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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 12

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game Week 11 review

Who performed and who didn’t?

At the back

My keeper Elliot picked up 3 points. With 92 minutes on the clock and just 60 seconds left to play, Elliot is on 9 points for his clean sheet, save points and 2 bonus points.


… Bournemouth …

… score.

To say I was gutted is an understatement. The highs and lows of an FPL manager. I am sure you have all experienced similar pain points this season, but agghhhhggghhh, its gutting when these events happen.

Moving on, Ward got a clean sheet and 6 points, but no bonus points. Jones picked up only 1 point after being substituted, fortunately after the 60 minute threshold but unfortunately after picking up a yellow card. Lastly, Naughton picked up just 2 points as Swansea lost at home again. Swansea are not doing well at the moment, and after the defeat to Brighton I think Naughton may have to be moved out soon. He is on my out-list.

In attack

Salah picked up 15 points. What a player this lad is! 2 goals and 3 bonus points – he’s an FPL points machine. Salah’s points compare with Kane and Lukaku. Given his price, I think he is a must have.

Richarlison brought home 7 points. He scored and would have had a very late assist had Cleverly not missed the penalty. This was was costly because had Tom scored then Rich would have been on 10 points and highly likely 3 additional bonus points. He ended on no bonus and 7 points as opposed to 13. Gutting!!!

Groß delivered 3 points. He blanked (for a change) but got a clean sheet point, while Sterling provided 5 FPL points. He picked up an assist but took an early bath around the 70 minute mark. My City attack cover is now being reassessed, mainly due to rotation and the unpredictable early substitutions.

Morata ended the game week on 8 points, having scored the winner against Manchester United. To be fair, I had this game down as 0-0 so was pleasantly surprised by the goal. It was a great header, assisted yet again by Azpil. If funds become available I will be looking to bring in Azpil at some point. Morata also got 2 bonus

I’ve been trolled yet again by Harry Kane, who went off around the 73 minute mark. Kane killed my early season and has now failed me on 4 separate occasions v weak opposition at home. This is becoming a joke. Elbert Hubbard said, “do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” However, I do take FPL seriously, I’m in Kane Pain again!!!!

Aguero delivered. He gave me 8 points, but blimey, my heart was in my mouth as his goal against Arsenal went in off the post. Also, he may have got 2 bonus but we need to recognise that he was taken off at the 61 minute mark. As with Sterling, my City attack cover is being reassessed.


A good week for rank climbing. At the start of week my rank was 780k. By the end of the game week it was 444k!

This was my 6th consecutive green arrow has seen a rank climb of over 2.1m. Things are progressing, but there is a way to go yet.

Game Week 12

I need a new keeper. Both my keepers have very bad fixtures over the next two weeks. West Bromwich Albion are not playing well so looking further forward I am not comfortable with the fixtures and the ability to keep a clean sheet. Therefore, of my two keepers, Foster has to go.

The likely replacement will be DDG. He has 2 nice home games coming, he looks nailed for a clean sheet against both Newcastle and Brighton.

To finance this, Kola will need to be sold to Daniels for a four point hit. I know Chorley says, “never take a hit for a defender”, and while I agree, I think the fixture difficulty means my keepers are not going to score more than two points. Therefore, I am telling myself that this is not really a four point hit. I foresee DDG keeping a CS v Newcastle so the hit is really a neutral move, and if DDG keeps two clean sheets or if Daniels keeps a clean sheet, then I am in profit. To me this is a free hit opportunity to change my main keeper to one who collects CS like a duster collects dust!!! However, I am monitoring the price changes and I will wait to the last possible minute before before pushing the transfer button and committing to these moves.

My GW12 team will be the team below, but with DDG for Foster and Daniels for Kolasinac. Both of the incoming players offer outstanding clean sheet opportunity, and I fully expect the -4 covered comfortably.

An 8 point hit?

A striker move is under consideration, but won’t happen until the press conferences have been completed next Thursday and Friday.

Manchester United’s attack offers transfer potential. I am looking at Lukaku or Pogba (if fit). However, there is no hurry to move for a United attacker because Lukaku is still falling in price, while I don’t envisage Pogba going up in price anytime soon.

My main concern is that Lukaku has failed to score in the last 7 games. Pogba would be my preferred option, who I’d bring in for Sterling. However, I am not making any Pogba move until his return to first team action is confirmed.

So for now, these are moves for consideration in game week 13; but they could be brought forward to game week 12.

Beyond game week 13

Looking further forward, we will soon be at the time of year when many games are close together and our players often get injured. For example, game week 13 starts on Friday 24th November, while game week 15 starts only 8 days later on the 2nd December. Likewise, game week 16 starts on the 9th December, but game week 18 is only 7 days later starting on the 11th. This is the same as game weeks 19, 20 and 21. You will need a good bench for this period.

Best of luck

As always, I’ll let you know in the comments below if and when I make any changes. Best of luck in game week 12 and enjoy the rest offered by the international week.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

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  1. Please help my team  Hey all. International break is so long. Injuries may have thrown a spanner in works, I was thinking Bellerin and Jesus to Daniels and Lukaku ahead of Chalobah to RLC or someone better next GW. Thoughts?

      • @Zwischenzug thanks :)

        Absolutely Chalobah next then Brady and Foster when I get round to it. Only. Worry is if Jones misses out Brady come see in and I have two of another attacker against a defender but I suppose that way I may get something.

        • @Jamo97 Maybe swap Foster and Bellerin this week and you can swap Jesus next week. Jesus may always be on the points. Foster and Elliot will probably not get more than 2 points.

  2. Keeping an eye on kane just in case he doesnt play this weekend.

    But fingers crossed i get no injures and i can save my free transfers for next week.

    Nice to see Lukaku score 2 twice against Mexico, hope it does something for his confidence and he gets back to scoring for united soon. Hope Hazard fires soon D:

  3. On a wildcard so would like some feedback. This team leaves me with 1.1ITB.
    Fab Pope
    Jones Mee Gomez Vert Duffy
    Pogba Sane Rich Carroll Salah
    Kane Morata Abraham

  4. Let’s hope there are no casualties tonight with any FPL players :fingerscrossed:
    England: Hart, Gomez, Stones, Maguire, Walker, Livermore, Loftus-Cheek, Dier (captain), Bertrand, Rashford, Vardy.
    Subs: Pickford, Gunn, Trippier, Rose, Cahill, Keane, Young, Cook, Lingard, Abraham, Solanke.
    Brazil: Ederson; Alisson, Alves, Marquinhos, Miranda, Marcelo, Paulinho, Casemiro, Augusto, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar.

  5. Aguerro: “Sergio never lost consciousness, and was taken to hospital for precautionary medical checks,” City said on their official website.
    He was cleared to fly back to Manchester.

  6. Sergio, Sergio, Sergio. What am I going to do with you. There was no reason to go to Argentina to play in a meaningless game. I guess it’s a -4 for Lukaku. :headbang: :shocked:

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