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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 28

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 27

How did the team perform? In a word “poorly”!!!! A score of 74 resulted in another red arrow!

At the back

The defence actually started the week brilliantly with Naughton getting 11 points by way of a clean sheet and assist giving him 2 bonus.

However, Otamendi in the late Saturday game was responsible for losing the ball which resulted in Vardy walking past City defenders like they weren’t there and scoring a goal, which, yet again, meant no clean sheet for Otamendi. This is becoming far too regular now and I’ve seen chat on the boards about selling him, I can tell you now that I’m in the same frame of mind.

Alonso again was missing which was infuriating as he apparently got injured in training on Saturday. He of course missed out on a clean sheet (‘CS’) which is about par for the course with Chelsea defenders these days. He’s also on the out-list due to 2 bad upcoming fixtures, a home game v Chelsea bogey team Palace and then a blank in GW31. His replacement was Dunk who conceded to a Shaqiri goal on Saturday resulting in just 2 points.

DDG was fully expected to get a CS at Toon, I couldn’t for the life of me see him conceding, but concede he did thanks to Smalling doing a passable impression of Superman taking off but then realising he’s just plain old Chris Smalling.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope just Chris Smalling :dope-slap:

His diving which got him a yellow card and Cost Man U a free kick which…….. you guessed it …. lost Man U their CS

In attack

Salah again set the standard others couldn’t match, what a back heel assist from Firmino.

A goal and assist as our captain resulted in a damage limitation 26 points, I say damage limitation as Aguero scored 21 points after scoring 4 times v hapless Leicester. Many in the top 50k were not only on but on as captain, which resulted in an almighty slump on Saturday from a rank of 15k before the City game to 34k after! I wasn’t happy Saturday evening I can tell you!!!

In that same game Sterling scored very early which, if it had just stayed like that it would have seen us finish Saturday in a very healthy place.

KDB got the assist to that goal and also another 2 for a hat trick of assists which added to the Aguero score meant even more pain.

Walcott blanked, the story doesn’t end there though, he was booked and if you recall this was the player we bought this week in preparation for the blank GW31! I’m OK with him blanking as I’m confident points will come but the player we removed to get him and gain funds for much needed team strengthening into GW31 was Hazard. He got 16 points just to rub it in on Monday night with Alonso missing out on the CS. It was a gamble which backfired badly. But it’s done now, no good crying over the past.

Lingard? Useless again at Toon, had one shot easily saved by the impressive new Toon keeper Dubravnik. Linguard is on the chopping block: I wanted rid for GW27 but didn’t want to take a hit.

Harry Kane scored v Arsenal but only brought in 6 points which was disappointing, Firmino scored and assisted to bring in 12 points.

So where does this leave us?

We have fallen to 24k from 17k. With 3 red arrows in 4 weeks this needs addressing and fast!!

There are now only 11 weeks remaining of this season and 3 have just been wasted, so action will be taken.

Game week 28

Someone asked for advice the other day on the FFF boards regarding transfers. My advice? Log off!!! Plain and simple just log off and don’t do anything!!

There have been midweek CL games taking place and there are more to follow next midweek. Add to that this weekend’s FA cup games and it doesn’t take a genius to know there is a high risk of players being injured in this period. So log off and do nothing is my advice.

Next Wednesday/Thursday is when you should log back on and evaluate potential moves and injuries. This is what I intend, so unfortunately I can’t say what is going to happen as regards transfers but I guarantee nothing will change prior to next Wednesday night or into Thursday.

These are my transfer thoughts. It’s a big list of who I want to change to-be-honest. Had it not been for the double game week (‘DGW’) looming I would possibly have activated WC this week as the team is not in a healthy state. My outlist is

  • Alonso
  • Otamendi
  • Kenny
  • Allen
  • Elliot
  • Dunk
  • Possibly Wilson

Incoming? I don’t know, as yet. I’m trying to build into GW31, which as you know is a blank week with (at the time of writing) only 2 games taking place, namely Liverpool v Watford and Stoke v Everton.

Wilson is one to hold, unless being replaced by a player from one of the other clubs playing. Niasse seems to have held down the Everton CF slot who we ironically sold to Wilson 2-3 weeks back. I would only do this move in the event the additional funds ( approx £1m) were needed to subsidise another transfer.

Virgil Van Dyke ( VVD ) is one I would like in def to replace one of Otamendi or Alonso.

