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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 38

For the final time this season, the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 37

Before I go into the doom and gloom of the nightmare that was DGW37 I would just like to thank all on Fantasy Football First, Admin, visitors, anyone who has contributed to what is a special FPL community of FPL managers.

GW38 is upon us (cue mass celebrations from yours truly) and this is not only the last GW of a difficult season, it is also my last week managing the site team so this is also my very last article. It has been emotional is all I can say, the ups the downs (seems to be far more downs than ups mind  :lol: ) of a long hard season all comes to a final conclusion on Sunday. I would like to thank Chorley for giving me this opportunity, for which if he hadn’t I would not have interacted with you lot on here. I knew very few of you before arriving on site and it’s been a pleasure interacting on all things FPL with you.

I may return in a site visitor capacity next season, we’ll see nearer the time, I just want to see the back of this season for now TBH!

Now to reveal my identity. You can find me on twitter under @Gallow111. You can also find me in the FF1st mini-leagues. Perhaps some of you looked? I am a Toon supporter for my sins, and I’m happy to see my team are still in the EPL – the one good thing about this season.

Once again before I press on, it’s been a privilege interacting with you lot  :thumbup:  Now the depressing part – GW37!

What a complete utter nightmare week it has been for me personally. When is a double gameweek not a double gameweek? When the likes of Wenger and Pep screw you over!!!!

A terrible score of just 67 has all but destroyed my season.

On paper the team was strong. In reality it was only as strong as the players who actually played. Out of a possible 22 players-in-games I only got 15 to play, which isn’t a lot better than your standard gameweek.

At the back

Monreal? Didn’t play at all, thanks for that Arsene, much appreciated. Lowton comes in for Monreal – Zero points!

Davies, no show in game 1 and a clean sheet at least in game 2 for 6 points, very disappointing.

DDG and Smalldini, well they conceded at Brighton in the first game, but managed a clean sheet last night at Hammers.

In attack

Son didn’t start game 1 but came on for a few late minutes. He did manage an assist in game 2, in what proved to be a dismal DGW for Spurs – losing at doomed WBA yet winning 1-0 against a resilient Toon team (who were very unlucky not to take Davies clean sheet). Kane-the-Troll blanked at WBA but scored the winner v Toon, but no bonus meant just 16 captain points over a DGW, which I suppose was better than those who captained Jesus who blanked in both (who saw that coming?)

Silva and Sterling both blanked in game 1 v Huddersfield and weren’t even in the squad for game 2 v Brighton ….. cheers Pep!

Arnie did play in the second game after going off injured in the first game. He picked up an assist to get a total of 8 points. Not great, but it’s a hell of an improvement on the 3 points Silva and Sterling bagged.

Rambo? Less said the better. The rotation by Wenger in game 1 was huge; Rambo and Monreal were part of that. Rambo did, however, start game 2 but did nothing and blanked for 3 points.

Overall a completely shocking week. One that has done irreparable damage to the season given there’s only one week to play.

So where does this leave us?

We have fallen like a brick !!!

One of the worst GW ranks of the season and it’s depressing reading.

A full 7k week fall is not what was in the script.

Looking back at the team I wouldn’t change a thing. It was strong in all departments but failed miserable due to manager rotation.  I can’t say strongly enough how much I detest that word  :lol:   Deep breath ….. count to 10, it’s nearly all over ……………

Game week 38

The final week  :yahoo:

The team is still as it was during horror week. I’ve no idea at all what damage rotation will bring this week but it’s already started.

I was informed on Twitter after last nights games that Jose has stated DDG will NOT play this weekend; the reason given is that DDG has already won the golden glove. Thanks Jose! Now this being the case (check online before selling) you have to ask what else is going to happen as regards rotation in GW38??? Its going to be an absolute nightmare by the looks of it. Smalling must be at high risk of rotation given the absence of DDG is most probably rotation / preservation / fitness for Jose’s team for the cup final.

What about Chelsea? Will Conte follow suit? They have just about blown any chance of CL football drawing with Huddersfield, so will we see mass rotation at Chelsea? Hazard only came on as a sub midweek which suggests it’s already began.

