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Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 9

This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game Week 8 review

At the back

  • Elliot with only 1 point. It’s a disappointing score as Southampton didn’t trouble the Newcastle defence. The two Saint’s goals were due to poor Newcastle defending for the first and a pen for the second. I’ve still only ever had 1 penalty saved in FPL!
  • Jones was moved into my first 11 at the last minute for Choupo Moting, and United’s underwhelming performance earned a clean sheet and 1 bonus point for a 7 point return.
  • Kolasinac earned only 1 point again after looking to be heading to a clean sheet.
  • Naughton picked up 6 points with his clean sheet: no bonus however.
  • A no-show for Davies again. This time the excuse was “sickness”. I’m not buying that one and Davies now looks like a big rotation risk, especially as Rose returns soon. I will be watching this one closely as Davies may have to go.

In attack

  • Davies replacement was Choupo Moting, who only scored 2 points but does have good upcoming fixtures.
  • Salah blanked but got 3 points due to his clean sheet. I feel he really should have scored when he got on the clearance from Jones after a brilliant DDG save, only for Salah put it wide. However, Chorley thinks there was an offside in the build up – did not see that highlighted on MOTD Chorls!
  • Groß got an assist and 1 bonus. He looks decent valued at £5.5m.
  • Sterling, who was brought in for Mkhitaryan, was an instant success. He scored a goal and two assists, picking up 2 bonus points for a total of 15 points
  • Jesus was another of last week’s transfers, costing me 4 points. I was repaid with two goals, three bonus points for a total of 13 points.
  • Kane was my captain! What can I say? kane keeps killing me when captained at Wembley. That’s not happening again until he’s proven himself at Wembley as it is becoming a bigger jinx than not scoring in August!!! 2 points x2 as captain total 4 points. Hugely disappointing.
  • Lukaku is usually Mr Consistency, but not this time. He blanked. Yet he really should have scored with a very good chance that was saved too easily by the keeper.

Overall my score was 60 points with a -4 for bringing in Sterling and Jesus (who between them got nearly half of this week’s total-28 points). I am pleased with this result because had I not transferred them in I would have had a very poor week with only 30 odd points.

The site team has had a good week rank wise with a 500k rise, which although is a great result it still reflects badly on my horrendous start to this season. There is still a lot of work to be done, which will take some time and a lot of patience, but we are at least now heading in the right direction. We have risen in rank 1.5 million places over the last 3 GWs after the -12 point fix to the disasterous WC team which you may recall had Sanchez as a one week failed Captain punt. We were rank 2.6m but after the fix have had 3 consecutive green arrows and have risen to a current 1.1m, hopefully we can bridge the 30 points required to get to 350k, then we will be in business for a second half of season that will hopefully end in the top 10k which was the pre season target.

Game Week 9

I have not yet decided on my moves for game week 9. My thoughts are currently:

  • I am tempted by a punt on “triple Man City” attack.
  • Richarlison catches my eye with each passing week.
  • I have to admit I may have made a mistake buying Kolanisac and he needs to go. He’s simply not getting forward as expected and Arsenal look fragile in defence.

My thinking is that Kolanisac could be sold to a cheaper player, like Ward, releasing funds to get Richarlison for Chalobah. I have not decided and both players have poor fixtures this week, meaning I also have the option to roll my free transfer and buy them both in game week 10.

To complicate matters further i found out last night that one of my keepers Foster may be out for a while sustaining a knee injury while playing with his kid in the garden. We are OK this week as Elliot was the choice in goal home v Palace but going forward we need to address this keeper situation, I was wanting to replace Foster anyway and this is forcing my hand.

As usual, follow the comments below for updates on the team.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

436 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 9

  1. @NomdeGurre Can you have a look at my team below and let me know where I need to strengthen please? I feel like I should roll my FT and then next week bring in Pope for Foster and Richarlison for Brady. But I’m tempted to do Mikhi to Sterling this GW

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Zlatan Your team looks fine, nothing that stands out that I can see, you don’t mention funds so I’m
      Unable to really suggest any moves.
      I’m after bringing in Richarlison too but not sure if it’s gonna happen as I’ve got plans to go for broke and I’m actually considering selling Kane for a few weeks, need info on Aguero status before I do anything.

  2. Please help my team  1. defenders sure to score points in next 2-3 gws ?
    2. i m going to replace chicha.(so ignore)
    3. suggestions on overall squad.

    • @canupredict

      Any money in the bank or free transfers?
      From your current team, I would play Dawson over Ward and Loftus-Cheek over Can
      I would also look to get rid of Mkhitaryan after this week. 1 goal and 0 assists in his last 5 games + his game time per match seems to be dropping with each week (74, 65 and 62 minutes in the last 3 weeks)

      Defenders with decent fixtures in next 2-3 weeks –
      Man City – Burnley (H), West Brom (A) and Arsenal (H)
      Newcastle – Palace (H), Burnley (A), Bournemouth (H)
      Southampton – West Brom (H), Brighton (A), Burnley (H)

      • @OldGoat I have 0.5 mill in the bank and 1 free transfer.
        i also can take 4points hit replacing chicha with a cheaper option an making way for a defender if it helps.