I discussed the other day with a mate I’ve got a gut feeling Mane is about to explode. I can’t explain it as his FPL stats are telling you avoid. Yet he plays GW31 and he has 2 great upcoming fixtures. He also alerted everyone to what he can do scoring 3 in the CL, I was gutted when I saw this as he’s bound to be bought in now. He’s actually the most likely to come in as I once again go triple Liverpool attack. Funds wise we have £0.1m spare (it was £0.2m when I last looked but Lingard has fallen again in price).

I will monitor Mane price in FPL. Lingard is no issue now as he can fall again without actual loss to transfer funds

Which brings me on to team value (‘TV’). My TV is getting hit week-after-week now. Approaching Xmas it was £6.7m. I think it’s now about £6.2m.

This is very low TV for me at this time of season – just as well it was built heavily in the early weeks. I have lads I know planning the WC already stating they wished they had listened to me on building TV. They are complaining they can’t buy this player with that player and have to sacrifice. I’m expecting issues myself when it comes to WC time with the TV taking an almighty drop.

I can’t give a team for GW28 as yet as moves will be made next Wednesday night at the earliest. Probably Mane and another defender for a -4. I will update on here as and when moves are made which at earliest will be next Wednesday night after the CL games finish.

Good luck and if anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask below, I will get back to you when I can.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

608 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 28

    • @subrata

      Kenny had been playing in that position since GW9.
      So, if Coleman is out, I imagine he will be restored to the team.

      However, if you are thinking ahead to GW31, then Coleman could be back by then.
      As things stand Martina looks more nailed on, although don’t expect many points from him!

  1. Hey guys!
    I have 1 FT and 1,5 itb. All chips intact and I’m cruising towards a dead end in 31 after which I’ll use my WC.

    I’m planning on getting three Liverpool players in my team and therefore considering swapping Aguero for Firmino this week to take advantage of their nice fixtures. I think there’s a slight risk that Jesus will come back in the 11 for the PL game Thursday. I’ll need the extra funds later for the upgrade of Carrol==>Mane if Clyne comes back and takes Gomez’ place.

    However, soon I’ll also need to address my goalkeepers with Heaton returning.

    What do you think would be the best moves going forward? :) I appreciate all advice

    Click to enlarge image

    • @DKlad

      Aguero to Firmino is a good move.
      Tis a pity that you have Gomez, as this prevents you from getting any further Liverpool players for GW31.

      Your defence isn’t in a great shape for this week though. I was thinking you could do Gomez to Martina to free up an extra Liverpool place as Gomez isn’t nailed on.
      This would allow you to swap Sterling to Mane (assuming it wouldn’t cost you too much to get Sterling back in).
      OR Gomez to Martina and Elliot to Karius, which would solve the problem of Pope/Heaton.
      Not sure it is worth taking a hit to swap Gomez to Martina this week though :question:

      • @OldGoat Thanks for the comments.
        Overall I’m thinking of keeping Sterling, Salah and Kane on the bench as I’d lose 0,5 in value on Sterling. And yes for this week, I’m counting on Alonso, Smalling and hopefully Gomez will play – not ideal. Also I think Kabasele will come back soon. I actually had not considered considered Martina, a nice option to replace Gomez. I probably won’t be taking a hit before right up to GW 31.
        I guess it comes down to if I want Mane or a Liv-defender (VVD/Karius). Any thoughts on that?

        Regarding my goalkeeper, I think Pope will still play in GW28 but Heaton will probably be in close contention for GW 29. So I will probably have to address this issue next GW..

        • @DKlad

          Mane has better points potential. However, with 3 Liverpool attackers somebody could lose out on the points (Goal/Assist)

          From your current team, you will have –
          No Goalkeeper
          Bauer and possibly Kabasele and Gomez
          Shaqiri, Salah Walcott

          The teams with the best fixtures between GW28 and GW31 are Everton and West Brom.Think I would rule West Brom out, unless their opponents field a team of Under 14 year olds.

          Aguero to Firmino will give you 5 attacking players.
          Carroll to Tom Davies would get you another Everton player – although wait until GW30, as he hasn’t been playing regularly.
          Karius for your 3rd Liverpool player as you want to keep Sterling, and therefore can’t get Mane unless you ditch someone who is playing in GW31 – which makes no sense!

