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FPL is open for 2017/18

FPL is back! The game opened today so it is time to start tinkering. And even better, Fantasy Football First’s head-to-head leagues are back.

The invitations will be sent out by email for

  • the Premiership on Monday 17th July
  • the Championship on Monday 24th July
  • Division 1 on Monday 31st July
  • Division 2 on Monday 7th August.

Please sign up to your league quickly after the league invitations have been sent so that I know the league places have been taken. Sadly, places not accepted within 7 days of the invitation being sent will be given away to other experienced regulars, based on last seasons very-tight qualification league.

The leagues are only for regulars. If you are a Fantasy Football Manager who is new to the site then please wait for the qualification league to start in the new year. It is worth the wait, the leagues are great fun but also challenging.

Sadly a few managers were evicted from the leagues last season for not being regular enough on site. If you were one of these managers please let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find a place for you from any spots not taken.

I know a few will have forgotten what league they are in, or have selective memory and think they were in a higher league. You can see the confirmed promotion and relegation places at Premiership, Championship, Division 1 and Division 2.

There will be a qualifying league in January for those that miss out.

Lastly, if your email address or team name has changed please get in touch in the comments below.

Good luck everyone and let the games begin!


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1,114 thoughts on “FPL is open for 2017/18

  1. First draft of many I’m sure, going to start of safe I think. Don’t hold back on comments haha

    Foster, maenpaa
    Trippier, cedric, lindelof, Simpson, gamez
    Ali, willian, phillips, coutinho, MacArthur
    Jesus, Kane, benteke

    • @King Drogba Nice team. If you have any money left you could upgrade a defender to Milner and play a 4-3-3? I’m thinking he may outscore Phillips and MacArthur.

        • @IvanTheTerrible No. I’ve written elsewhere about the (potential) advantages of Milner this season in the sense he’s a defender who may comfortably outscore midfielders of an equivalent price, hence opening up the 4-4-2 / 4-3-3 formation.

        • @Kralin
          I know, that was just a little joke. I think you’re absolutely right and he will be one of the most popular pics. Defenders prices don’t usually go up that fast like midfielders but it will be wise to have him in early I would say.

        • @Kralin The only thing I would worry about Milner is the move for Robertson. Agreed Robertson may be mainly back-up, but Klopp may rotate him with Milner using Milner for important games (Big 6 / CL) and Robertson for the games against the Bottom 6, worth keeping an eye on. I actually put Milner in and took him out once I heard the rumor about the move for Robertson.

        • @Shrivathsa The Robertson move looks likely but hopefully he’s backup rather than direct rotation just yet. But who knows.

          I’ve got this unfounded hope that Moreno will be signed by a smaller Prem club and play in midfield for them.

        • @King Drogba Lindelof to a 5m or Benteke to Gayle.

          I think I’d do the former. You could get lucky with Shaw if you want to stay with Man U.

          Benteke could be handy.

        • @Kralin think I would sway towards downgrading linelof, reckon benteke is decent value and will do well this season. Will monitor shaw as he seems injured at the moment, otherwise open to other 5 mil defenders, got to be another good choice out there :)

        • @King Drogba The Southampton and WBA 5m defenders seem the best bet to me. Then maybe the Bournemouth ones, or the likes of Maguire at Leicester.

  2. Please RMT:
    Foster (Elliot)
    David Luiz, Lindelof, Cedric, Daniels, Rangel
    Coutinho, Alli, Redmond, Loftus-Cheek, Capoue
    Kane, Lukaku, Gayle

    • @Hovis92 Lookin’ good.

      I’m interested in why you’ve gone for Capoue (for now). I had a think about him but thought the likes of Ndidi/Milivojevic, who are cheaper, may score similarly. And that the likes of Allen/Walters/JWP/Shelvey may actually outscore him. But he’s pretty solid.

      I know there’s a fair amount of love for the Bournemouth defence but I’m shying away because of their fixtures. For 5m I think there is more joy in WBA and Southampton defenders.