        • @canupredict

          I would carry that FT over and just swap Ward and Dawson round.
          Give Chicarito one last chance at home to Brighton. With Andy Carroll suspended, he should play in a more central striking role

        • @OldGoat also about the mikhi transfer suggestion. I think mikhi will start scoring once pogba is fit what Do u say about that.

        • @canupredict

          Does Mkhitaryans decreased game time not worry you?.
          Or that Man Utd have Spurs and Chelsea in GW10 and 11?

          Whilst Pogba is scheduled to return for GW10, I can’t see him being risked for 90 minutes.
          Your team and your decision though

    • @canupredict can’t really add more than the goat. Zouma something slightly different.

      Over the next three weeks Southampton defenders look fine. Man City you may prefer to go with more attacking players. Minorish caveat with Newcastle is that they haven’t kept a clean sheet for a few games now.

  3. I had planned on deciding moves for this week tonight but with uncertainty over Jones, Davies missing Spurs trip to Madrid, Mbemba not even making the Newcastle squad now, it is going to be sensible to hold back on moves this week and wait for the pressers
    Kola has a stay of execution this week basically because of the above issues, he’s a decent CS chance at misfiring Everton anyway so could pay this week.

    Aguero keeps calling to me, the fact he didn’t come off the bench as hoped however means he’s a risk, again I will await the pressers for news
    ATM I’m leaning to Kane to Aguero
    Foster if confirmed long term injured to DDG who looks nailed for yet another CS this week.

    • @NomdeGuerre

      I would say that Aguero not coming off the bench would be an encouraging sign for him starting at the weekend, as he will be fresh.

    • @Philmonster I think I’d move Ramsey on first, though Davies is becoming a concern. I’m sure you’re aware of the numerous mids at <7m who are tempting: Choupo-Moting (who is terrific value, has the fixtures plus will help free up some money); Zaha; Richarlison and arguably Fabregas spring to mind.

  4. Hi guys,
    Thinking of throwing in two City players this week and taking a hit.
    Silva and Sterling to replace Eriksen and Brady.
    Will be taking a -4 hit but I feel it would be worth it.
    1 FT and 1.9m ITB. After these two transfers, I would have 0.4m ITB.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this move please! Really looking to catch up in my mini-league…Thanks! :lol:

    Click to enlarge image

    • @szeruey

      My only concern about taking a hit, is that Burnley are adept at defending.
      Whilst I can’t see them keeping a clean sheet, I don’t think we will be seeing City score for fun.
      Eriksen to Sterling, as he has more goalscoring potential than Silva.

      • @OldGoat
        Thats a good point! But my concern is Brady hasnt been bringin any value since I transferred him in and Ive kinda lost my patience with him :lol:

        The move will also balance out the team to three strong midfielders as compared to two at the moment…

        Decisions decisions!

      • @SecretZorro
        Agreed! Just felt the 4 PH is a worthy one given City’s next few opponents ans Eriksen’s 3 tough out of next 4 and Brady’s lack of point returns.

        Sterling and Silva were also replaced so I presume that Pep would be playing them this weekend.. :fingerscrossed:

    • @vos90

      Wait for news on David Luiz before making any transfers.
      If he is likely to be out for a few weeks, then Swansea and Naughton work rotation wise. You could then swap Mbemba to Jones in GW12

      • @OldGoat Guardian re Luiz ” He looks up and sees his number up. “Eff off!” is his general reaction to seeing he is to be withdrawn. Pedro is on in his stead. David Luiz goes straight down the tunnel. Is he injured? He doesn’t think so. Maybe Chelsea’s physios do. “

  5. Apologies as I cannot find the normal Rate My Team thread.
    Otamendi, Naughton, Azpi
    Fernandinho, Salah, Eriksen, Matic,
    Chicharito, Kane, Lukaku
    Subs: Foster, Mee, Vertonghen, Loftus-Cheek
    £0.0m ITB
    2x FT
    I intend on having Lukaku as captain.
    Do I need to go with a 3rd Man City player?
    Fixture wise, I am looking to ditch Kane for Aguero or Jesus.
    Good move? If so, who would be the best of the 2, or both?.
    Any other suggestions welcome.

    • @hammerfan

      My instinct says Aguero. he has played 80 minutes plus in 5 of the 6 games before he hailed a taxi, whereas Jesus has only played 80 minutes plus in 2 of the 7 games he has played in.
      I am hoping that Aguero not being used as a sub in the Champions league means that he will play 90 minutes at the weekend.

      I would either carry the other FT over in case of injuries at the weekend, or swap Vertonghen to Cedric to free up funds

      • @OldGoat If I went Aguero, would he be a better choice of captain as opposed to Lukaku?
        I need the gamble of ditching Kane, as I have to gain 54 points on the person in 1st place in my league.
        Think I will carry the other FT over.

        • @OldGoat – there appears to be the possibility that Chicharito might be out of tomorrow game.
          Should I bench him, or replace him with same or lower value striker? Or do I put Vertonghen as first sub, just incase?

