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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 36

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 35

This was the blank GW with only 6 games played, so the Free Hit chip we have saved all season long was utilised. My team scored 62 points. I felt this was a decent enough score to produce a decent rise, but far below the number of points I had hoped for, delivering only a game week of 115k (which on a normal GW I would snap your hand off for).

At the back

PVA scored 5 with a clean sheet at Watford, but was also booked costing us a point and any chance of bonus.

Bellerin didn’t live up to expectations and, more gutting, was the fact Monreal who is a member of the non FH team was binned in favour of Bellerin due to higher rotation risk: Monreal of course scored and TBH was unlucky not to get a second so we got off lightly.

Gomez was a disappointment not showing a great deal in expected attacking potential and conceded twice at WBA for just a single point.

Butland faired better, conceding but racking up the save bonus with 6 saves which also took him onto 1 bonus point for a score of 5 – not bad considering he conceded. We had Hennessy on the bench with 10 points but TBH I was not even close to starting him over Butland.

In attack

A decent week for once!

The Man City trio all scored, and Jesus plus Sterling both chipped in with assists. Jesus missed a pen which became a double hit when Sterling also lost an assist. Those missed took both players out of bonus point contention and likely cost us 12 points, which was the difference between a decent week and a good week.

Salah scored …. AGAIN! The man is a goal machine, he will be transferring back in this week all being well – more of that later.

Mane as expected went off early on around 62 mins for 3 points as Liverpool were on a clean sheet at that point.

Zaha was booked for diving, which replays showed was harsh as many a pundit claimed it was in fact a pen. An assessment I would agree with.

A week of missed opportunities and wrong choices is how I would best describe GW35

  • Aubameyang instead of Lacazette
  • PVA over Tompkins
  • KDB over Silva
  • Bellerin over both Monreal and Baines

Its all fine margins and lost points

So where does this leave us?

We started on 12k and finished on 8k. Not bad for a normal week but I am gutted at only rising by some 30% in a week when the Free Hit chip was in use, an advantage that really should have taken the site team to the season target finish of 5k

Game week 36

It’s back to the team and squad we had in GW34, which was a DGW so is full of players specific to that week. To be fair, a lot of these have a DGW37, but I don’t like the look of this squad in all honesty. No Salah, no City cover, these are the 2 big issues!!!

On the plus side, both of these clubs will highly likely see heavy rotation now, last night Liverpool played Roma in the CL Semi final first leg. Leading 5-0 they were apparently cruising their way to the final, that was until 2 late Roma goals gave the tie a different complexion. Barcelona beat Roma 4-1 in the first leg of the QF, they lost the second leg 3-0 to go out of the competition. Now Klopp may have a completely different way of thinking for the second leg next midweek, 5-0 you’re home and dry, 5-2 great result BUT can Roma repeat the Barca scoreline?

My thinking is if it stayed 5-0 Klopp would have played a full team v Stoke with 2-3 early substitutions, now? He may rest his big guns completely to save them for what will be a gladiatorial battle in Rome next midweek. Salah is currently not part of the site team, he was in the FH team but is not a part of the squad for GW36.

I want rid of Alonso but can’t do a thing until news of that Liverpool team-sheet comes out (likely Friday night via @AnfieldExpress on Twitter, who has been releasing the team sheets early, until last night that is – he withheld the team v Roma last night, hopefully this was due to the importance of the tie and not the end of early team sheet releases). We desperately need that team sheet on Friday to see if Salah is playing!

If he is, he’s coming in, likely for Mahrez with Alonso being sold to makeup the funds.

If Salah is not playing I will then turn my attentions to Man City attack. Sterling will come in again likely for Mahrez with Alonso likely out to Vertongen of Spurs,  he’s home v Watford this week with a good DGW37 next week.

All moves are currently on hold however until we see that team sheet.

Its a bit pointless posting the site team before moves, but we have no choice other than to wait due to uncertainties in “rotation” ….. I am beginning to hate that word now!!!!

Site team as it stands with no moves as yet.