Liverpool surely won’t slip up home to Brighton to qualify for the Champions League, so Conte may just call it a day on the EPL and instead focus on pursuit of cup glory (before what looks an inevitable exit at Chelsea).

So given this mess, what are GW38 plans? I’m still looking at the overall picture TBH, trying to gauge who may rotate and who won’t, waiting on any snippets of info indicating rotation from the pressers.

Son I expect to not start. Simply put, it’s the turn of Lamela. Davies also concerns me, while Rose could likely start in his place.

Rambo? Anyone’s guess, Wenger is turning into a bigger Troll than Kane!

Pep? Again no idea. Logic states that because both Sterling and Silva did not even figure midweek, then they will start this weekend. Trouble is that logic doesn’t exist when talking rotation by Pep (and Wenger)!!!

I feel Salah should come back in this week. Liverpool have to win or equal Chelsea’s result to ensure CL qualification. Brighton have nothing to play for. Therefore, Alexander Arnold in our defence will be in the site team starting 11, with Monreal dropping to the bench. I am not sure if Monreal is off on his jollies or Wenger has just thought he’d screw us over. Either way, TAA is starting. having said this, now just watch Smalldini be rotated out and Monreal come in …… or not as the case may be  :lol:

At present, the only thing I can decide on is I want Salah back. He’s my FPL comfy-blanket and after GW37 I need some comforting  :lol:

I will update moves on the site team chat thread. Remember there are no games tomorrow ( Saturday ) as all KO at the same time on Sunday to finish the season.

Well this is it people, it’s been emotional, it’s been uplifting and it’s been a struggle at times, the 2017/18 season is coming to a close. Very best wishes to you all, may your arrows be green. We may meet again next season but only in a site visitor capacity.

Signing off as site manager!



Current site team

No moves yet and captaincy not decided, if I get Salah in he’s going to be captain.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

374 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 38

  1. 85 with 12 bonus points to come! Took an eight point hit but predicted rank is 87k. First time inside the 100k. Buzzing here at 1am in Korea. Thanks again everyone for the advice and the community as a whole!

    • @KeyserSoze good going Keyser
      We achieved our target either way
      To go out swinging
      Likely my best set of hits this season so very pleased

  2. Nom-De-Head win the FFF Champions cup :D

    Great effort Kralin, I think the tactical play won it for me in how chips were played

    Great to do the double with this and the Boxing Day cup

    Great effort mate …. well done making the final

  3. @NomdeGuerre, I went for -8 and it paid off with 87pt and 10bp to come :D , I was seeing 100 coming as I had Cedric and till 93min with his CS! It looks I will get back to around 6k, its the best season by far and I won my ML first time! :bliss:

    Thank you so much again for your tips and advise :thumbup:

    • @touch.ref great going mate
      My hits paid off great too
      Silva 0
      DDG 0
      Son 0
      Salah 22
      Zaha 10
      Romero 7
      Difference is this week I had no bench to come in due to rotation
      This -8 literally saved my ass big style
      Great rank
      Well done

  4. Before everyone signs off from FPL for the season….are we going to have a thread on Fifa World Cup? I am not sure we have time to post an analysis article – may be an introductory one once it is launched….and discuss further in the thread.

    I joined FFF community during EPL 2014…so I am not sure how was the arrangement in FFF for Fifa 2014.

    • @GoalMachine
      That is up to Chorley to decide. Like you said, an intro article can do the job. I am sure the Fantasy World Cup site will open in the next couple of weeks and all we need is one of us to create a FFF league.

  5. @shb
    Update on your leagues?
    Decent finish for us, shame about DGW37 which literally killed the season but can’t ask for much more than we got today
    Best bit of hitting all season saved for the last week although GW36 -12 was just as good thinking about it.
    Hope you achieved your targets, Wenger screwed us again with Monreal but at least Rambo paid back with some points even though dropping off 2 bonus after the game.