      I like the Gayle selection. Having him does help open a few doors elsewhere in the team. I’m thinking of swapping Defoe for Gayle so I can squeeze in Milner.

      • @Kralin Thanks for the response buddy.

        Capoue just has a soft spot in my heart. Last season I was pretty half hearted with the game (I’d won my mini-league in 15/16), and as a result I think I had capoue in for the majority of the season. Reality is I’ll probably switch him, I’d had knockaert, but took him out just because I hate seeing yellow flags on players BEFORE GW1.

        I’ve already got Foster and Cedric, and don’t feel like doubling up. Also Daniels ended up with 134 points last season, (4 goals, 3 assists) so isn’t the worst option at the other end of the pitch as well.

        I’m very tempted by Milner, but I just feel you can easily ju end up overspending in defence

  3. Has anyone got any advice for either of the teams below ….main concerns are over Stankovic, Atsu and Perez etc. Liked the look of Perez last time he was in the Prem but not sure how he’s developed since and thought he was more of a winger than a striker!? Are they all nailed on starters? Atsu much of an attacking threat? Any better suggestions around that price?

    Forster/ Elliot
    Trippier/ VanDijk/ Mawson/ Stankovic/ Mariappa
    Alli/ DeBryne/ Mane/ Stanislas/ McArthur
    Lukaku/ Lacazette/ Perez

    Foster/ Fabianski
    Alonso/ Kolasinic/ Bertrand/ Mawson/ Stankovic
    Sanchez/ Coutinho/ Carrol/ McArthur/ Atsu
    Kane/ Lacazette/ Perez

    • @RedKev It may be better to find the extra £1.0M from somewhere to get Gayle for Perez. Gayle is nailed on and was their top scorer last season. He just scored a brace in a preseason game too so looks very on form. I don’t know how nailed Perez is.

      Unless you are planning on playing 4-4-2 / 3-5-2, in which case Perez will probably be fine for the bench.

    • @Terminators A huge number of people (>25%) have selected him in their drafts. And why not? He could do really well in the opening weeks. I play it safe with new players and watch for a while. Others are bolder; hopefully it will pay off for them.

      • @Kralin Not many here have though?

        Lots have Jesus and Kane here.

        I made way too many transfers last season, I cannot make the same mistake again!

        • @Terminators Best thing is to ask people about their reasoning.

          I’ve got Kane in because I think he’ll really well in the opening weeks; he’s a proven striker for a very good team, the fixtures are pretty good and he also takes pens.

          I’ve gone for Kun for the same reason and Defoe more down to his proven nature plus pens. Bournemouth do have some tricky fixtures though, which is why I’m avoiding their defence at the moment.

          Another really good thing to do on site is step in and give feedback to other players’ RMTs. It is always appreciated when someone takes the trouble to do that.

        • @Kralin Never been a fan of Kane tbh and when I have had him he stops scoring, this will be the first time I have not had Kun in for four years! he just cannot play every game anymore week in and week out.

        • @Terminators those with Jesus are running a big risk as well, he won’t be playing week in week out. To be honest they’re probably better off with lacazette.

  4. Chelsea’s midfield this year: who are the likely starters? Options: Hazard / Pedro / Willian / Fabregas / Matic / Bakayoko (not yet on FPL) / Kante / Kenedy.

    When fully fit, I’m presuming it’d definitely be Hazard and Kante – are the rest at risk of rotation?

    I’m flitting between Pedro (8m) and Willian (7m). Willian’s preseason is off to a scorcher! so leaning towards him!

    • @Loud Atlas It’s a question I’m longing to hear answered correctly. But I doubt anyone knows the answer yet. I have Fabregas in my team at the moment but may switch to Pedro if the latter looks safest.

      The Chelsea mids are great value and not to be missed, as long as we have a fairly good idea of who’ll start. The Charity Shield may give us a clue as well.

      • @Kralin I think out of all the CHE mids, Kenedy is the safest bet to avoid (he only got 90 mins last season).