        • @OldGoat Yes, I’m also leaning towards Firmino and either Karius/VVD instead of Mane as it seems I would only be able to get Mane in for GW 31 – and it’s the GWs before (GW 30 excluded) that really temp me.

          I might go with Ibe instead of Davies.

    • @Zlatan that’s virtually impossible without knowing what you plan to do in week 31. Are you free hitting then, or just going in with 6/7/8 players, then wildcarding afterwards? We have no idea of your budget, nor of how many FT you have.

      It may pay to do a little legwork. If you read many of the comments above, and look at the site team article, etc, you’ll get a flavour of how things are shaping up. This article, which I’ve posted a few times, is worth a look:

      Maybe do a bit of research, a bit of sifting through the evidence, and let us know if you think your side is ok, or whether you should swap x for y, etc. Let us know what your plans are. Give us something to work with.

      • @Kralin2 Leaning towards GW35 to use free hit chip. So I’d like to have atleast 8-9 players for GW31. Above my team I have stated how much I have in the bank and how many FT I have.

        What’s the take on City players at the moment? Should I be replacing them or hold for now?

        • @Zlatan the standard line is something like:

          3 Liverpool players (Salah, Firmino/Mane or both, VVD or Robertson); couple of Everton players; couple of Bournemouth maybe; Shaq has his fans, as does Hegazi, as does Milivojević.

          Re City, combination of fixtures, rotation etc is leading people to fly-tip them everywhere, I’m keeping Sterling though but will be ditching Otamendi probably.

          I’m hoping to go into 31 with 2FT and may take a punt on someone like Ibe. I’ll be wildcarding straight after.

        • @Kralin2 Salah,Firminho, Mane… altogether is not a good Idea to me….

          If it becomes 1-0, or 2-0 then actually very less points with those 3 expensive players…. So it is relying on like pool will score 4 or more…

          Instead I would suggest of getting 2 attacker and one def……Robertson, Van Dijik… or May be Karius… he is a good differential i belive.

        • @subrata All good points. My personal trio will be VVD, Salah and Firmino – the latter two are already in the squad. VVD soon to join as he has reasonable point potential leading into GW31. And it looks like Jones is injured, so it’s an easy swap. However bear in mind the paucity of other options for week 31 – there’s not a lot on the table. Hence Mane is as good a punt as say Milivojević, or Ibe et al, if you see where I’m going.

          Leading up to 31 though there are other options instead of Mane – Mahrez, Eriksen et al.

          Another thing, much mentioned, is that unless he gets injured then most managers will captain Salah in week 31. Therefore gains from other players aren’t going to make a huge difference, probably, even if you manage to get 11 players out that week.

          My waffly post was an attempt at a crisp summary of the current zeitgeist. There’s been a bit of Mane Momentum on these pages.

        • @Kralin2 Yup, fully agreed…. But Mane is for those who doen’t have Firminho ( assuming Salah is a must have)…. like you I also have Salah and Firminho….But if didn’t had Firminho. .. surely would have gone with Mane….

          I was also looking for a good mid in for GW 31…. but unfortunately options are very less….

          So I am not bothering too much abt that week…..I will go with 5-6 playes in GW31……3 pool … niasse (chipest option to hold on)….

          may be one more…..

          but can’t see too much def between 6 players and 8 players….

          Don’t want to make the team a mess for later…..will use freehit and BB later on……. I was thinking of a cheap 5th def… If Kenny is playing then Kenny……or I am leaving it to Dumment (only 4.2 and starts every match).

        • @subrata sounds good to me. I similarly hope Kenny remains in the Everton starting XI, as he’s on my bench.

          As mentioned, I’m hoping to go into week 31 with 2FT, so may have a larky punt on a couple of players as I’ll be wildcarding straight after.

  2. Please help my team  Hi,
    Please help. This is the team I am planning to field on Gameweek 28 after using up my 2 FTs and dropping 4 points for an additional transfer. All chips used, with only triple captain left in the kitty. Transfers that are planned to be made to arrive at this lineup
    Hegazi for Otamendi
    Robertson for Phil Jones
    Docoure for Milejovic

    Any other ideas?

    • @nvdmurty

      Not sure it is worth taking a hit to make those changes.
      Instead of selling Milivojevic, you could bench him and play Ayew this week.. Palace also have a game in week 31, so how about selling Albrighton in GW30 and bringing Doucoure in then. Or get Ibe instead in GW30.

