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Want Fantasy Football Alerts even when you are not on site? Get our browser notifications.

Browser notifications are the little messages that are delivered to your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

The purpose of these messages is to keep you up to date with our latest articles.

There are many advantages of browser notifications over email.

Firstly, you are kept up-to-date with all new articles instantly because the notifications are delivered even when Fantasy Football First is not open on your device.

Secondly, you can choose what types of alert you want, for example, only want to know about new articles? You got it. Want an alert when someone replies to your Rate My Team request? You got it. Want to be notified when the gameweek deadline is approaching? You got it.

Thirdly, you can easily subscribe and easily unsubscribe meaning it’s so much easier to manage, you don’t even have to have a site account.

And lastly, alerts from Fantasy Football First are not delivered into your spam box, meaning you get to know about everything.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

To subscribe to Browser Notifications:

  1. click the bell icon in the bottom left corner of the website blog. Don’t see a bell icon? Click here.
  2. You will then see a Subscribe button. Click it. Your browser should then ask you for permission to make this change.
  3. Find on the sidebar “Get FF1st alerts to this device” and choose the alerts you want.

More notifications are coming soon.

I don’t see the bell icon

If you do not see the bell, then your browser might be out of date, notifications may be blocked, or your browser might not support notifications. Follow these instructions:

Google Chrome On Android

Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS

Opera on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS

Opera on iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch)

Safari Mac OS X

Mozilla Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

If your browser is not listed, then you are using a browser that does not support notifications. Try using a more modern browser.


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  1. Thanks Boss,

    As Microsoft Edge doesn’t appear on the list, I assume it is yet to be added – or am I being thick as usual!

    • @SecretZorro are you subscribed to articles? You will know this by the bell in the bottom left hand corner of the screen will look either translucent or not.

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