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Its a Super Sunday in Fantasy Sunday League

Fantasy Sunday League is a fun league with prizes every game week, and the points from that weekend are added into a cumulative league with a grand prize. This week the prize pot is a guaranteed £1000. With £23,000 won already this season, it time for you to join Premiership Fantasy Sunday League!

My game week 31 team

To play we choose a brand new team each weekend based on the weekend’s fixtures. It costs £5 to enter and the number of entries is restricted to only 220 managers meaning a greater chance of winning. Best of all, you playing Fantasy Sunday League helps keep this site free.

The games this weekend are Southampton v. Liverpool FC, Newcastle v. Sunderland, Tottenham v. Bournemouth and Manchester City v. Manchester United. Another enjoyable week of player choosing with the added problem of 4 games rather than the usual 2 games.

Who will come out on top in Southampton vs Liverpool, where the two teams play take a different view of “the high press”. Newcastle v. Sunderland could be full of goals but Benitez and Big Sam are defensive managers by default, so is 0-0 the right prediction? Spurs vs Bournemouth has to be a Spurs win while City vs United will probably be a City win. So who to choose for our teams?

This is my team, although we can change the team up 5 minutes before kick off, so if any of my players are not playing I will swap the absentees out.

My Team

How to enter

  1. register an account at Mondogoal, please give your team name the same name as your FF1st site name
  2. enter the £5 “Fantasy Football 1st Sunday League” game using this link and join in.
  3. I’ll publish the overall cumulative league here
  4. as the premiership progresses additional games will be added
  5. the points from highest scoring team each game week will be added to our Fantasy Football First Sunday League and published here weekly

You can enter as many times as you want, and we will use your highest score in the cumulative league.

Overall League Update

You can see the full league at our dedicated Fantasy Sunday League page. It will next be updated on Tuesday next week with February’s results.

Good luck and don’t forget to try out Mondogoal’s perfect million free game next Saturday!


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  1. Good luck everyone, I think the Sunday League will be really interesting this weekend, and Newcastle vs Sunderland will probably determine the prize-winners.

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