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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 16

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game Week 15 review

My points total for the week was 54.

Game week 15 started with Chelsea v Newcastle in the Saturday lunch time game. A Hazard brace and 3 bonus points meant a great 15 point haul to pay back some of the pain suffered in game week 14 when he was benched only to come on for a 1 point cameo. Morata scored and chipped in with 2 bonus for a score of 8. However, new signing Christensen only got 2 points after Chelsea conceded to a Newcastle side that I honestly could not see scoring. Moreover, Christensen hit the post with a header in the first half teasing the idea of future points. What a great start to the game week.

After the early kick off, things did not go quite so well.

Firstly Moreno was not in the Liverpool squad; a disaster as I really felt Liverpool could get a clean sheet at Brighton because The Seagulls play it tight, don’t score many and don’t concede many. Yet on in this encounter Brighton conceded on five occasions. Salah, our only other Liverpool player, only got an assist for 5 point. Given his form this season a 5 point return feels disappointing.

Naughton came off my bench for Moreno, but after looking solid early Swansea on conceded 2 goals at Stoke and thus Kyle returned just the one FPL point.

Ward got us 2 points. Again Burnley looked like getting a clean sheet, only to concede late on. This is becoming a habit for Burnley.

To complete our defence roundup, De Gea played in the Saturday evening game at Arsenal. To say David’s been a “wise investment”, coming in to my team for Foster, is an understatement. Arsenal trailed 0-2 but absolutely peppered the Man U goal with 31 shots (compared to 8 from Man U). The result was a DDG goal-keeping super-show. Sadly, he eventually conceded, but the 14 saves added 4 save points to his tally, while his performance also eared 2 bonus points from the BPS, for a total of 8 points.

Ramsey had a part in the only Arsenal goal, beating the offside trap to supply the assist for the goal. He got us 6 points which included a bonus point. In the same game Pogba, who we sold to “downgrade” to Ramsey to gain funds for an upgrade in defence, was red carded. This was after he had made 2 assists (at which point I was thinking what have I done selling Pogba!) All is well, however, as Ramsay outscored Pogba 6-5 and Pogba is now serving a 3 game suspension – one less thing to worry about this week. I feel I may even be able to buy back for game week 19 with his price reduced by £0.2m or so.

Richarlison let us down, getting booked for dissent and gaining only 1 point. He has a good run of fixtures coming so hopes are high for good points in coming weeks.

Groundhog Day

Or is it Kanehog Day?

Yet again I captained Kane.

Yet again he blanked.

Sound familiar? Yes it’s becoming a regular discussion.

In game week 15 I decided to “play it safe”, captaining the highly owned Kane who played away to a leaky Watford defence (conceded 4 at home in midweek games). Hazard was my original captain who would have delivered an additional 13 points. Oh, how I rue that change! It would have made the game week.

Now I know this is all “ifs and buts”, BUT the additional points would have ranked us inside the top 100k globally – which was our Christmas target. That’s the last time I captain Kane until Spurs form improves.

We went from rank 177k to 168k. This is not good enough! I can’t recall gaining a green arrow but feeling so utterly depressed. The final push is now on to get into that top 100k by Boxing Day. This rank is needed to have a strong platform for the second half of season (when I’m always at my best) to deliver a rank to be proud of come the close of the season.

Plans for game week 16

At this time no moves are planned. The team is well set-up and my only concern is to have a starter in the first position on the bench.

Looking at my bench, Niasse is my biggest concern as he was not used by new manager, Sam Alardyce, which is a concern moving forward. Calvert Lewin did start to deliver a goal and an assist. I have £0.3m in the bank, which ius the exact amount required to change Niasse to Calvert Lewin. Indeed, I nearly made this move on Sunday night to catch the rise on Calvert Lewin, but I held off because I was concerned about the midweek European games.

Moreover, Niasse seems to be “price locked”, because his “percent towards a price change” on the player price monitoring sites is zero. Therefore, I feel safer holding onto Niasse for this weekend to see if Sam uses him or DCL. That’s the plan anyway. I remain concerned that if Niasse’s price does fall then I cannot buy Calvert Lewin, so I will monitor the price change progress. But the current plan is “do nothing” and roll the free transfer.

Best of luck for game week 16 , and as usual, if there are any changes of plan I will post a comment below.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

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    • @piyushsingha

      Any reason why you are using your Free Hit chip this week?
      The starting eleven looks fine, but key players could be rested at the weekend having played Champions League games midweek plus with another round of Premier League games on Tuesday and Wednesday next week

  1. Used my FT this week on Sane -> Coutinho because of price changes, FlashScores also said Sane went off with injury last night so fingers crossed it will be a good move.

