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Talking Points for Gameweek 38

The Fantasy Football transfer window is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved.


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Site founder, first used stats to try to win his work mini-league. Now helps other managers win theirs.

240 thoughts on “Talking Points for Gameweek 38

    • @Goldilocks Amazing news!!! Fantastic!! Really liked the McDonalds one in 2014!! Can’t wait!!! I really liked the point system as well, how you got points for tackles, clearances, interceptions and so on which made some of the defensive midfielders more interesting in the game! In FPL the defensive mids, the Kante’s and Matic’s, are in no way in play as they can’t get points… And even the bonus points system doesn’t reward them as they never got bonus, which always goes to this who score goals or defenders with most CBI

      • @Zed Leppelin
        You must have been getting lots of free burgers from them to say that. I remember how frustrating was in the beginning with so many glitches every day.
        I hope they have improved the site otherwise I am calling Burger King :rofl:

        • @IvanTheTerrible Gotta love ‘em burgers! :D Nah, I couldn’t care less whether it’s McDonalds or what, I think it was better than the CL fantasy used to be… I haven’t played CL fantasy in a few seasons, I remember there were a lot more problems with it… For me it’s just the WC madness, I love the WC and playing the WC fantasy with players outside of the Premier League feels like I’m a kid in a candy store! It’s very refreshing to be able to pick Messi and co you know :superman:

        • @Zed Leppelin
          You are right. It’s only once every 4 years and it will be a crime to miss it. I just can’t decide what players to load, from Iran or Saudi Arabia this time :lolflag: :cry-lol:

        • @IvanTheTerrible Are any of the Saudi Arabians actually Saudi Arabian btw? I heavily doubt it!

        • @Zed Leppelin
          Well, according to the rules from FIFA they have to have nationality or some ancestors connection. Anyhow, they are good for the bench at prices like 4.0 ;)

        • @IvanTheTerrible Yeah but I mean they just buy some good African players and give them nationality… Not all of them are REAL Saudi Arabians despite having nationality…

        • @IvanTheTerrible I just realized this is the only way for Finland to be able to qualify for the WC!!! :cry-lol: :cry-lol:

        • @Zed Leppelin
          :lol: Oh I see, the penny dropped. In Bulgaria they buy all kind of African and Brazilian players from division 6 or 7. After six months somehow they obtain nationality and then get sold to big European clubs for profit. Smithfield market in full force :D

    • @Goldilocks I’ve decided to skip the WC fantasy this time. Number of reasons, one being that I’ve just won the work ML for the 5th straight year, and am current work world and Euro champ. I think it would be tactful to stand aside for this one.

      But actually the main reason is that I’m exhausted, fantasy-wise, after this season. The thought of monitoring sides’ starting line-ups etc is enough to give me the shakes. I just want to sit back and enjoy the games.

      Having said all that, the last WC fantasy was pretty interesting in that defenders were getting loads more points than attackers – even Luiz, I remember, in the semi final slaughter, got me 6 or 7 points.

      • @Kralin2
        Congratulations on all these great wins :thumbup:
        I won my work mini league for a 7th time, believe or not, with my B team :lol:
        I find the Fantasy World Cup game as a short term fun and something to keep you in the rhythm. Bring back Hummels and his crazy points :P

        • @IvanTheTerrible yeah, I have fond memories of captaining Hummels last time around.

          Well done on the 7th straight victory.

        • @IvanTheTerrible At work I never get the love I truly deserve.

          I suggested to the guy who sets up our work ML that he start a H2H league this year. Mercifully (I wasn’t bothered at all) I got knocked out in the quarters, so that’s offset the complete dominance. That and politely absenting myself from the WC fantasy should hopefully make people forget me.

        • @IvanTheTerrible I honestly don’t give a flying f* squirrrel about H2H leagues. It’s the main league that counts.

          Though Nom beat me in the H2H, fairly and squarely, I’m more chuffed about finishing 6k to his 14k. I’ve been benchmarking myself against him for a while and it’s been fascinating given our completely differing management styles.