This week contains many considerations to who to transfer into our teams, taking into account GW36 and DGW37. The overriding fear factor is that word again “Rotation”. Last week I was pretty sure that Pep wouldn’t rotate and bar Sane he didn’t, this week? I’ve honestly no idea, so bringing in the likes of Sterling comes at risk. Jesus should be pretty well safe BUT Sterling has proven time and again he’s an able replacement at false 9 so he’s not as nailed as you think.

Liverpool? Could be a blood bath this week as regards rotation and for Stoke, depends what is going through Klopps head ATM regarding that SF second leg next week, I expect heavy rotation TBH and that’s why I am holding off Salah until Friday night.

Palace home to Leicester could provide attack points for both Zaha and Milo, Milo in particular continues to impress.

Spurs home to Watford looks ripe for pickings BUT Kane has looked flat since returning from injury, something  Pochettino eluded to himself on Monday. Heads may have dropped after the cup exit so loading on Spurs comes at slight risk, I’m worried about Son rotation.

Southampton have a must win home game in the South coast derby v Cherries, a game I expect them to win. Cedric looks a decent option here attacking the right flank, and if Saints are to stay up this is a 100% must win game.

Man U v Arsenal I expect to see a Man U win. Arsenal will rotate heavily for this game with Europa in mind while Man U, on the other hand, can carry on the upturn in form. They impressed me v Spurs in the semi  final running out deserved winners. “Mike Smalldini” the DGW34 hero could come up trumps again. I’ve seen many benching him for this one… why? Arsenal won’t threaten with a weakened side away from home where they’ve lost every game this season. I am very hopeful of a double clean sheet in this for DDG and Smalling.

As ever I will update the team once moves are made, likely Friday night if we get the Liverpool team sheet.

Only 2 more weeks to play after this one :yahoo: To be honest, I am looking forward to this season coming to a close. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, I threw up my lunch a few times and now want to get off! Good luck and may your arrows be green  :)


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

244 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 36

  1. Thanks NdG! Looking forward to the moves

    Myself took out Alonso already and brought in sterling for a hit. I’m ok with taking hits to match the lad trying to catch up to me in our ML, have regained my 50 pt cushion thanks to a strong free hit week

    • @roccerfeller ive no issues at all taking hits, just need to know said hits will actually play :lol:
      The way my lucks going if I go -4 both will be benched
      Hoping Salah isn’t playing so it screws up 60% of FPL teams and allows Sterling to come on who’ll likely get rotated :rofl:

      • @NomdeGuerre I’m interested in how you feel about city assets…Since gw32 I have expected Silva to be rested to spend time with his family

        Now I’m on the verge of bringing him or Sané in (in addition to sterling, who I already have)

        Silva looks nailed again but now might be when he is rested

        • @roccerfeller I got KDB last week for that same reason but both played and scored
          Sterling has to come in for me, waiting on Salah news
          Currently looking at a -8
          Mahrez to Salah
          Son to Sterling
          Alonso to Cedric

          Click to enlarge image

        • @NomdeGuerre looks like a strong team!

          I’m thinking of taking Mahrez out as I’m not sure for who

          My midfield is
          Willian Sterling Salah Son Mahrez
          Kane Vardy Barnes up front

          Only 0.2 Itb for me with a SV of 8.7 for Mahrez….gives me 8.9 to work with, not sure who to bring in. Maybe Milivojevic? Sané?

          If I go cheap, I could replace Vardy with Jesus

  2. I’m in a fairly safe position in the leagues I’m focusing on so no need for risks… saying that I took a -4 hit on bringing in Sterling for Willian this week (my free hit was succesful last gw with man city). Any cause for alarm or tweaks?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @lemmiwinkz2

      No cause for alarm. You are entering calm waters. Steer the ship to victory and good luck

  3. Site article credited to Chorley, who thanks Nomde for it.
    I think red herrings are being thrown our way as we try to guess NomdeGuerre’s true identity :lol:

    Thanks to all involved in writing the article :thumbup:

  4. @NomdeGuerre Thank you! @All – I have Mahrez, thinking Milivojevic, as I am 0.2 short for Sterling, and probably safer as Milo is less likely to be rotated.

