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FPL is open for 2017/18

FPL is back! The game opened today so it is time to start tinkering. And even better, Fantasy Football First’s head-to-head leagues are back.

The invitations will be sent out by email for

  • the Premiership on Monday 17th July
  • the Championship on Monday 24th July
  • Division 1 on Monday 31st July
  • Division 2 on Monday 7th August.

Please sign up to your league quickly after the league invitations have been sent so that I know the league places have been taken. Sadly, places not accepted within 7 days of the invitation being sent will be given away to other experienced regulars, based on last seasons very-tight qualification league.

The leagues are only for regulars. If you are a Fantasy Football Manager who is new to the site then please wait for the qualification league to start in the new year. It is worth the wait, the leagues are great fun but also challenging.

Sadly a few managers were evicted from the leagues last season for not being regular enough on site. If you were one of these managers please let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find a place for you from any spots not taken.

I know a few will have forgotten what league they are in, or have selective memory and think they were in a higher league. You can see the confirmed promotion and relegation places at Premiership, Championship, Division 1 and Division 2.

There will be a qualifying league in January for those that miss out.

Lastly, if your email address or team name has changed please get in touch in the comments below.

Good luck everyone and let the games begin!


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1,082 thoughts on “FPL is open for 2017/18

  1. Who would you all prefer…
    1 – De Bryne & Stanislas & Gayle
    2 – Sane & Fabregas & Gayle + £0.5 change
    3 – Sane & Stanislas & King + £.0.5 change
    4 – Sane & Stanislas & Defoe
    ….or any other options??

      • @Bryte1 ok cheers…those players give me £22.5m …who would you replace them with with that budget?
        Team atm is :

        • @Kralin cheers, the team is set as a 3-4-3 atm with McArthur/Yedlin/Mariappa making the bench.
          I’ve picked Stanislas as his PPM is pretty impressive and want a bit of Bournemouth cover upfront. Admit he’s a big rotation risk though …who would you say is the most nailed/value out of Stan/King/Defoe?
          Ward-Prowse is a good shout and Southampton got nice fixtures, would you consider him to be less of a rotation risk though? Also been considering Chamberlain??

    • @Maurice Lindsay It’s a sound team. Very Man U, but why not. However you could shave a few quid by swapping Pogba for someone like Ward-Prowse, then you could upgrade Firmino to Jesus / Lacazette. Or use to money to improve Naughton to a more elite-level defender.

      Or you could sit tight for a day or two and come back to the side with a fresh mind. That sometimes works better than anything else. Often the best draft is the first draft. Look and see what others are doing. Blinding moments of illumination can come that way.

  2. De Gea – Foster
    Bellerín – Lindelöf – Aké
    Redmond – Willian – Coutinho – Alli – McArthur
    Jesus – Lukaku – Abraham

    Do I get a stronger team with the changes below?

    Bellérin => Cédric
    Redmond => Ward-Prowse
    Jesus => Kane

    • @hahello I would relegate Foster to a 4m goalkeeper as I imagine you’d plan to play De Gea most weeks.

      Don’t know who your defensive subs are, presumably cheap fodder. Dunk is worth a look at.

      Redmond is a pretty good pick, so I’d stick with him.

      Jesus to Kane sounds fine to me.

      If you grab a grav your posts will be easier to spot. The empty grav can be overlooked.

      • @Kralin
        Oops, defensive subs are Francis and Mee.

        Relegated Foster in to Elliot, should be an ok pick I guess.

        I can keep Redmond and Kane, but I have to change to Cédric. But that might not be a bad idea, their fixtures is pretty good.

        Updated gravatar!

  3. @Chorley rocks…hi mate :thumbup: any chance that I can be reinstated in div 2 or anywhere? So gutted to be evicted last season :headbang: if there is a opening somewhere I’ll except it with open arms… Last season was so disappointing…thanx Chorley… :fingerscrossed:

  4. @Chorley rocks Hey There!
    Last season was my first try at the game… came top 44000
    Wanted to know if you guys have any leagues that i could join before the start of the season?

    • @Gunned there’s a qualify league in January… That’s the only way you can get in…but u can ask chorley maybe he can squeeze you in some of the league’s if people don’t signed up :thumbup:

  5. Hello y’all, here’s my 2nd draft, I know there will still be chops and changes so I’m very open to all advices:
    GK: Fabianski, Foster
    DF: Walker, Trippier, David Luiz, Ward, Francis
    MF: Coutinho, Alli, Phillips, McArthur, Oriol Romeu
    FW: Jesus, Kane, Rooney


    • @DeMO to much money for df.. downgrade david luiz i think for cedric… use that money to upgrade you mf, try soton MF…

      not sure ward is a good option at back.. try cedric or mee/dunk

      walker is to pricey, better get milner with the same price or downgrade to lindelof

      defoe over rooney if possible, not sure that he will be a fw, beacuse everton still want giroud, also everton fixtures not so good

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