    • @NomdeGuerre won all leagues but one unfortunately. Came second by about 70 points :shocked:

      As you said, good week today. Been an up and down season haha. But you’ve been amazing and thank you so much for all your help mate :highfive:

      Click to enlarge image

      • @shb good stuff mate, that lad who’s beat you by 70 must have some rank
        So what did you finish overall?

        • @shb good going mate, God knows how many points Pope got you :lol:
          Often wonder where I would be had I done the same and invested the spare funds in attack.
          All over now, bern good interacting with you on here, I see your Gooners stopped the away rot so good day all round for you :thumbup:

    • @NomdeGuerre I want to thank Nomde and the community here for an incredible season. With a GW score of 85 (-8) I reached my target and my highest ever rank in the final GW of the season which is the best way to finish! I finished 954 in the world and 9 in Canada!

      Top 1K World and Top 10 Canada targets achieved.

      I want to write a long post explaining how Nomde’s articles and comments were so helpful despite not copying his team. I hope to do that at some time in the following days!

      Click to enlarge image

    Score of 85 today boosted by some good hitting which basically saved the day
    Not a big lift in rank however
    17k to 14k finish position
    After last weeks debacle I’ll take that

    Hope you all achieved your goals
    Likely see you next season to do it all again but not in a site team managerial capacity
    Thanks for having me :thumbup:
    Oh and enjoy your summer break ;)

    Click to enlarge image

  7. Massive thanks to @NomdeGuerre this season for all your time and advice. Theres been some crazy-ass game weeks this season, especially towards the business end .. your quality advice and guidance has been invaluable!

    Cheers also to @ChorleyRocks and team. Hands down the best FPL writers and community.

    • @Footy123 I second that! Nomde reached out and offered help beyond the call of his position as the site team manager. His desire to help me (and others) succeed is off the charts!
      24 hours ago he told me to hold my horses on the D.Silva situation as he was investigating. He got back to me after researching his sources. There was no need for him to go to those lengths. I slept on the Silva question, woke up 2 hours before the deadline, saw Nomde’s messages and acted… took a -8 that helped me scrape through. Started the day 1223 and with a -8 hail Mary charge at the top 1K!
      It was not the specifics (my team had always been a bit different to his) but the overall logic and findings that helped me achieve my targets!

      Cheers to you Nomde! If i ever visit I need to buy you a pint… or two!

      • @raihak once again mate that’s some achievement, taking a -8 in your situation with every single point making a huge difference took some balls, I know how difficult that must have been for you but you did it and reaped the rewards.
        As I said to you 1-1 maybe be a tad more bold in your application next season and you never know what could be achieved.

        My personal objective this season was to show others that hitting can achieve success, I hate reading comments on sites staying “ don’t take hits” it’s narrow minded and wrong!

        It’s a bit like playing 4-4-2 all season long in the EPL when on occasions you need to go 3-5-2 with wingbacks, or a more standardised 4-2-3-1

        It doesn’t work!
        If I take anything from this season I hope I’ve shown others that non hitting for the sake of it is not necessarily the way to play this game.

        Ironically I’ve been more guarded this season in my style of play ( has to be because of being an open book on here ) and I’ve suffered for it.
        I was on with Chorls on Saturday and he said it had affected his game to as you need to justify the hits.

        Bottom line
        There is no one fixed setting on how to play FPL, you have to be open to making decisions like you did yesterday in difficult circumstances, well done mate, great achievement :thumbup:

        • @NomdeGuerre Nom, this feels like the morning after battle. Not many left standing. Faces a bit cut and dusty. A bottle passed back and forth. Time for a final, rueful conversation.

        • @NomdeGuerre don’t take hits Nom. It’ll get you nowhere. To say otherwise is – narrow minded and wrong.

          (Eyes narrow, credits roll.)

        • @Kralin2 LMAO you’re a one off Kralin :rofl:
          Been great conversing and doing battle with you in that side comp we had.
          I knew it was gonna be me v you in the final ( assuming we avoided one another in semis ) once we both made new teams.
          I don’t think the others realised just what an advantage that was and so it was proven.
          Well done on 6k mate :thumbup:

        • @NomdeGuerre Cheers, thanks, well done yourself on the H2H and the main team. You would have finished higher without the chains of site management that were binding you.