      Also, get Martina instead of Hegazi

      • @OldGoat Thank you! So Robertson for Phil Jones and Martina for Otamendi for this week? Or should I get rid of Alonso for Robertson, and bring Firmino in for Jordan Ayew. This is my first time playing the fantasy league and have used my chips quite unwisely, which has now put me under a spot of bother!

  3. Hi all! Despite Mahrez throwing his toys outta the pram for few weeks I read he played well the last game and has nice fixtures…. is it worth a -4 to swap him for Pogba this week rather than next seeing as Pogs fixtures not great, not been performing and the news him and Mourinho aren’t best buddies lately?!
    Also Jones looking like a no-show …should I play Gomez or Mee …or both and stick Ota on bench too?
    Any other thoughts on transfers/lineup/captain? 0ft 3.3itb

    Click to enlarge image

  4. Firmino racist allegations investigation outcome.

  5. Hi everyone.
    Need helps on my formation this weekend, and transfer-planning leading to bgw 31, which i plan to have 8-10 players.

    Have 1 ft, and 2.3m itb.
    Stones/gomez to maguire/hegazi???

    Thank you….

    Click to enlarge image

    • @ZeroFortune Maguire is someone I am / was thinking about, due to Leicester’s good fixtures. Hegazi has GW31 but the WBA defence doesn’t seem to be in a good place at the moment. He’s more a punt I suppose in terms of goal threat?

    • @ZeroFortune i am torn between.those two. Haha.
      But im 51% will go to.maguire, unless something or someone change the transfer plan.

  6. I could really need some help. I am not very happy with my team. I did an early transfer, so no transfers left. I still have free hit and my wildcard. Should i take a hit to get Jones out? What should i do to plan for week 31?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @mesh why not happy with your team? Looks strong to me!

      I am ok with hits but I caution them with defenders. I don’t think it’s wise unless it’s a non player for a player because then that -4 may effectively turn into a “-2” instead
      In this case though, I think you can roll

    • @mesh we don’t know yet if Jones will play. I’m waiting until the press conferences before deciding whether to move him out.

      In terms of planning for GW31 there have been umpteen comments made on site about that. Just scroll up and go back a few pages; hopefully most of your questions will be answered.

  7. Hey everyone, planning to follow some of you with the GW31 building with 7-8 playing.

    I still have all my chips.

    Not sure what to do this week, looking at bringing in a def for gw31 atleast.

    Few ways i was thinking:
    Alonso and Ota > Verto & VVD/robertson
    Alonso/Ota & Sterling > (VVD/Robertson & Mane
    Alonso/Ota & aguero > VVD/robertson & Firmino

    2FT 0.8ITB

    Any thoughts?

    Click to enlarge image

    • @mark-bond

      Aguero to Firmino, and Pope to Pickford.
      You could do Otamendi to VVD and bench Ogbanna, although that would mean a 4pt hit. Maybe better to do that next week

      What are your plans after GW31? Do you still have your wildcard, or Free Hit Chip?
      From your current team, I would keep Sterling and/or Kane in GW31

      • @OldGoat I currently have FH, BB, TC & WC.

        I was planing to use WC in GW 32-33,Bench Boost in GW 34, Free hit in BGW 35 and TC GW37.

        • @mark-bond

          You have done well to keep all of your chips intact.
          If you are wildcarding in GW32, then I would look to get as many players in for GW31 that you realistically can.
          Two pointers for you though –

          1. If you plan to bring back any player that you sell for GW31, make sure that both the sell and buy back price won’t hit you hard. (I bought Salah for 9.0, would get 9.7 if I sold him, but would have to pay 10.4 to get him back again).
          2. You need to juggle your players a bit, as those teams with a fixture in GW31. For example, Palace have 3 nasty fixtures before GW31, so while Milivojevic would be worth having for GW31 v Huddersfield, you wouldn’t want to bring him in any earlier

        • @OldGoat for me it’s more quality than quantity for week 31. One of the biggest dilemmas I see for that week is VVD or Mane (for Firmino and Salah owners).

        • @Kralin2 That is stil my big decision, if I go Mane there is no viable defender option IMO for the BGW31
          50-50 atm on VVD or Mane as 3rd Pool option, I can get Eriksen or Mahrez for Lingard if I get VVD

        • @NomdeGuerre that hits the nail on the head – the difference in price between VVD and Mane, and what you can do if you go with VVD. I own Alli, so am not in the same boat, but I’d be very tempted to go for Eriksen / Mahrez in your position, given their fixtures.

