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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 28

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 27

How did the team perform? In a word “poorly”!!!! A score of 74 resulted in another red arrow!

At the back

The defence actually started the week brilliantly with Naughton getting 11 points by way of a clean sheet and assist giving him 2 bonus.

However, Otamendi in the late Saturday game was responsible for losing the ball which resulted in Vardy walking past City defenders like they weren’t there and scoring a goal, which, yet again, meant no clean sheet for Otamendi. This is becoming far too regular now and I’ve seen chat on the boards about selling him, I can tell you now that I’m in the same frame of mind.

Alonso again was missing which was infuriating as he apparently got injured in training on Saturday. He of course missed out on a clean sheet (‘CS’) which is about par for the course with Chelsea defenders these days. He’s also on the out-list due to 2 bad upcoming fixtures, a home game v Chelsea bogey team Palace and then a blank in GW31. His replacement was Dunk who conceded to a Shaqiri goal on Saturday resulting in just 2 points.

DDG was fully expected to get a CS at Toon, I couldn’t for the life of me see him conceding, but concede he did thanks to Smalling doing a passable impression of Superman taking off but then realising he’s just plain old Chris Smalling.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope just Chris Smalling :dope-slap:

His diving which got him a yellow card and Cost Man U a free kick which…….. you guessed it …. lost Man U their CS

In attack

Salah again set the standard others couldn’t match, what a back heel assist from Firmino.

A goal and assist as our captain resulted in a damage limitation 26 points, I say damage limitation as Aguero scored 21 points after scoring 4 times v hapless Leicester. Many in the top 50k were not only on but on as captain, which resulted in an almighty slump on Saturday from a rank of 15k before the City game to 34k after! I wasn’t happy Saturday evening I can tell you!!!

In that same game Sterling scored very early which, if it had just stayed like that it would have seen us finish Saturday in a very healthy place.

KDB got the assist to that goal and also another 2 for a hat trick of assists which added to the Aguero score meant even more pain.

Walcott blanked, the story doesn’t end there though, he was booked and if you recall this was the player we bought this week in preparation for the blank GW31! I’m OK with him blanking as I’m confident points will come but the player we removed to get him and gain funds for much needed team strengthening into GW31 was Hazard. He got 16 points just to rub it in on Monday night with Alonso missing out on the CS. It was a gamble which backfired badly. But it’s done now, no good crying over the past.

Lingard? Useless again at Toon, had one shot easily saved by the impressive new Toon keeper Dubravnik. Linguard is on the chopping block: I wanted rid for GW27 but didn’t want to take a hit.

Harry Kane scored v Arsenal but only brought in 6 points which was disappointing, Firmino scored and assisted to bring in 12 points.

So where does this leave us?

We have fallen to 24k from 17k. With 3 red arrows in 4 weeks this needs addressing and fast!!

There are now only 11 weeks remaining of this season and 3 have just been wasted, so action will be taken.

Game week 28

Someone asked for advice the other day on the FFF boards regarding transfers. My advice? Log off!!! Plain and simple just log off and don’t do anything!!

There have been midweek CL games taking place and there are more to follow next midweek. Add to that this weekend’s FA cup games and it doesn’t take a genius to know there is a high risk of players being injured in this period. So log off and do nothing is my advice.

Next Wednesday/Thursday is when you should log back on and evaluate potential moves and injuries. This is what I intend, so unfortunately I can’t say what is going to happen as regards transfers but I guarantee nothing will change prior to next Wednesday night or into Thursday.

These are my transfer thoughts. It’s a big list of who I want to change to-be-honest. Had it not been for the double game week (‘DGW’) looming I would possibly have activated WC this week as the team is not in a healthy state. My outlist is

  • Alonso
  • Otamendi
  • Kenny
  • Allen
  • Elliot
  • Dunk
  • Possibly Wilson

Incoming? I don’t know, as yet. I’m trying to build into GW31, which as you know is a blank week with (at the time of writing) only 2 games taking place, namely Liverpool v Watford and Stoke v Everton.