        It’s interesting that Chelsea have only got 4 preseason games (including the Community Shield). And 2 of those are against Arsenal (in different countries, of course!). Not much time to experiment :question: …but maybe they don’t want to wear the players out! (WBA have the busiest pre-season: 10 matches, fact fans)

    • @Loud Atlas How did Kante play and what position?
      He’s the only one I can afford.

      • @Terminators Sorry, Term’, the only knowledge I have is in that link.

        FPL-wise, Kante won’t get you many points (he only gained 83 points last season – 1 goal, 1 assist and 13 CSs to give you an idea). Great player, just not for the FPL.

        • @Terminators The best thing about Atsu is (probably) very low ownership. So if he bombs then you may not lose value on him.

          Wanyama or Ndidi may be better options. Or if it’s bench you’re looking at, Carroll.

  5. Jordon Mutch scored 2 goals for Palace yesterday but he’s not an FPL :shocked: . I don’t know if anyone remembers last year’s pre-season, but Mutch was a beast last year…then disappeared when the season started :idunno: .

    • @Loud Atlas Intriguing. Like he was there but wasn’t there. However I did some digging and he turned out 4 times last season as a sub before being packed off to Reading on loan.

      Maybe if he materialises this year he’ll be another CP 4.5m punt.

  6. Any thoughts on this 4-3-3 side?

    After I abandoned my Sanchez team I played around with 4-3-3 ideas based on Milner and mostly players I’ve ignored in my main team:


    This leaves 2m in the bank to play round with.

    Bench is 4m goalie, 4m defender plus take your pick 2×4.5 midfielders.

    I think this side could be a contender. What do you think?

        • @SecretZorro Rather than rotating Vokes with Wanyama (which I think is your plan) have you not considered J Rod as a starter for each week? May score more points than Vokes and would allow another .5m if you downgraded W.

        • @SecretZorro I suppose if I was in your situation I’d be thinking about the 11m given over to Vokes and Wanyama and the points they may accrue. Wanyama not bad for his price but there are probably 4.5s who’ll return similarish numbers.

          Vokes at 6, again not a bad option at all. But Burnley have some tricky fixtures. And 6.5 brings in the likes of Gayle and Deeney – or J Rod at 6. I think they could all out-point him in the opening games.

    • @Kralin I like the idea of four at the back, especially with Milner :thumbup: he had 12 clean sheets last season where he would have picked up another 48 points if he was classified as a defender which elevates him alongside Siggy, King & Firminho :D I looked at Willian, with Haz out he should be getting more regular pitch time. Not so sure on Gayle, my theory was do I want a mediocre Striker or pile the cash in to…. Alonso? I know he’s expensive but he scored 178 pts last season which puts him up there with the above boys with far less pitch time. Be nice to see some City in there too. I’m going in 442 and see how it goes, will probably be wild carding after 4-5 weeks once the form players start to emerge so not too worried about bench players for now. I’ll post my team shortly, far easier to understand what I’m talking about when you can see :lol:

      • @Kralin I guess CR removed the image upload to speed the site up :idunno:

        Eriksen/Siggy/Zaha/Lallana or Willian?/Romeu

        The only things I see missing are United defence, Sanchez & Kane, putting the latter two in gave me a thread bare looking team so :fingerscrossed: :lol:

        • @SecretZorro Hey SZ :tiphat: No bother to me, sites the best on the net for FF bar none, pretty pic’s or no pretty pic’s. I swore blind I’d leave it this season ’till nearer kick off but hey, here I am :happy: :unsure:

        • @Elmer Fudd It’s an interesting idea of yours, getting a £7.0M defender (Alonso) and a £4.5M striker (TBC), whereas nearly everyone will be doing vice versa (me included!).

          You’re absolutely right, Alonso has every chance of outscoring the likes of the £6.0M – £7.0M strikers (outscoring in FF points I mean, but maybe also in actual goals, haha). I had Alonso last season from when he was £5.9M and he performed handsomely.