        • @Kralin2

          VVD. With 3 attackers, somebody is bound to lose out.
          As Van Dan is convinced that Mane won’t do anything, then he should be the one grabbing all the goals :lolflag:

        • @OldGoat I see that argument, but given the paucity of other options in week 31, and the ability to wildcard straight after, then having Mane/Firmino/Salah in 31 looks fine to me. The other leading (as far as I see) candidates – Wilson, Shaqiri, Walcott – are ok, but not quite as potent. Not a bad idea to get them in for that week, though.

          However I will be VVDing myself and trying to nick a few points with non-31 players like Alli in the run up to 31.

          I had a crazy though earlier of actually moving Walcott out for a fortnight for Mkhitaryan, but probably won’t be that blasé.

        • @Kralin2

          If you are going purely on quality, then it’s 3 Liverpool + Milivojevic (as Palace seem to get a lot of penalties), 1-2 Everton attackers, (as Stoke have only kept 4 clean sheets, and have conceded 53) goals and maybe one Bournemouth attacker MAX.
          The number of players that you bring in depends on whether you have a wildcard still available though.

        • @OldGoat mainly agree with you there. I will be scanning the metrics and looking at goals scored, goals conceded, who’s scoring, who’s letting them in…

          I’m thinking two Bournemouth myself, but that’s because I already have Daniels. Wilson’s not a bad option.

          I agree about Milivojevic, he’s definitely coming in, probably when I do the transfers for 31 though as his fixtures are grim before then (I have Stephens of BHA warming the bench adequately in that position).

          With Everton I already have Walcott and Niasse and may get lucky with Kenny.

          I put something up the other day about having ‘a larky punt’ on GW31, and I’m not sure yet who that will be. It could be Baines or Coleman for Kenny.

  8. Please help my team  Oh FPL Gods, hear my prayer and pay attention to my plea.

    Well, my life season is getting a little bit harder than my FPL’s so it needs a bit more curating, however, I can’t just leave my team unattended.

    3.7m itb and 2 FT! Go wild boys.

    I’m also going for the Dead-end strategy because Kralin cited it like 5 times and for Kralin to be so convinced, it must be true. To be frank, I was pretty convinced. Priorities: Get a keeper.
    I’m considering fielding at least 10 players including Firmino, Wilson and Daniels.

    Thank you.

    • @Zwischenzug Why not move Aguero on for Vardy and Lingard for Eriksen?

      Week 31 is distant.

      You have returned, to the happy howl of Argos.

      • @Kralin2 Distant? Not that much. I’ve always been a “5 minutes from now person”. Don’t you think it’s more important to have a keeper with the slight potential of getting a clean sheet that plays in GW31? I was thinking Adrian to Foster.

        Vardy doesn’t solve my GW31 problems and neither Eriksen. It also seems that Son has better ppmpg than Eriksen from a quick look. Are you losing your Midas touch Kralin?

        • @Zwischenzug very possibly. But I was assuming you’d read some of my (and others’) ramblings about 31, so were up to date. Eg captain Salah, other than Liverpool not that alluring a week, don’t lose sight of Spurs’ and Leicester’s nice fixtures despite their absence from week 31, etc etc.

          So I don’t think you have many GW31 problems. Maybe a Bournemouth player or two before the event, certainly Firmino (who you could bring in for Aguero instead of Vardy).

        • @Zwischenzug I’m here for you, Z.

          In terms of the distance between now and 31, bear in mind Walcott could get injured -though of course any of the players being touted for that week could get injured. Wilson looks a good punt but Defoe could be back. And so on.

          And how desirable are Everton players, really, other than they play in week 31? Is Walcott any better than Eriksen, Mahrez and so on for the next couple of weeks? Mkhitaryan is another good option who could be left behind. An open mind, and two FTs going into 31, should see us through.

        • @subrata I think Mahrez is a terrific option for the next three weeks and I would definitely pick him ahead of Siggy. Siggy can wait in the wings.

      • @Kralin2 I need a keeper. How about Adrian to Foster, Ogbonna to Martina and Lingard to Son?

        If I’ll swap Aguero it will be for Firmino but I think he still has a few good points in him.

        • Change of plans. Everton doesn’t fit the bill.

          Adrian to Foster, Lingard to Son.