    • @LittleBwana it’s very likely that I’ll be selling Mahrez this week too, either for Salah or Sterling.
      On the beach players this time of the season are to be avoided
      Mahrez started great for me but has done nothing in a few weeks now
      Time to offload
      Milo is a good pick, playing in a team on a survival mission, on pens, FKs, heavily involved in the Palace attack and at a snip of a price

      • @NomdeGuerre Thank you Nomde, I have appreciate your input and looking forward to your articles. Could be on track for my highest finish, at 75k at the moment, and leading my leagues :D $$$$

  5. @NomdeGuerre Another good article.

    My team below as it stands now. 1FT £1.1M ITB. Plan is to use BB chip DGW37. Before reading the article, the plan was to do:
    GW36 (this week) Groß -> Milivojevic
    GW37 Murray -> Ayew
    GW38 Mahrez -> Salah

    These would leave me with 13 DGW players + Mili & Lowton.

    Are there any other moves that I should consider?

    My nearest rival in ML has the following team with no chips left. I am worried that he has 3 MCI and 2 LIV players!
    Pope Forster
    Long Smalling Keane Lovren Danilo
    Sterling Salah D Silva Shaqiri Fraser
    Lacazette Auba Ulloa

    I am 30 points behind him atm.

    Thanks :)

    • @Choking Hazard I would assume one of his 3 City is Jesus,as he appears to be most nailed ( could still be rotated for Sterling mind ) you’d likely be better covering that move by buying yourself.
      What makes you think he’s loaded on City? Has he done a few moves already this week?
      Would make sense on his part mind given Arsenal rotation.
      You’ve a very similar team to my own
      Salah you will need of starting this weekend or he could end your season
      Maybe go Luka to Jesus
      Mahrez to Salah ?
      If funds allow of course
      You need to watch for Liverpool team news tomorrow to see if Salah is playing
      If not, like me you will have more flexibility in your moves

      • @NomdeGuerre Thanks. His team has Sterling, D Silva and Danila (so 3 MCI players) + Salah and Lovren (LIV).
        To bring in Salah, I could do Mahrez -> Salah; Murray -> J Ayew?
        Is this a decent move?
        Assuming that Salah doesn’t start, what else might you suggest?

  6. Which two woul you start alongside Lowton please:

    SMALLING (ARS), CHILWELL (Cy. Palace) , MORGAN (Cy Palace), CHRISTIENSEN (Swansea),

    • @kello

      Any money in the bank or free transfers?
      Are you playing Bench Boost in DGW37?

      Wait for the Managers press conferences. There was a tweet that Sadio Mane had done his hamstring and was out for the rest of the season – although the tweet has since been DELETED

  7. My ML leader continues to get lucky so managed to squeeze 8 points out of his lead but it’s still 90 points, can’t see him being caught. Last thing I have left is TC Kane in 37, he would need to go really nuts to give me a change.

    • @ed209 this is one for the Old Goat pep talk ;)
      Did you not read the legendary comeback last season to win his league? ;)
      It will still be discussed generations from now just like his fav player Chancel Mbemba :P

      Never give up
      Fight to the last minute of the last game to win your league
      Could be time for you to punt long?
      Differential captain?

  8. Anyone got Mane?

    Take note before doing transfers

    Sadio Mané walked into Spire Hospital yesterday in Liverpool. Apparently had a slight limp, probably won’t feature against Stoke on Saturday.

    Got this off our Liverpool leaked team source AnfieldExpress

      • @subrata it’s a false rumour mate

        Klopp on Mane: “There is a chance for tomorrow. If we use that chance or not… it’s quite early. In these times you always have to use each minute, each second, speak to the player, to the doctor, to the physiotherapist.”

        • @NomdeGuerre I am worried bcoz… Next week I am using freehit… So he will remain in team for GW38… If he is seriously injured then it is a big concern for me.

  9. Please help my team  124 points clear at the top of my league, 1 FT, £1.6m ITB and no cards remaining. 2nd (-124) and 3rd (-125) both have Kane, 3rd also has Aubameyang and neither of them have Jesus. Because of that, I’m thinking that to cover them off, I should do Jesus to Kane – thoughts? Other advice? Thanks.

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