          You’ve really given me something to ponder now… :question:

        • @Chipster By my calculations he had approx. 8 matches less than the likes of Siggy too… I don’t think I’ve seen him in any rmt’s, probably due to his price, FPL have him in 12 odd % of teams. One of the best defences in the league and he’s got direct free kicks in the bag. Can’t fail :unsure: :lol:

        • @Elmer Fudd Forgot to say, your comment re: missing Sanchez and Kane. I think Sanchez is easily left out, as he may get rested for the opening games after playing the Confed Cup this summer. Kane is harder to leave out, but you have Eriksen for Spurs cover, so I think that’s probably OK too :)

        • @Elmer Fudd Looks fine to me. Siggy seems destined to leave Swansea – maybe Leicester, maybe Everton – and may not be quite the force he usually is. In which case you could probably get Cout instead.

    • @Kralin I think you’re right about 4 at the back being a good option with Milner as a defender now.

      I like the Eriksen pick. Not seen him in many drafts so far.

      I think no City is the only glaring omission, so I would try to get at least one sky blue in there somewhere. I think they will be mighty this season and it could be very risky not to have a piece of them.

      • @Chipster Thanks. The 4-3-3 above is just a template idea. The 2m left over means anyone can be brought in apart from Sanchez. So KDB or Kun can easily slot in. Or Kompany. It’s whatever suits the manager.

        Yes the default seems to be Alli. Unless injury befalls one of them I can see Alli and Eriksen ending up with similar points. Both are brill.

        I agree that some sort of Man City asset is essential, rotation headaches and all. I will almost certainly start with Kun this season.

        • @Kralin You’re right, there probably won’t be much to separate Alli and Eriksen come GW38.

          I have tended to be luckier with Alli than Eriksen. I was early to the Alli bandwagon in the 15/16 season, and picked him up just as he exploded in 16/17 season. By contrast, I got burned by having Eriksen in my GW1 team last year, and he had a VERY slow start. I got impatient and dumped him, haha.

        • @Chipster Playing the long-game can be tricky in this game but it often pays off with some patience. However it can be agonising at times – people who went for Baines last year over Coleman or Sanchez during one of his quieter periods.

  7. My first draft for 2017/18…

    Foster/ Forster
    Milner / Lindelof / Ward (Bur) / Ward (Cry) / Rangel
    Alli / Coutinho / Fabregas / Allen / Loftus-Cheek
    Aguero / Lukaku / Gayle

    • @McSnow Lots to like here :thumbup:

      I’m really liking the attack. Just beware that Fab may not be nailed on, even with Haz injured, as there will be competition from the likes of Pedro, Willian and the new signing (who’s name escapes me) for midfield places.

      I’m not quite as keen on the defence. The keepers are sound, and you’ve got two great mainstay defenders in Milner and Lindelof. The other three don’t really inspire me that much. Do the two Wards rotate nicely for home fixtures or something? I’m guessing Rangel is just a cheap enabler. Keep an eye in case any of the other £4.0M defenders look more nailed on between now and GW1.

      • @McSnow @Chipster Nice, McSnow, your mid is similar to mine (apart from Cout and Fab) :thumbup: .

        In terms of Rangel, he’s featured in both of Swansea’s preseason games so far (well, it seems that everyone else has – but you get the idea). If he’s nailed, then he’ll definitely take my 5th defender spot.

    • @McSnow Nice team. Plenty of firepower. Milner is a good choice.

      I’m sticking with Fab for the moment until the evidence mounts that he won’t be a regular starter. I agree with Chipster about the defence. Yedlin and Lascelles seem good 4.5 options, Dunk of Brighton as well is one to consider. If you fancy Burnley then Mee may be better than Ward. Cedric may be a better bet than the other Ward. Or Yoshida/McAuley/Ake et al.

      I think Foster/Forster is too pricey myself and would relegate one of them for a 4m keeper to free up a few pence.

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