    Should I play Choupo over Otamendi/Smalling? Thanks All

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Sir Tinkerman

      Choupo over Otamendi. Spurs have conceded 6 in their last 4 games, which has almost coincided with Alderweirelds injury.
      I suspect that Mourinho will park the bus against City and try to hit them on the break.

        • @OldGoat @Kralin2 He may be just a tad bias :) I’m voting Chouppo although I believe that Otamendi will outscore Chouppo this week. Potential v Expected.

        • @Zwischenzug

          That’s an Ivan answer!
          Covering yourself by bigging up BOTH players. That way you can claim to be right whatever the outcome – unless they both fail, in which case you sweep it under the carpet :lol:

        • @OldGoat :rofl: It’s like my mum watching any kind of murder mystery on TV. Along the way she’ll voice her suspicions about every single character being the culprit, so at the end when Poirot reveals all she can always say “I SAID it was him!” :lol:

        • @OldGoat I may recruit him as my teacher!

          I’m expecting Otamendi 3 points, Chouppo 2 (most probable scenario) to be honest. However, I would pick Chouppo because he may get something more than that. It’s the same idea with Burnley defenders and Richarlison. I’ll go Richarlison.

  2. Please help my team  0 FT, 0.5 ITB. I used FT to get Morata for Jesus already. Any suggestions for who should start / what formation? I put 3-5-2 for now as Niasse did not play last game and not sure if he starts.

        • @Jamo97 thanks! I’ll have to wait a week though as I’m .1 off that move. Not sure how to fund it though.

        • @k.odonoghue83 actually I’ll probably move Daniels on to fun Sane – Coutinho. Thanks for your input.

        • @k.odonoghue83 Yeh I’m looking at Daniels to Christensen but cheaper options could be Zeegelaar of Watford as they have a great run. Best of luck :thumbup:

        • @Jamo97 @k.odonoghue83 Agree with you both that Daniels probably needs to be moved on after this week, as BOU’s kind run of fixtures comes to an end. Zeegelaar (or any WAT defender) is a decent downgrade to free funds, but also consider a punt on Kenny of EVE if Big Sam can work his magic.

      • @Ombob @IvanTheTerrible @NomdeGuerre Thanks guys. I will wait and see what the scans shows. I just need a third playing DEF this GW. Kane just keeps frustrating me. He is an expensive player to keep delivering blanks. I may give him another chance… It’s just that that money may be well spent on two players delivering more points than Kane alone… The DGW would be a good point if he was a scoring guarantee and you consider playing triple captain. Now Spurs don’t even have a match the GW before, so one may almost consider it two separate GWs IMO.

        • @KimmoTheGreat I agree with the others that you should keep Kane. If your concern is about your defence, then you don’t need to touch Kane.

          And anyway, you don’t ”need’ a third playing defender as you have two on your bench in Smalling and Otamendi. I can understand the reluctance to field them, given the derby game, but Ota has a few goals already this season, so it wouldn’t be a complete disaster if you play him instead of Moreno if he’s not fit.

          Unluckily, Mee is also injury flagged now I see, so as it stands Smalling may sub in to your starting XI too. Fingers crossed for a goalless derby then :lol: Otherwise, just replace Mee or Moreno with someone sure to play, or consider getting Christensen in for Smalling or Ota if you’d prefer. But personally, I would keep things as they are (put Ota ahead of Smalling on the bench) and hope Mee and Moreno both start. It’s not as if you have no bench players to replace them in auto-sub if they don’t.

        • @Chipster You are probably right. Allthough Moreno seems to be out for sure. I just have these two FTs burning in my pocket and a small frustration regarding Kane. I’ll roll over and keep calm.

          Thanks mate!

  3. Best replacement for Daniels in the upcoming weeks, aiming for that price range around 5m or lower… Maybe Kiko Femina from Watford?

    Also Trippier hold or sell?

    thank you

  4. @shb
    Calling a site team board meeting mate and it could involve Rambo being binned :eek:

    You know my thoughts on Coutinho
    Been rattling on about him for 3 weeks now, he was the original plan going forward until Hazard turned out attention to him.

