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FPL is open for 2017/18

FPL is back! The game opened today so it is time to start tinkering. And even better, Fantasy Football First’s head-to-head leagues are back.

The invitations will be sent out by email for

  • the Premiership on Monday 17th July
  • the Championship on Monday 24th July
  • Division 1 on Monday 31st July
  • Division 2 on Monday 7th August.

Please sign up to your league quickly after the league invitations have been sent so that I know the league places have been taken. Sadly, places not accepted within 7 days of the invitation being sent will be given away to other experienced regulars, based on last seasons very-tight qualification league.

The leagues are only for regulars. If you are a Fantasy Football Manager who is new to the site then please wait for the qualification league to start in the new year. It is worth the wait, the leagues are great fun but also challenging.

Sadly a few managers were evicted from the leagues last season for not being regular enough on site. If you were one of these managers please let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find a place for you from any spots not taken.

I know a few will have forgotten what league they are in, or have selective memory and think they were in a higher league. You can see the confirmed promotion and relegation places at Premiership, Championship, Division 1 and Division 2.

There will be a qualifying league in January for those that miss out.

Lastly, if your email address or team name has changed please get in touch in the comments below.

Good luck everyone and let the games begin!


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1,114 thoughts on “FPL is open for 2017/18

  1. Pickford – Elliot
    Cedric – Trippier – Dawson – Ake – Hunemeier
    Ramsey – Zaha – Willian – Sigurdsson – RLC
    Kane – Lukaku – Firminho

    First draft :)


        • @kenmag Didn’t Ramsey score in pre-season the other day? At £7.0M he could be a real bargain, assuming he is a regular starter.

          He certainly looks to be the best value option for ARS midfield, if Ozil and Sanchez are too pricey.

        • @Chipster I wouldn’t put much stock on the Ramsey goal, it was just a ball over the top of a crappy defence with an easy finish really. Still waiting for the Ramsey from a few seasons back, he never recaptured his form since that one amazing season.

        • @VanDan Ah, i didn’t see the goal, just heard that he’d scored.

          In that case, maybe he is too good to be true at £7.0M (or that he is priced that lowly for a reason :lolflag: )

    • @kenmag Siggy at Swansea fine. Siggy at Everton I wouldn’t rush into.

      So Siggy to Cout and Firmino to Defoe could work here.

      I keep vacillating between Ramsey and Fabregas.

      Pickford’s fixtures make grim reading. I would avoid.

      • @Kralin I think neither Ramsey nor Fabregas is nailed on to start every game. So at 7m, I would avoid them.

        • @Bryte1 Certainly fabregas is not guaranteed to start but Ramsey should be pretty safe unless Wenger invests in a new box to box mid. He was starting games when Wenger settled on the formation. I think he could be a good differential – at 7m you’re not going to get much better than him. Last season was poor by his standards, but I reckon he’s likely to pick up around 120 points if he gets the game time and stays injury free.

  2. Hi All, Good to see FPL is back. Fixtures for Southampton seems the easiest for first 10 games.
    Any idea who will be Southampton’s first choice striker?


    • @AlphaTeam Not yet. Hopefully Austin. Gabs was such a let-down at the end of last season I doubt many will pick him as a matter of principle. Their mids are great value.

      They play a lot at home in those opening fixtures. There is a lot to like.

      A lot of the draft sides have Cedric (including my own). Bertrand is very appealing as well.

      • @Kralin @AlphaTeam I agree, SOT opening fixtures look very tasty and I expect most teams will have at least one SOT player in there somewhere.

        I have Cedric currently (was hoping to get Stephens for a bargain price, but he’s rocketed to £5.0M this season, so Cedric seems the better option of the two at the same price).

        I would love Austin, but not sure he will start. May go with Redmond instead.

    • @Shrivathsa Their fixtures are not so exciting plus no forward to pick from. If Batshuyi was sure to start, we would have got him :P

      I’m looking at Fabregas if they dont sign anyone

    • @Shrivathsa The Chelsea mids at the moment are phenomenal value considering the strength of that side. And Hazard is injured so the field is relatively open. I’ve currently got Fabregas in my draft (keep moving between him and Ramsey). I’d like Pedro. I’ll be monitoring the pre-seasons closely to try and work out who’ll be starting; there will be the Charity Shield game as well.

      It’s a case of wait and see. We don’t know yet who their main striker will be.


  3. hi Guys

    Another warm up for fpl. Excited a bit;) If you dont mind and RMT i would be appreciated. I know a bit early but ;)

    Forster / Elliot

    Tripper / Cedric/Daniels/McAuley/Mee

    KDB/Coutinio/Alii/Richie/Chalobah (any other 4.5 worth to look?)


    Thank you!

  4. my fourth change

    Lindfelof, Trippier, betrand, mee, rangel
    debryune, coutinho, pogba, philips, loftus cheek
    kane, jesus, depoitre.

  5. Monaco too good for Stoke as they beat the Potters 4 v 2.
    Good to see Saido Berahino get on the goal sheet. WBA and Stoke City both know he can do a job, when he’s in the right frame of mind. At £6 mil he’ll be worth considering from Gameweek 9 onwards

    • @The Lone Ranger I like it! Midfield nice and pricey.

      Maybe a little lukewarm upfront? I think everyone should have at least one of the expensive predicted-big hitters (ie Kane/Aguero/Lukaku/Costa) at least for the first several game weeks: it’ll allow you to downgrade easily if you they don’t perform etc (and give you extra cash to use elsewhere if necessary).

    • @The Lone Ranger Sanchez is the big question mark. Given Pep’s proclivity for midfielders, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up there.

      I like it the team and like the Forster pick. (I gave up on building a Sanchez side.) But I think I’d want to monitor Rooney a bit before picking him. He’s not been a decent fantasy asset for a while and Everton have hard fixtures.

      I think you need at least one elite level striker in there. None of your trio fall into that category.

        • @The Lone Ranger as mentioned, I gave up…but it’s a worthwhile endeavour because if you get it right people will only be able to bring him in by taking a few hits / wildcarding. Imagine the panic and hasty editing in the fantasy community if he scores a couple in the Charity Shield (and after scoring the second kisses the badge and jumps into AW’s arms).

    • @Terminators it’s fine for now. Plenty of firepower.

      We don’t know yet if L-C will even start, let alone be deployed in an attacking position. I’ve basically got him in as a cheapo who may come good.

      • @Kralin That is what I want, maximum firepower :bliss:
        I know, I have read up on L Cheek I don’t think he would have gone there unless he was going to get a decent amount of gametime.

    • @Terminators With 3 premium midfielders, it doesn’t really matter who the other two are as long as they keep showing up on the pitch ;)

        • @Terminators At this stage we often get our hopes up about players who become fallen idols by week 2 and who are shunted off and forgotten about.

          Players will emerge who we’ve overlooked.

        • @Kralin McArthur was not bad for Palace least season and he’s £4.5m
          I am worried about not having Chelsea cover though :headscratch:

        • @Terminators Maybe take up meditation to clear your mind before tinkering with your squad. Dwell in the lotus heart for half an hour. Your team will then exude peace and serenity.

          Not having a Chelsea player at this early stage is not a matter of huge concern, or worry. There is plenty of time.

        • @Terminators I currently have McArthur as 5th mid and hope he will play, but not as CM. Last season stats: CM – 18 games/0 goals/1 assist; DM – 5/2/2; AM – 4/2/1; RM – 1/1/0; LM – 1/0/0 :lol:

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