          Having said that, he had the pressure of being site manager and I daresay would have played differently had he not had that pressure.

        • @IvanTheTerrible Why would they hate a geek? Anyway, this could be your “7 years in Tibet” kinda thing :lol:

        • @IvanTheTerrible @Zed Leppelin It was the last WC that introduced me to FFF. With this sites help I stormed my work mini-league to the dismay of all my male colleague who assumed my husband was running my team! :lmao: He hates fantasy football!

          Consistently beating them in FPL since then has pretty much shut them all up. Just a shame I fell a few points short this time.

        • @Goldilocks That’s great! Hope you beat them again next year! (And in the WC fantasy if you will play it) :thumbup:

      • @Kralin2 For me the thrill of it all is to be able to pick players outside from the premier league, the Messi’s, the Ronaldo’s, all of world’s best players that we can’t every pick in FPL :D

        • @Zed Leppelin For me the total b*llache of WC or Euro fantasy is having the time between the sides being announced to amend your team. This led to some awkward scenes chez Kralin in the last Euros, where I was absenting myself at times from the family dinner table to check out line ups etc.

          Given that my nearest regard my fantasy addiction as a thinly-veiled cry for help at the best of times, this didn’t go down too well.

        • @Kralin2 I can see your point! Sometimes FPL takes a lot of time away from the family life as well and there are some occasional conflicts of interest… Especially the price rises, I remember a season ago checking out the price prediction sites every single night before going to bed (many times actually IN the bed with the phone) trying to analyze whether I have one more day to ponder on certain transfers or not… The wife unsurprisingly was a bit annoyed at times :D I haven’t done that this season (perhaps consciously, I think) Maybe that explains why it’s been a poor season for me! :D

        • @Zed Leppelin one thing I changed this season was worrying about price changes and team value. I made all my transfers this season after the press conferences. And my TV was ok throughout. Not as high as Nom’s, but not a million miles off.

          Also I think the lack of a template side this season meant that building team value was much harder anyway.

        • @Kralin2 Also the price changing algorithms have been different this season, there have been a lot less price changes this season (maybe last season was a bit similar), but I remember a few seasons back the prices rose a lot more often which made it more important to gain TV… I remember I had over 110m in some season, whereas this season I only had like 104m or so… When I had 110m it was fairly easy to get all the best attacking players in the game!

          This season has been different, and it also affects the template because people can’t raise TV and buy all the best players in the game, but instead they have to find great cheap differentials… Milivojevic was one that lost me my ML (cause my rival bought him just before he scored 3 pens in 3 games and I didn’t)

      • @Kralin2 I’m with you Didn’t enjoy the euro one a lot, and prefer just to watch the football and relax!

  1. Well, the final scores are in and 6k for me. Not bad, better than last season’s 11k, but was aiming a bit higher. Maybe 18/19 will be the real breakthrough season. I think I’ll always feel like a dilettante until I finish <1000.

    Thanks to CR for keeping the lights on, and to others too numerous to mention. Have a great summer.

    • @Kralin2 Dropped 40k today… Final overall rank is 143k… Last season was 5k… Oh dear, a bit disappointing to say the least. :eek: :shocked:

      • @Zed Leppelin Damn, that’s tough. A 40k drop is so spectacularly bad it’s almost good. For some reason though I almost enjoy the bad weeks as much as the good, a perverse strain I must eradicate before next season.

        But 5k, that’s something to treasure and shows what is possible. I hold onto things like that.

        • @Kralin2 Yeah, the goal for this season after that 5k obviously was the get into 1k… That has failed miserably now :lol: But I will try again next season! Still gotta believe I can manage to do it!

        • @Zed Leppelin semi-annoying thing for me was that a couple of weeks ago I was in the 1ks. My fatal error was not going for the City players. I left it too late. Last week and today I saw a house of cards collapse. Not as bad as you but still mildly gutting.

      • @Kralin2 My 2 teams finished 13k(team B) and 42k(team A)…… 10k target is missed by Team A by a large margin. My FPL history has been average…Now have to wait for 1 more season.

