence needs no introduction, it would pay to get at least one player as cover due to high ownership across the board. Wood as third striker is an option along with Barnes.

Here is my team as it stands, things WILL change however once pressers have given a clue to teams and that Liverpool team sheet will be gold dust this week.

I will update as things progress on this thread.

Good luck and may your arrows be green  :)


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Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.
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Fergies Henchman

Man united fan, seasoned Fantasy Football veteran and Fantasy Premier League addict. I will help improve your team, but I will also mock and tease given a half a chance. Into fitness, poking and seeing how far I can throw a hair dryer.
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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

461 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 35

  1. @shb
    Where you at now rank wise?
    We’ve had no luck at all this week, that pen miss alone cost us 12 points

    • @NomdeGuerre I’m in the same boat regarding that penalty miss but you also have to take into account that many players captained Jesus and Sterling… I know I saw top 10K (c) stats that put them much higher than what one would think… I’d say it was because many did not have FH and had also sold Salah. So how much losing out on those 12 points cost us I won’t know because I wasn’t following my rank live through the game.

      I’m surprised you went with Auba knowing what Wenger said in his presser. Your 62 is incredible considering you had 4 from Auba when I had 13 from Laca.

      I scored 66 with Baines to go. I’m hoping to breach 70 but unlikely with the kind of luck I’m having… I might crib too much but I swapped bellerin in for Monreal against my best judgement just because I felt all these experienced managers must know something I don’t… bellerin hadn’t done anything in ages… I don’t know what I was thinking. Likewise Mane, I never had him for the earlier BGW, I don’t know why I chose to get him now.

      The best thing that could happen to me now is if Baines pulls up injured so that Tomkins can bring his 6 points to my team.

      I’m ranked 1085, my highest rank ever and hoping to scrape into the top 1000 in the remaining weeks but I fear my team is not balanced enough to pull it off. GW34 destroyed my hopes and aspirations.

      I sseriously need to think if I can invest so much time and emotions into this next year considering I have a family!

      • @raihak yeah it’s time consuming alright and the reason I said I was considering dropping out next season
        ATM I’m 60-40 to play but won’t be running the site team, that much I have decided on.
        Good luck in the last 3 weeks
        It’s make or break time
        I feel that today my season ended
        Gonna be an uphil battle to get top 5k again now, top 1k I gave up on weeks ago, I’m a realist ;)

        • @NomdeGuerre guys. It’s surely time consuming and emotionally draining. But if we are ending in top 10-15k then we must have done a lot more right than wrong. More good fortune than bad luck. So congrats to both of you for where you are ranked out of 5.8mm folks. I am at 6k and am hoping to beat my best ever 2k finish.

        • @raza I would be thrilled if I was ranked that high myself in fairness. I’m hopeful of breaking into the top 100k for the first time since I started playing. Not much of an achievement but it’s my best season ever and am right in the hunt for some small prizes in my leagues. Fingers crossed.

        • @Offaly @raza thanks and I can’t disagree with your comments but being ambitious as I am, any time I achieve something I have the innate desire to do better next time! LOL… It’s hard to be that way

        • @raihak this is my fourth season. Have finished 2k, 4K and 100k. Now 6k this time. I am very focused on doing better and better. But I acknowledge that strategy can get you to top 20k but some luck is needed to get to top 5k. Hopefully I get to top 5k this year and will be excited to try again next year.

        • @NomdeGuerre you’re right… now it’s down to the biggest gamble of a chip, the TC as far as I’m concerned… if I can put it on a player who scores 3 goals I’m fairly certain I’ll end in the top 1K… otherwise I dnot know.

          Kane looked quite flat vs Utd. yesterday… he’s just had that flukey goal since his return from injury… only other standout candidate for TC is Sterling in the same DGW and you never know if he will start both those games…

          Make or break time indeed… I don’t have much for GW 36 and 37.

        • @raihak my advice? Play the safe game
          Don’t gamble
          Get on Kane and stay on him, he fails you won’t lose ground
          Let others gamble
          When up in the top 1k you play the boring game
          Park the bus FPL if you like ;)
          I’ll not call you Jose I promise :rofl:

        • Thing is with Kane
          He’s nailed
          He plays twice
          2x points in both games that’s 12 points
          Don’t take chances
          90% on a TC that week will go on Kane

        • @NomdeGuerre totally agree. Kane it is for sure. MCI is heavy rotation risk. And agree that top 10k or ML leaders should play the safe game. In my ML I am leading by a good 50 points. Several got to no. 2 and took gamble and fell to 4 or 5.

        • @NomdeGuerre thanks man… I’ll take that advice into account. I have Kane… will share my team for your advice in the correct thread.
          Right now thinking 1FT = Mahrez to Sterling. (Have Salah).

      • @shb you must be neck and neck with Sergio below then :D
        Shame we never hit our targets of 5 and 10k resepectively
        Not our week, selling Monreal to more nailed Bellerin was a master stroke :no:
        That pen miss was a killer mind, TBF I was never even close to playing Hennessy so the additional 5 points off him over Butland were never to be.
        Slightly disappointing week, decent enough gains in rank but fell short of expectations.

    • @Sergio well done Sergio
      You had a rough spell before Xmas I remenber
      Great comeback mate

      • @NomdeGuerre I had 9 consecutive red arrows, it felt like I’d never recover. I remember you all gave me some tips and I managed to get some results. :thumbup:

        • @Sergio that’s what this community is all about, help one another, hopefully many gain their best ranks ever this season, reading many comments on the boards saying this which is testament to you lot on here :thumbup:

        • @GoalMachine I’ve a mate similar to that.
          His main team rank about 30-40k
          His lesser side rank in 200s
          That’s 200s as in 200 not 200k BTW
          Just goes to show you…..
          We over think this game sometimes.

    • @IvanTheTerrible .Nice work Ivan :tiphat: but what was your MLS rank this week? Huge help for my team but your score was massive :10outof10:

      • @LittleBwana
        Thanks mate. With the 8 points from Baines I am now on 14,966.
        Still, I regret not going with my gut fillings to avoid pool players apart from Salah. Barnes and Tomkins were left on the bench with 13 points while Mane and Klavan turned up to be a total waste. Well, we can’t have it all.

    • @LittleBwana
      I agree, he has been useless at late. I need to get rid of him and possibly Vardy.
      With a low budget like yours I am thinking B. Silva. He is getting better with every game and City have the best fixtures for the remaining rounds.

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