          Yes, we had a massive advantage (though I had to dig in a few weeks ago to ensure that top 4 finish).

          Have a good breather, you’ve deserved it. Have really enjoyed our natters.

        • @NomdeGuerre if i haven’t said it explicitly… KUDOS and CONGRATULATIONS on conducting a whole season as the moderator for the site team. I have been on FFF before but this is the year i decided to follow the site team regularly. The instructions, logic, decision making was transparent, structured and very well explained. I know you’re not too chuffed about the final result but I believe the outcome of your work has guaranteed many new subscribers and followers.
          Conducting yourself gracefully, like you did, and maintaining your sanity must have been huge challenges which is why I :tiphat: to you!

          There are hitters and no-hitters. My final day decision was based on a couple of things… information that you so graciously shared. And my personal feeling that finishing 1250 or 2500 meant the same thing to me. Top 1K (say 999) was definitely different than 1001 even! Which is why I went all out. But I agree with you that one should be prepared to play aggressively! A ‘measured’ approach to taking hits, like yourself is possibly the best in-between strategy!

        • @raihak you are a credit to this site mate, an example to all of what can be achieved.
          Well done

  8. One last post for the summer from me, felt this needed a bigger audience than a twitter chat room.

    Lad I’ve known for a few years now, he’s from Mumbai in India, lives in the UK for a few years until a year or so back before going home, good FPL manager, good friend, we shared many an FPL heartache together and success and celebration, won’t name him but he may come on after I point out I’ve posted this.

    This is the story of his season and especially his GW38 :D

    This is a story to show us all, never give up until the last ball of the last game is kicked, anything is possible.

    Enjoy :lol:

    Monster (thats me) is the best Indian FPL player in the western suburbs of Mumbai in the hamlet of Andheri. His success over the last 2 years us unparalleled and he is the best player in his office league. Won it 2 times in a row since its inception. He is worshipped and hated for having such enormous and god gifted talent.

    The story:
    This season… diaster. Monster hasn’t seen the top of the office league all year round. First plying at the bottom of the table he slowly makes his way to midfield. It’s a skirmish, a proper dogfight but Monster stands strong. He has 4-5 strong FPL players who are getting incredibly lucky all season long. Monster on the other hands seems to have pissed off Lady Luck, which is odd because Monster certainly knows how to charm the ladies. Setback after setback. GW 31 Monster is in 5th places. More than 100 points off top and some good players to pick off he gets at them one by one. I squeeze into 3rd place by about GW34. I am gaining nicely. Only around 50 points off top. I can do this! Then the bloody Jesus pen disaster. I Have Jesus. He has B Silva. Jesus missed pen, rolls to B Silva, B Silva taps it in and bags the BPS! 14 point swing! I am left reeling! I thought that was it. How many punches can a man take? No man could take this but alas… Monster is not a man… He is super man! That game only pissed me off because I otherwise still out scored him! 3 weeks to go I am 48 points off the lead! After GW 36 I gain, 12 points… Lead down to 36… After 37 (which went really well for me and crap for him), I gain 26 points. Lead down to 10 points. Monster needs 11 to win. He actually is reeling. The long season has taken its toll on him. He’s been under performing for a long time and Monster clearly is just getting into his stride. But one problem…. we are in the final furlong and the bloody finishing line is fast appearing. Monster makes his move D Silva out for Zaha (after conferring with the best FPL player known to Monster -> Gallow :) ). he captains Kane, me Salah. Kane scores early! I am nervous as hell! I am losing this… No wait SALAHHHHHH!!! GET IN! level. Arnie assist next! Lovely. Come on lads we can do this. Mane is clear… Pass to Salah you bar-steward! Salah messes it up. Second chance, clearance off the line! Arrrr…. At the same time goals are flying in at Wembley… Everytime Spurs score… Did Kane get anything? No! Phew sigh of relief!… It twists and turns. Zaha scores for me. Arnie scores again. We go till the end when that late Kane goal comes in and I am left reeling. The gap only 10 points but he is winning by 2 points on BPS! 2 BLOODY POINTS! 88 mins on the clock. Please god please! Save me!! Lord Jesus, only son of God please save me (I am catholic). 89…90…91…92… I am close to tears…. Goal goes in at Saints, I only see the update flash… Who Who Who? JESUSSSSSSSSS! GET IN!!!! But wait the bar-steward is booked in the celebrations taking his shirt off !! Frantically redoing the scores! I think I am winning by 2 points. No wait it is 1 or level… My mind is too messed up. The Spurs game takes an eternity to get over! I calculate and then check again! I am winning by 2 / 3 points or so!! Then they up Kane to 2 BPS! I check again winning by 2. Champagne on ice and finally it is revealed! 69-57. I needed 11, I get 12! I win by 2 points and for the first time in 38 weeks hit the front and take the lead! Joy unconfined! My 3rd title and still undefeated. The horrible season finally had something good in it for me. I won by a nose. What a chasing performance by my beloved FPL team. The old girl has dug me out from many a sticky situation but this was her finest hour. Guts determination, class, character… It had everything. I won my office league in the 94th minute of stoppage time. Beat that!

