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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 16

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game Week 15 review

My points total for the week was 54.

Game week 15 started with Chelsea v Newcastle in the Saturday lunch time game. A Hazard brace and 3 bonus points meant a great 15 point haul to pay back some of the pain suffered in game week 14 when he was benched only to come on for a 1 point cameo. Morata scored and chipped in with 2 bonus for a score of 8. However, new signing Christensen only got 2 points after Chelsea conceded to a Newcastle side that I honestly could not see scoring. Moreover, Christensen hit the post with a header in the first half teasing the idea of future points. What a great start to the game week.

After the early kick off, things did not go quite so well.

Firstly Moreno was not in the Liverpool squad; a disaster as I really felt Liverpool could get a clean sheet at Brighton because The Seagulls play it tight, don’t score many and don’t concede many. Yet on in this encounter Brighton conceded on five occasions. Salah, our only other Liverpool player, only got an assist for 5 point. Given his form this season a 5 point return feels disappointing.

Naughton came off my bench for Moreno, but after looking solid early Swansea on conceded 2 goals at Stoke and thus Kyle returned just the one FPL point.

Ward got us 2 points. Again Burnley looked like getting a clean sheet, only to concede late on. This is becoming a habit for Burnley.

To complete our defence roundup, De Gea played in the Saturday evening game at Arsenal. To say David’s been a “wise investment”, coming in to my team for Foster, is an understatement. Arsenal trailed 0-2 but absolutely peppered the Man U goal with 31 shots (compared to 8 from Man U). The result was a DDG goal-keeping super-show. Sadly, he eventually conceded, but the 14 saves added 4 save points to his tally, while his performance also eared 2 bonus points from the BPS, for a total of 8 points.

Ramsey had a part in the only Arsenal goal, beating the offside trap to supply the assist for the goal. He got us 6 points which included a bonus point. In the same game Pogba, who we sold to “downgrade” to Ramsey to gain funds for an upgrade in defence, was red carded. This was after he had made 2 assists (at which point I was thinking what have I done selling Pogba!) All is well, however, as Ramsay outscored Pogba 6-5 and Pogba is now serving a 3 game suspension – one less thing to worry about this week. I feel I may even be able to buy back for game week 19 with his price reduced by £0.2m or so.

Richarlison let us down, getting booked for dissent and gaining only 1 point. He has a good run of fixtures coming so hopes are high for good points in coming weeks.

Groundhog Day

Or is it Kanehog Day?

Yet again I captained Kane.

Yet again he blanked.

Sound familiar? Yes it’s becoming a regular discussion.

In game week 15 I decided to “play it safe”, captaining the highly owned Kane who played away to a leaky Watford defence (conceded 4 at home in midweek games). Hazard was my original captain who would have delivered an additional 13 points. Oh, how I rue that change! It would have made the game week.

Now I know this is all “ifs and buts”, BUT the additional points would have ranked us inside the top 100k globally – which was our Christmas target. That’s the last time I captain Kane until Spurs form improves.

We went from rank 177k to 168k. This is not good enough! I can’t recall gaining a green arrow but feeling so utterly depressed. The final push is now on to get into that top 100k by Boxing Day. This rank is needed to have a strong platform for the second half of season (when I’m always at my best) to deliver a rank to be proud of come the close of the season.

Plans for game week 16

At this time no moves are planned. The team is well set-up and my only concern is to have a starter in the first position on the bench.

Looking at my bench, Niasse is my biggest concern as he was not used by new manager, Sam Alardyce, which is a concern moving forward. Calvert Lewin did start to deliver a goal and an assist. I have £0.3m in the bank, which ius the exact amount required to change Niasse to Calvert Lewin. Indeed, I nearly made this move on Sunday night to catch the rise on Calvert Lewin, but I held off because I was concerned about the midweek European games.

Moreover, Niasse seems to be “price locked”, because his “percent towards a price change” on the player price monitoring sites is zero. Therefore, I feel safer holding onto Niasse for this weekend to see if Sam uses him or DCL. That’s the plan anyway. I remain concerned that if Niasse’s price does fall then I cannot buy Calvert Lewin, so I will monitor the price change progress. But the current plan is “do nothing” and roll the free transfer.

Best of luck for game week 16 , and as usual, if there are any changes of plan I will post a comment below.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

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  1. Arsenal vs BATE: Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Holding, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Coquelin, Wilshere, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud.
    Subs: Macey, Sheaf, Nelson, Reine-Adelaide, Willock, Nketiah, Akpom.