    Coutinho is STILL my big target
    Saturday at Brighton ( still feeling sick about this ) he got 3 assists and a goal
    Last night in the CL a hatty and we’ve now also discovered he’s on pens …. just gets better and better

    Trouble is we lose your beloved Rambo :hurt:
    On top of Rambo we lose Richarlison

    Coutinho and RLC
    Rambo and Richarlison

    It’s a tough call….. very tough
    We need Calvert Lewin in too next week if Niasse is no show again
    He is to rotate with RLC
    Great run of fixtures rotating these 2 with RLC starting this weekend so no hurry for Calvert Lewin meaning Coutinho moves are only -4

    Front 7 then –

    Hazard -Salah-Sterling-Coutinho

    Morata- Kane

    Calvert Lewin abd RLC rotating as the 7th attacker on good fixtures for at least 9 weeks.

    This is actually the most difficult decision of the season so far :headscratch:

    It’s a potential rank takeoff but a calculated gamble also losing 2 good attacking mid options.

    The attraction is the differential
    Our TV is such that not many can do this change
    The Power 6 could absolutely nail big points
    Kane will come good, going nowhere
    Morata will score simply because he’s in a good attacking side with Hazard on fire
    Salah Coutinho pair up could be THE move given Pools form and scoring of late, they’ve literally taken over where Man City left off and are scoring for fun

    City cover still in place via City top scorer Sterling but if City continue grinding out results a simple sideways move to Pogba could be on in 3 weeks after his ban.

    Lots of thinking and considering to do today/tomorrow

    Thoughts and input welcome ;)

        • This would be the squad
          I’ve 0.1m tolerance on Calvert Lewin in for Niasse to rotate weekly with RLC

          I’m leaning to this move ATM 60-40 in favour

          Click to enlarge image

        • @NomdeGuerre I have got Cout, Salah, Kane, Haz and Morata. Changing minds constantly, but personally I feel the argument FOR Kane is the best. Hasnt played midweek, normally plays 90 minutes, is hungry for goals, at home against Stoke. Sounds good

        • @Alfred Nobel Agree but last week I swore never again…..hes killed me this season, August was bad, September I gambled to go without one week in WC and he got a brace, its been a constant P take……last weekend was the last straw, initially I even though to rage sell but normality took control and hes staying.
          For me to captain him this week would be akin to self harming, thats what it feels like, he will come good however, been telling all on here to hold.

        • @IvanTheTerrible

          Hey Ivanie,

          One player I missed from suggestions for your Newbies team is Danny Drinkwater. During Leicester’s title winning season, he got 3 goals and 8 assists.

        • @NomdeGuerre Kane for me stays because he plays, and I hope plays in GW17 – a good captain candidate then.

          The captaincy self-harm comment made me chuckle. I have given him serious consideration for this weekend. Knowing most people are rational enough not to captain him I’m thinking what damage he could do with even a couple of goals. May leave that punt to my H2H side though.

        • @Kralin2 I have Kane in three of my four teams (he’s not eligible for the newbies :lol: ). He is default captain in my Ghost team and that cannot be changed. So, whenever he finds his form, I will always benefit in that team (still, currently, my best performing team :cry-lol: )
          In terms of my main team and B team, I could easily captain him in one and not the other – spread the risk, so to speak, like you’ve suggested with your H2H team. That’s quite tempting…

          The Kane Predicament rolls on…

        • @Chipster The Kane Conundrum has become one of the defining issues of the season. His fixtures before the BGW are interesting as well, in that they’re not that promising. Will people then get rid, removing the temptation of the DGW to follow.

          The debate will be long and complex.

          I would love it if he banged in a hat-trick this weekend.

        • @ChorleyRocks are you persisting with Kun as your captain or playing a bit safer this weekend? Would have thought howeverhe’d start against MU.

    • @NomdeGuerre sorry mate, works been crazy

      I’m quite torn about this too (not so much about losing my beloved Rambo but more so because I’m doubtful about RLC and that Richarlison’s fixtures look great too)

      However, rotating with Calvert Lewin/Niasse works well so could offset that loss. Liverpool will always score goals and with Mo Salah (my fav player in the league btw) and Coutinho we really could take off

      What’s a game without a fun calculated risk eih? ;)

      Think I’m 70-30 on the move tbh

      Any more thoughts since this afternoon’s message?

    • @NomdeGuerre It would be a bold move – I was egging you on the other night about it – just need to be mindful of the fixture pile-up (GW17 rotation certain) and the fact Everton may well be out to stop Liverpool playing this weekend (fair means and foul).

      Whether or not the likes of Williams et al will be able to stop Liverpool is another matter. Could be a pen or two in the game.

      My feeling is that Rambo and Richarlison won’t be that far off Cout and RL-C, when the adding up gets done in a few weeks. RL-C being the key factor.

      But I like the move(s) because of the spirit it shows. The joie de vivre.