Wilson is one to hold, unless being replaced by a player from one of the other clubs playing. Niasse seems to have held down the Everton CF slot who we ironically sold to Wilson 2-3 weeks back. I would only do this move in the event the additional funds ( approx £1m) were needed to subsidise another transfer.

Virgil Van Dyke ( VVD ) is one I would like in def to replace one of Otamendi or Alonso.

I discussed the other day with a mate I’ve got a gut feeling Mane is about to explode. I can’t explain it as his FPL stats are telling you avoid. Yet he plays GW31 and he has 2 great upcoming fixtures. He also alerted everyone to what he can do scoring 3 in the CL, I was gutted when I saw this as he’s bound to be bought in now. He’s actually the most likely to come in as I once again go triple Liverpool attack. Funds wise we have £0.1m spare (it was £0.2m when I last looked but Lingard has fallen again in price).

I will monitor Mane price in FPL. Lingard is no issue now as he can fall again without actual loss to transfer funds

Which brings me on to team value (‘TV’). My TV is getting hit week-after-week now. Approaching Xmas it was £6.7m. I think it’s now about £6.2m.

This is very low TV for me at this time of season – just as well it was built heavily in the early weeks. I have lads I know planning the WC already stating they wished they had listened to me on building TV. They are complaining they can’t buy this player with that player and have to sacrifice. I’m expecting issues myself when it comes to WC time with the TV taking an almighty drop.

I can’t give a team for GW28 as yet as moves will be made next Wednesday night at the earliest. Probably Mane and another defender for a -4. I will update on here as and when moves are made which at earliest will be next Wednesday night after the CL games finish.

Good luck and if anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask below, I will get back to you when I can.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

608 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 28

  1. Please help my team  2FT, Bank 1.0

    Following @IvanTheTerrible suggest, I would change as follows:
    Otamendi >>> Van Dijk
    Aguero >>> Kane

    I don’t know if I have to spend 4 points for:
    Loftus-Cheek >>> Ward-Prow
    and play with the 3-5-2

    What do you think? @OldGoat Thanks in advance

    • @Clacasco Moves looks fine but hits are not required… do that in next week… One suggestion you have too many Palace player… and the players you have is not much worthy at all…. Prioritize and remove them one by one … remove tomkins…. get dummet.

  2. I am stuck with my 3 premium defenders…..

    Alonso, Ota, Jones…..

    I did bought them at the very start of the season…. so too much TV stored in them…. If I sell them now… I may not be able to buy them back… now each week i am left with 1 or zero defenders, It is alwas depeds on my reserve :headbang:

  3. Hi.
    I am considering Mane, Hegazi and Vardy to Sanchez, Depoitre and Otamendi.
    My current team is
    Salah/Sanchez/KDB/Shaqiri/Loftus CheeK
    I have no money in the bank and 2 FT.
    What do you thinl?

  4. Chelsea vs Barcelona
    Courtois, Rudiger, Alonso, Moses, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Fabregas, Kante, Pedro, Willian, Eden Hazard.
    Subs: Caballero, Zappacosta, Cahill, Drinkwater, Hudson-Odoi, Morata, Giroud.

  5. Please help my team  0.7 itb
    a) Son > Mahrez
    b) Sterling > Mahrez
    c) Son > Sigurdsson
    Have 8 players for gw31 so can afford to get in Mahrez for lei fixtures. Just not sure if Son will outscore sterling or not in next 2 fixtures

    • @makaveli70 where’s the all out attack chip when you need it? You’ve probably got the side right but tough having Wilson on the bench. Arguably though Walcott could be benched as Everton’s away form hasn’t been brill of late.

    • @makaveli70

      I would play Wilson over Mkhitaryan or Sterling. Arsenal and Man City play in the League Cup Final this Sunday (25th), so one or both might be rested for their League encounter the following Thursday (1st March)

    • @Hermes01 I’ve already replied – see above. Please try to reply to that, rather than posting your side again.

      We need a bit of context.

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