        • @hammerfan

          This is what Bilic said at the Managers Press Conference –
          (copied from BBC Sport site)

          “Chicharito had a slight problem but he’s training at 4pm and he should be good to train with us. It’s not a big thing. He trained and felt a little bit of a tight hamstring, so we scanned it which was important, and the scan was completely clear. He missed Wednesday’s light session and we expect him to train today and, based on his feeling, to be OK.

          I would have Vertonghen as first sub over Mee as Burnley are away to Man City

  6. Morning
    Needing some advice this GW. I have 2FT and 1.9 ITB.
    Looking for a goalkeeper and possibly Loftus Cheek replacement?
    Many thanks

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Branchy

      With both your Gk’s potentially injured, I would wait for news from the Managers press conferences before making any transfers.
      Your other issue is your defence rotation for GW10 and 12, with Alderweireld being the offender each time. You could swap him to Walker, Otamendi or Stones.

      I can understand you being frustrated with Loftus-Cheek’s frequent injuries, but at 4.5 he is easily benchable and certainly not worth taking a hit to replace.

      I would play Hegazi over Mee.

      • @OldGoat Ok so will wait on the goalkeepers…

        Have put Hegazi in.

        And would Trippier be a good replacement for Alderweireld ? Or a City defender 100% ?

        • @Branchy

          Spurs have 3 potentially tough games in their next 4.
          As I stated, they are your rotation problem, so replacing one Spurs defender with another makes zero sense to me

  7. Please help my team. 1 FT and 0,4M ITB.

    Both of my premium defenders is yellow flagged, so thats a concern. But i do think that both of them will start. So i want to replace Schindler in case i will need a defender from my bench. Was thinking of Mee from Burnley, but they have city this week. Any advise please?

    My long term plan is in this order btw:
    1)Foster out
    2)Vardy out, if he blanks again

    3)Kun in for Lukaku or Kane
    4)Morata or Hazard in (Eriksen has to go if Hazard)

    But any advise for this GW with my trouble in defence would be appriciated.
    Coutinho or Salah in is also tempting.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @jajaja I think you are correct both should play. Burnley defender would be good but not as cover for this week. What about a Newcastle defender, they have pretty good fixtures?

      • @RussD

        Thanks for your advise, appriciate it. I will consider that move, Newcastle do have nice fixtures, and rotates well with Naughton.

        Only problem is that i already have Elliot, and i dont want to double on Newcastle defenders.

    • @jajaja

      Schindler to Yoshida or Cedric.
      Cedric’s price may fall before the transfer deadline, which would make him a cheaper option if you held your transfer until Saturday. However, if his price is still hovering over the precipice at that point, then go with Yoshida

      • @OldGoat

        Thanks for your advise, appriciate it. That would be a very good move, unfortunally i’am only left with 4,9M after i sell Schindler. So the Cedric price fall do have to happend for me to make that transfer.

        But I will hold my transfer until friday, since thats the deadline this GW btw ;)

        And if i cant afford Cedric tommorrow, who would you choose then?

        • @jajaja sadly I could never hope to emulate the bleating of the goat, but at 4.9m I suspect his bleating would take on a slightly plaintive manner.

          In theory Daniels or Ake may be ok but I’d be half-inclined to go for one of the Burnley brigade, or Brighton, or Leicester 4.5m defenders.

  8. Do you guys think it’s time to sell Davies?
    Tough run but also seems to be at risk of rotation with Rose starting in the CL match against Madrid.
    Price permitting is Azpi the best option?
    Any options around 5.5?
    Have City, Swansea, Burnley, Watford as my defense cover

    • @5up3rman

      Rose came on as a sub in the 80th minute.
      I really cannot see him being match fit to start against Liverpool, having been out since February.
      Assuming Davies has recovered from his illness (and he should have by now), I think his place is safe for the next 2-3 weeks.

      If you decide to sell, then Jones (if fit) would be a good replacement for Davies.
      Southampton defenders rotate with the rest of your back-line until GW14
      Azpi also works rotation-wise, but is a lot more expensive

  9. Hi all, tricky one with what I do this week, few flags are showing. Thinking maybe sell Bailly but for who? Any suggestions or alternative options would be very much appreciated ☺️

    Click to enlarge image

    • @Andz Valencia probably. He has two tough games after this one but Man U may be in full bus mode to cope with that, so he may be ok. Then the fixtures pick up a bit.

      No idea how long Fellaini is out for, or Foster for that matter, but your side has a nice balance. I imagine you’ll be thinking of Jesus/Kun/Morata for Lukaku next week?

    • @Andz

      Any money itb? Bailly to Jones and you are fine. I prefer Jones over Valencia because he is cheeper. And i dont think that Valencia would be so much involved in the attack as last season. So i think Jones gives better value, but maybe i am wrong.

      • @jajaja makes perfect sense to me. I have a slight obsession with expensive defenders (especially when they’re the current second highest points’ scorer). However Jones is phenomenal value.

      • @jajaja cheers for the advice.
        Got 0.1 left, I was thinking maybe switching bailly for Cedric with saints next 3 games looking good (can’t score but can defenders). And that free up money to bring in Dea Gea for a -4 hit, maybe worth it… probably not with my recent luck in GW8

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