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Talking Points For game week 11

The Fantasy Football transfer window is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved. 


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681 thoughts on “Talking Points For game week 11

  1. Would love some wisdom, thoughts, advice on which team looks best:

    Jones/[Mee]/Daniels/ (Gomez bench)

    Kane/Aguero/ (Niasse bench)

    Kane/Morata (Niasse bench)

    Can move sterling to Salah or Harzard for example in 2) + 3)

    Thank you very much :)

    • @roccerfeller

      Team 1 looks the most potent, although you should list all your bench players as well.

      With regards to teams 2 & 3 – what is the intention for the sackfull of money you have left over?

      • @OldGoat

        Bench players are Carroll and fodder in each case (non playing I.e. Heunemire). The $ left over is if there’s any suggestions on how to improve those teams, how much I can work with. For example bringing in other bench options or Salah. Im open to any suggestions.

        3-4-3 vs 4-4-2 and any improvements in either configuration

      • @OldGoat

        Team 3 would have the potential to be a 3-5-2

        Pope (Elliot bench)
        Azpi/ Jones/ Daniels (Gomez, Hunemire bench)
        Sterling/ Sané/ Gros/ Richarlison/ Salah
        Kane/ Morata (Niasse bench)

        My hope would be to get sterling out for Pogba in the future as well. I would also consider bringing Kola in when Arsenal’s fixtures then favourable for Daniels down the road

        This option is enticing but I don’t know if it’s smart

    • @roccerfeller like the goat I prefer team one, but think you should rein in the Man City horses. Lukaku in for Aguero and Salah for Sane or Sterling.

    • @roccerfeller considering Salah’s production and form and ownership at the moment, I would definitely support attempting to incorporate him into one of these options. But as for the lineups you’ve provided, number one is my favorite. But I would certainly emphasize one uncertainty within the side, and that would solidifying Azpi’s place in your squad. The Morata/Azpi linkup is irresistible atm imo

      • @Wallace F.C. yes very good point

        Team 1 is the closest to what I have right now. I have Alonso and can swap him for Azpi and keep most of the team the way it is But will only have 0.2 ITB if I do that and no way to bring in Salah

        Team 2 vs 3 is basically choosing Morata vs Aguero

        Any thoughts on 5 midfielders? I could run a 3-5-2 with Salah in for Carroll and Kane/Morata up top. It’s risky but I’d have the funds for that.

        • @roccerfeller sorry, I must have missed this comment, mate. In regards to midfielders, why not keep one of the 2 City boys and then take a punt on a mercurial element such as the increasingly-looking-like-he’ll-be-fit Pogba

      • @Wallace F.C.

        I should clarify; I’d have to downgrade my front 3 anyways to bring Salah into midfield so option 1 would be salah-less

    • @SecretZorro Harsh luck mate. Seems like a conservative approach is needed from now on. Still hesitant to take my first hit after all the recent discussions.

        • @SecretZorro Maintaining a good rank of 229k. Team is linked and happy to hear any thoughts you have. Really not convinced with a move for Lukaku at present but the fixtures are too good to pass up. Davies & Jesus are my current problems.

        • @KeyserSoze I’m pondering a Jesus to Lukaku move. L’s price is due to fall as well.

          Man U return to choppier waters, fixture-wise, at the beginning of next month, but either side the fixtures are good well into January.

          Jesus to Morata is another strong option but you have to fancy Lukaku at home to Newcastle and Brighton.

      • @Kralin

        The Gargatron tells me that my Captain’s selections are pants.
        68 points, and 11.6% of my total points.

        I actually had a good week, and am ranked in the 650K section.
        First time I have been inside the one million mark since GW3. It has taken me all this time to recover from scores of 33 in GW4, and 26 in GW7

        Viva le wildcard in GW8

        • @OldGoat The captain choice is such a key part of things. I should go on more about it (raised it last night in relation to Aguero). If you’re lucky with it then a lot of things flow much better.

          I’ve done OK but crucially took the armband off Kane for the Liverpool game. Silly move, that.

        • @Kralin Ok, I’m biased, but I just leave it on Luka and the fixtures are improving… Those who flirt all over the shop seem to be more often wrong… I’ll always think choose & stick works. (this is the guy that sold Kun just before the hattie at CFC). :idunno:

        • @SecretZorro

          The armband stays on Kane after your wise words prior to this weeks games. Just a pity that Kane hadn’t read the script

        • @SecretZorro

          I meant your wise words about keeping the armband on the same player, and I don’t have Lukaku

        • @OldGoat Look to Manchester, Kun or Luka. Pogba’ll be back so Luka should pick up again. Or Kralin was right about Morata & look at CFC’s fixtures…If there’s peace in the camp must be worth a punt methinks.

        • @SecretZorro

          Vardy to Morata is top of my transfer list.
          Just waiting for these pesky internationals to play.

          Man Utd become “must have’s” after the City game in week 16 IMO. Pogba should be back and up to speed at that point.
          Problem is, you can’t squeeze every player into your team.
          My front 8 at the moment is –
          Sane, Sterling, Salah, Richarlison, Atsu
          Kane, Abraham, Vardy with 2.0 in the bank and 0 FT.

          I can do Vardy to Morata for a 4 pt hit as discussed. I think ditching Vardy is a priority over ditching a (fit) Kane against his hated North London Rivals (Harry supports Spurs)

        • @OldGoat Vardy has to go looking at the fixtures, so Morata seems fine IF IF there’s peace at CFC, Luiz banished, Emenalo quits, stroppy Conte. Really I dunno anymore with CFC

        • @SecretZorro

          Vardy to Lukaku or Aguero would involve an 8pt hit and either downgrade Richarlison or Kane.
          What would a Man Utd fan say in response to a suggestion to bring Rashford in?