      • @Kralin2 I’ve always played this game on the front foot mate, calculated rather than diving in head first
        Coutinho is Hazard in red
        Only thing missing was the pens
        He’s on those now
        FKs too of which he’s v good

        Will stick my neck out here
        Coutinho will do more damage than Hazard
        Having both could be key

        All 3 on pens

        • @NomdeGuerre All this Couts talk has got me twitching to get him into my main team now. Already did Sane to Couts in the B team on Sunday night to catch the price changes.

          Very difficult to get Couts into my main team though. Is it worth dropping Morata for Couts?

        • @Zwischenzug Forgot about that possibility
          He was in a mega strop in the summer for not being allowed to go to Barca
          Unless an agreement was made between him and the club to stay till January I can’t seriously see this happening now until at best the summer
          Nobody outside of the club wil know this though and he’s still got the rest of December including the Xmas period to play for Pool

          Will look into this :thumbup:

        • @Zwischenzug I’d be very surprised if that happened, maybe some agreement was made to sell in the summer. I dunno. Was made captain the other night as well. Whatever’s going on in the world of Phil, he’s in splendid form.

        • @Kralin2 it’s all over the Internet, he’s said himself there’s no guarantees he’s staying at Pool
          Claims from Spanish media an agreement is in place for him to leave in January
          Take that how you will as nobody should be privy to that info
          Definitely kicking off again
          Given the form of Pool in general and qualification for the KO rounds of the CL as group winners I can see this dragging on into January.
          Whether it’s enough to impact his form is to be seen, he did put in a transfer request in the summer of that there’s no doubt but unless an agreement was made at that time I can’t seriously see Pool let him walk away in January given the CL opportunity they have.

          This ones gonna run and run until the transfer window closes

        • @NomdeGuerre I think he’s leaving this time. Suspended betting ends up only one way, 90% of the time. We had the same saga during Summer but betting was live and well :)

          I like Coutinho, a lot, but it’s too much of a risk for my first team.

        • @Zwiscy wotsit @Kralin2 Z I owe you my apologies for mixing up the Islanders, you’re not the malteser… I’d been polluted by Kralin and unable to get on the site the last few days apart from 1 brief window, 1 little comment :cry:
          & :elmer_fudd: K2, you have an email matey.

        • @SecretZorro No prob SZ :) I’ll punish you during the weekend. Have you prepared your team for our H2H?

          Suarez TC on DGW. And then Ronaldo to United.
          Fabianski / Speroni
          Daniels / Christensen / Otamendi / Simpson / Mee
          Salah / Hazard / Richarlison / Sterling / Gros
          Kane / Morata / Niasse

          Pick 4 to bench. Please?

        • @Kralin2 @SecretZorro @Zwischenzug @NomdeGuerre

          A quote from Coutinho’s post match interview on Wednesday: ‘What will happen in January, we will know it in January’.

  5. Please help my team  Hi – have 2.3 mil and one free transfer. Thinking of selling Kane for Austin and Mooy for Hazard (four point hit obvs)
    My team are doing pants right now and need to get my act together. Any advice welcome. Jon

    • @jp500 You can’t do your suggested moves as that would give you four CHE players (Alonso, Christensen, Morata + Hazard).

      If you’re dead set on Hazard, I would look to downgrade Alonso to Otamendi and upgrade Sane to Hazard.

      Keep Kane though, whatever you decide. The lad will come good again.

    • @jp500 Kane to Austin is not too brill an idea: check out Southampton’s fixtures, for starters.

      If you’re going to throw Kane over, GW18 is arguably the time to do it (with some sort of plan to bring him back for the DGW).

      Remember in a month of rotation, Kane is a relatively settled player who is more likely to play than not. Whether he will score or not is another matter, but let’s hope Spurs up their game this weekend.

  6. Everton vs Apollon: Joel, Baningime, Feeney, Besic, Charsley, Klaassen, Schneiderlin, Vlasic, Mirallas, Lookman, Hornby.
    Subs: Hewelt, Broadhead, Denny, Lavery, Duke-McKenna, Collins, Gordon.

    • @AO1992 unless you have unlimited funds, which I doubt, the only way you can do it is move Kane on for Vardy. However I’m in the keep Kane camp, and wouldn’t make that move myself.

      • @Kralin2 @AO1992 I agree with Kralin, don’t sacrifice Kane for Couts.

        Your attack is really good so I would look at strengthening your defence. Consider replacing Hegazi or Naughton for a WAT defender like Zeegelaar.

        Or roll the FT and you’ll have more options for the midweek GW.

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