    • @NomdeGuerre Feel embarrassed reading it now and also very proud at the same time. How can you motivate yourself when all you have every week is setback after setback? The road back to the top isn’t pretty and it requires a lot of faith. A lot of faith and belief that you have made the right decisions and that someday luck will roll your way. The lesson from all of this is you DO NOT GIVE UP. One cannot quit, no matter what the score is or what the gap is. One can only trust in one instincts and try to make the best possible decisions at that point in time. The rest is all up to the fantasy gods. And they have a wicked sense of humour I tell ya!

      Thanks to you and Fergie (Fergie’s Henchman) for keeping me believing those last 3 weeks to pull off the impossible :)

      Also great work on the site team. And congrats on your overall position :thumbup:

      • @Monster (Leazes) this is a cracking read Monster, funny, exhilarating, proper edge of seat stuff, I know only too well how nervous you were going into this GW38 after you came to me asking opinion.
        Knew you would win once you showed me your opponents team but i forecast a 10+ margin of victory not just 2 is it was a nail biter alright.
        Well done mate, I know that league means a hell of a lot to you :thumbup:

        • @NomdeGuerre You can ask Fergie the state I was in for the 90 mins and then when BPS were being calculated! I can laugh about it now but it was horrible at the time man. That league does mean a lot, have always won it and wanted to keep it that way. But next season I plan to wrap it up by Christmas ;) I cannot do this late drama again :no:

          Can’t wait for the next season! :toocool:

        • @Monster (Leazes) I already know the state you were in :rofl:
          He’s told me
          Would love to see the messages
          I can just imagine what they read like, nothing like above I bet :rofl:

        • @NomdeGuerre @Monster (Leazes)

          Wonderful stuff.
          Proving that you should never give up until that final final whistle has been blown :thumbup:

        • @OldGoat reminds me of another epic comeback win but only last season not this one …… can’t seem to be able to remember it Goaty …… any ideas :question:

        • @NomdeGuerre

          Joking aside, the number of managers who were posting on here 2-3 months back bemoaning that they were 70, 80 points behind their ML leaders just amazed me.

          Anything is possible in this game – until you give up hope/trying that is.

        • @OldGoat Not if the said leader has the most ridiculous good luck you’ve ever seen, somehow buys Emre Can in the build up to GW31 but can’t afford Mane/Salah/Firmino so instead goes for Can (why on earth as Can has only got 8pts twice before that and the rest GWs has been between 2-5 pts) and then Can goes on to score 1+1 twice in four Gameweeks scoring 14 and 13 points respectively… Just an example of my horrors from this season :rofl:

        • @OldGoat yep, that’s exactly why I posted this on here, plus it’s an epic tale with fairytale ending :lol:

          NEVER GIVE UP!!!
          Fight to the last kick of the season!

  9. OK
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