  2. Please help my team  2 free transfers, £1.4 MitB. thinking to take a hit and drop Jesus, Pogba and Richarlison for Hazard, Coutinho and Niasse/C-Lewin/Austin or any other cheap striker. thoughts? All comments and advice is welcomed!!!

      • @riazzledazzle I like Kralin’s suggested moves more than yours, if I’m honest.

        Although I would be tempted to do Pogs > Coutinho this week and then downgrade Davies to Kenny next week. I would try to run with Jesus until the second WC becomes available and then look to get Kane in.

  3. Hi y’all, what’s your take on my team. I have 0.3m itb.
    I don’t fit Silva will be fit enough to play…
    Should I bench Otamendi for Dunk?
    Am I good enough for this week?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @IvanTheTerrible looking at the team I’d definitely say he’s got his captain choices right rather than doing well for not including City players …with them being near top of the list for def/mid/forward it’s obvious having them so far woulda got you good points! Captain choices are what makes your team imo!!

        • @IvanTheTerrible yes mate I’m really struggling again with my captain pick this week …keep swapping between Kane(he can’t blank again surely) and Hazard(whm looked resilient against City and coulda gained bit of confidence from that!?) :question:

  4. With three injuries, i am very confused who to transfer out and who to bring in. Please help me with transfer suggestions. 1.2 ITB and 1FT. willing to take a hit(-4).

    Click to enlarge image

  5. Do you think that Double Gameweeks are all they’re cracked up to be ?
    Because, in the end …
    – All teams play the same number of games
    – Players are more prone to rotation
    – Players are more prone to tiredness
    – Players are more prone to injury
    – Captain cannot be changed if he’s had a bad first game
    Please persuade me that they’re a GOOD THING ……

    • @frank_2000 let’s say Kane scores two goals in both games, and picks up 3 bonus points in one game week, and you captain him, then you’ll get 52 points from that one game week. As long as you can play an alternative player in the blank game week, then it is worth it.

      • @ChorleyRocks .. Thank you. I understand the PERFECT scenario, but I’m saying that the “probability” of this is less than in 2 separate game weeks because of the issues that I have mentioned. The opposite could happen, where Kane gets crocked after 45 minutes of the first game.
        The possibilities v. probabilities are doing my head in, that’s all.
        Thanks for your tolerance !!

    • @frank_2000 You forget that nearly all of those factors you’ve listed apply to the big teams throughout the season while they are still playing European games midweek and Prem at the weekend. So rotations, injuries etc are not just reserved for Prem DGWs.

      DGWs are a great chance to use your chips. Bench boost in DGW gets you 30 players effectively (assuming they all play twice). Triple captain in DGW lets you get the triple effect twice.

      DGWs are also an opportunity to gain ground in mini-leagues, especially if some of the managers don’t go all out for a DGW strategy.

      DGWs are a good thing, and even if they don’t go perfectly you should still score a lot more points than a normal GW. Don’t stress about them. It’s supposed to be fun, remember! :)

  6. Moreno still has a chance of playing according to Klopp. The other day Jose said that Pep is bluffing about D Silva injury.Dyche will make a late call on Ben Mee’s fitness. Hopefully will find out more about these three by the end of the day.

    • @Jamo97 depends on if Christensen keeps his place and the 5m defender you’d pick…if Lindelof keeps his place and carries on performing well then definitely A …otherwise I think sub 5m defenders are very touch and go, especially with Burnley and Bournemouth’s fixtures getting tough! Think Kiko/Zeegelaar are decent for there attacking and fixtures but Watford do leak goals. Other options are Dunk/Duffy as Brighton quite strong at back or Moreno/Gomez for their home games. Having said all that the defenders I mentioned either have attacking or bonus point potential and Courtois is nailed so probably would go A!

      • @Prabhat @RedKev Thanks guys! Think unless Conte still seems vague about Luiz then I might slide to A. Trouble is finding a cheaper defender. Lindelof if nailed, or a Watford defender posisbly. I could rotate 4 defenders :question:

    • @Rizki Ananda Srg Your team similar with my team and with same issues :D Daniels, Elliot and Niasse. Obvious Daniels must change due difficult fixtures, cheap playing def like Kenny, Chilwell, Mariappa. Elliot lost his place, for GK I still think seek replacement for Elliot,rotation with Fab or replace Fab with prem GK : Courtois or DDG. Niasse for DCL, Austin, Diouf, Crouch. I wait next GW to move. ATM Moreno and Mee shall be your concern due injury IMO.

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