        Team A:
        Season Points Rank
        2014/15 2,005 201,048
        2015/16 2,220 27,251
        2016/17 2,280 17,333
        2018/19 2,256 42,888

        Team B:
        Season Points Rank
        2014/15 2,027 151,865
        2015/16 2,159 90,145
        2016/17 2,235 38,841
        2018/19 2,302 13,774

        • @GoalMachine 13k is a fantastic score given the volume of managers, number of B sides etc. And the margins are incredibly tight. My side was only 20 odd points ahead of yours, yet finished in the 6ks. There’s not much in it. Nothing at all. I was hoping for a top 5k finish this season and should have done it but fell away towards the end (Son, Willian should have been moved on but weren’t due to my hit phobia).

  2. Nobody’s going to be interested in this but I’ll post it anyway. The famous Kralin 5-3-2 side came in at 20k in the end (target was <100k), which shows (maybe) that five at the back isn't as madcap as it seems. Unexpected injury and banch-boost aside I stayed faithful to that formation, switching now and then to 5-2-3.

    Never captained a defender in that side though.

    • @Kralin2 Well, it’s interesting in a sense that now I feel even more foolish to have lost to a 5-3-2 side with a normal team that can make anything to maximize the points… :lol: Well, it is a game of luck after all, not all of it, but so much has to do with luck nonetheless… :headscratch:

      • @Zed Leppelin I always tried to put the Alonsos etc in that side rather than CBs, so always reasoned the 5-3-2 was a 4-4-2, even 3-5-2, in disguise. Defenders out of position are always good to have.

        Yes re the luck side. Massively. My big breaks this season (main team) were getting Firmino ahead of Morata and having supersub Surman on the bench after the first wildcard. He came in as an autosub when I was looking for someone cheap. He then kept coming off the bench with good scores.

        So luck and I think forward-planning are the big things. One of the reasons I didn’t go hit crazy this season was that I felt confident in planning ahead. I skipped transfers a lot of weeks to have two in the bag the next. Often the non-transfer week was as good in points’ terms as most others. You can learn a lot from that. Also the price changes not happening much ment that hitting for increased TV wasn’t quite as successful as season’s past.

        But yeah, as the Nom sez, there is no fixed way of playing the game. To each their own. Makes it more fun. My way is as dull as ditch water.

        • @Kralin2 Yeah, out of position defs are good to have, Alonso was a must-have last season, this season he then was so expensive that maybe he wasn’t so much anymore, but still he got some great hauls especially around Christmas… I didn’t have him until the end of season when he got nothing at all…

          Sure thing there’s no one correct way of playing the game, and the lack of price rises just has improved that I think, so I do like the new price system! And in the end it is a game for fun, so playing your own style is the whole idea of it! I sometimes got hooked into following what “great” fantasy players do which meant I sometimes wandered too far from my style of playing! Next season I will put an emphasis again on playing the game in my own way, and in my own way only! That’s the beauty of this game after all!! And I have had 3 Top-10k finishes doing it my way so I know it will bring me more points than following the herd too! :D

        • @Zed Leppelin Chelsea went off badly this season, like a fish. Their season bookened by Burnley then Newcastle putting 3 goals past them.

          Some of their players may be decent, cheap buys for 18/19 as a result.

        • @Kralin2 Indeed! The greatest thing when the game reopens in July is checking players’ prices… Spotting those undervalued players is key!

  3. No rams to go with the sheep and the goat next season then —> Fulham make playoff final !! :D

  4. This Pione Sisto guy that Soton are after seems to be a gem! Hope he could be the next Mane ;)

    Yes yes, I know everyone can be made to look good on youtube :D but still, looks just like a player Soton desperately need for next season, good with the ball, nice passes/crosses, can really keep possession in midfield even under pressure, can skip past players! Plays for Denmark too so earmark some funds for this guy in the WC fantasy! (Yeah I know I should have waited but I just couldn’t :lol: )

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