          GW31 team:
          Daniels / Gomez / …
          Salah / Walcott / Shaqiri
          Firmino / Wilson

          I’ll get Daniels, Firmino and Wilson during the following 3 GWs.

        • @Zwischenzug sound moves, Z.

          Good to see you embrace a non-31 player with good points’ potential. I fancy Eriksen and Alli a bit more than Son, but he’s not a bad pick at all.

    • @Zwischenzug You are a heathen Z!!!!!!!! :D …… gone with you….the FPL Gods only answer the prayers of the worthy…..hence I’ve been hammered also of late :cry-lol:

      What is this sorcery…..Dead end strategy :question:

      You lot on here never fail to amaze me :lol: ……gotta love some of the terminology that comes on here :P

      • @NomdeGuerre I shall defy the Gods then, NomdeGuerre.

        What’s your ranking again, your holiness? :lol:

        Well, I got it from an article Kralin posted. Fancy terminology, arguably, always makes a strategy better.

        • @Kralin2 What is in that article is basically everything we’ve discussed on here for some 2-3 weeks though ….. nothing new bar a fancy title for “dead ending” our teams in BGW31

          There’s a lot of repetitive stuff on Twitter etc about handling the blanks and DGWs
          It’s amazing how they try to make it look like they’ve figured something out when everyone is doing likewise

          I’ve not seen a single alternative option other than holding the FH to GW37 which is an option if you can navigate BGW35 without it, other than that it’s all the same ideas online rebranded to suite whatever site/article is pumping the “idea/plan” out.

          Dead ending your team :D
          I like that one mind …… same concept as everywhere else rebranded.

        • @NomdeGuerre Yes, hope we get the rearranged games posted soon and then we can spend five weeks discussing who to captain in DGW34????

        • @DiscoDave I wouldn’t get concerned with what’s coming mate, all in the same boat
          Only thing I can advise which is what I did before GW27 even finished was log off until now then re-evaluate using what info we have.
          I would suggest wait until tomorrow night before going moves unless you are pressed with price rises tonight so we will take on any developments tomorrow however unlikely.
          Regarding captain in the DGW it will likely be obvious
          Usually the case, Salah is out of the equation so it’s likely a City player ( Aguero possibly ) or more likely Kane

        • @NomdeGuerre That article has become something of a caliper for me; I’ve got pretty exhausted ‘advising’ people about week 31 and beyond.

          In fairness to the chaps, it was one of the first cogent articles out there.

        • @Kralin2 Maybe it would be wise for someone on here, maybe one of the mods or yourself, to do an article outlining it all and then when someone asks just link the article?

          TBH I’m surprised its not been done already, apologies if it has and I have missed it but I only come on here to do the article, chat and advise when asked and never read other articles.

          Ive explained a few times going back weeks, on preparing for BGW and DGW so share yiour frustration.

        • @NomdeGuerre it’s not a big deal but I’ve found myself saying things like ‘look above’ or ‘go back a few pages and read what people are saying’ etc. Good idea about the article but probably not much point when the Who Got The Assist one is so lucid.

          And things change. I know if Salah gets injured then Firmino/Mane will take centre stage on who to captain, etc. Someone other than Salah – a resurgent Benteke, maybe,hmm, may suddenly emerge as a credible captain choice.

          In the past on this site it used to highlight strong points people had made on the right hand side, but no more.

        • @Kralin2 “And things change” exactly why an article needs to go up on this site, it can be updated to suit any changes to BGW31

          You cant trust that site will do likewise.

  9. @Kralin2 I am selling Aguero for Kane…..
    I did got points from Aguero… ;)
    Now Kane’s fixture is good…. going for Kane… no other reason.

  10. Please help my team  My immediate concern is Ramsey – thinking to swap with Shaq. Also, Elliot -> Pickford. This is with BGW 31 in mind. Planning to WC on GW32. Should I proceed with this plan? Appreciate your help.

      • @phreax9802

        I would roll the FT, or just get Pickford for Elliot
        Most of your starting eleven have decent fixtures.
        Arsenal don’t play their league game against Man City until next Thursday (1st March) so that gives Ramsey another 7 days to get fit

        I have copied this from with regards to Ramsey.
        The comment was made on Wednesday, presumably by Wenger
        “[His fitness] is a bit short. I don’t rule him out yet, it depends how well he can improve his intensity.”

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