        • @OldGoat @SecretZorro I’m starting to think sticking to one captain is the way to go.

          Just checking up on my teams and the clear winner so far is my Ghost Chip team, which has had no changes whatsoever from Day 1 and has Kane as captain and KDB VC :lol:

          Currently at 225K OR, easily outperforming my other three so-called “managed” teams :D

        • @Chipster

          Love it.
          Ivan’s B team always outperforms his Main Team.
          Maybe next season we set up a League of Ghost teams.

          I would be 80 points worse off had I not touched my GW1 team

        • @OldGoat There is Ghost Ship Premiership league (dunno who set it up). I am sitting very pretty at joint 6th atm :lol:

          But a site Ghost league next season could be quite fun. It takes absolutely no ongoing maintenance, so once the agony of initial selection is over, job done! No excuse for anybody not to put a ghost team in.

          Click to enlarge image

        • @KeyserSoze

          Indeed. I can’t imagine spending 9 months of the year without visiting this site – and visiting it would be pointless if I didn’t bother playing the fantasy footy game each week.

          Already got withdrawal symptoms, and am counting down the minutes until 12:30 on 18th November

        • @OldGoat At least we have a few weeks to take stock. The regulars will be here in force, but the site will be a quiet until the 15th November. It all starts again after that!

    • @SecretZorro If this had been done in reverse I would hail you as the greatest FPL manager of all time :lol:

      Don’t let it get you down mate, easily pulled back
      Hits finished?
      You sure? Looked at your team and you’re -8 already for GW12?

      Likely be doing same myself, possibly tonight as Foster is falling, needs replacing as I can’t operate with Elliot who’s coming into some bad fixtures, a worse pair of keepers you won’t find for GW12 as far as fixtures go, I’m fixing it for good!!!

      • @NomdeGuerre It’s not really a surprise to the regulars, I’ve played a different game for a decade because I get bored witless without transfers. I played ‘My Rules’ , only Red Shirts in the team, or only left footed etc. I arranged 3 cups a season etc etc.
        When I said “no more hits” after Int break, I meant it, those hits are already taken :P

      • @NomdeGuerre If wildcarding I’d be tempted by a de Gea / Speroni double-act. With the former in situ for the rest of the season.

        A de Gea / Jones / Lukaku trio isn’t a bad option for max Man U points.

        But maybe you’re going for Lloris. (Unlikely.)

        • @Kralin Nope
          Its DDG I’m buying
          Had him prior to WC and regret selling but it did release valuable funds to strengthen other areas but had to be done.
          Likely buy tonight

        • @IvanTheTerrible Talk about not going to plan :eek:
          That’s the 4th time Kane has trolled me this season
          Yeah send the cushions
          I need something to kick when I captain Kane :lol:

        • @NomdeGuerre
          I know. This was ridiculous. After against Burnley, Swansea, Bournemouth and now Palace not to score at home is too much. On the other hand it’s a crime to have 12.8 player and not to captain him.

        • @IvanTheTerrible

          Fortunately 3 of Spurs next 4 games are away from home.
          But Harry needs to find a way round the Wembley curse, as well as the August curse.

        • @IvanTheTerrible

          I like to dramatize things. Wembley Curse sounds better than “he isn’t scoring goals at home for some reason”

        • @NomdeGuerre yes, a very sound move. Doubling on DDG and Jones seems a good idea to me. Man U have only conceded 5 so far I think.

          Very nice when a doubled defence works out.

  2. Def formation now : Ward/Stones/Ben Davies/Gomez/Dunk. Want to replace Davies with other. Open for all suggestion. Thanks in advance. Enough for Spurs rotation…. :lolflag:

    • @Ombob

      Jones or Daniels, depending on whether you need to raise funds.
      I note that 3 of your existing defenders will face tough opposition in GW13 + Brighton have tough games in GW13, GW15 and GW17, so maybe get rid of Dunk in GW13

    • @Ombob My default answer is: Jones.

      Cheapos I’m eyeing up are Duffy/ Dunk/ Simpson/ Francis/ Chilwell, especially if it’s the bench you want to warm. If the main XI then Jones.

      All jokes aside, Palace have a fantastic run of fixtures.

      • @Kralin ,@oldgoat, @keyserSoze thanks for advise. I want take one cheapos def . I need raise fund for my planning to get in Cesc and Pogba in my team.Its about time Cesc will on track I think. Also I consider Calvin Lewin for cheapo FW. How about that?

        • @Zwischenzug In theory Zaha looks a great buy, but I suspect people will give it some time before replacing Richarlison or Gross or whoever. One to ponder for wildcarders who want to get ahead of the game (but may find themselves out of the game as a consequence of this punt).

  3. I don’t have Salah at the moment which has cost me quite a bit. A few of the managers in my mini-league have him and I am chasing. Should I instead go for Mane as a differential or go with Salah as it is still early in the season. I’m tempted to go with Mane but what is holding me back is that he doesn’t get a lot of bonus points. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

    • @Zlatan

      I would go with Salah. He is getting more points that Mane + it is still early in the season. best to hang on to the coat-tails of the leaders, rather that risk getting cut adrift (as long as you have a few differentials in your side that are earning you points)

    • @Zlatan
      Salah for now then try and put the squeeze on when people start drifting in and out of alcohol-induced unconsciousness over the Xmas period. Play some mind games with your mini-leaguers. Say ‘the best wildcard I ever played was after a 4-pack of Special Brew’. Tell them there’s a secret ‘Santa’ chip that only happens if you take a -24 hit for players who wear a red kit on Xmas Eve.

  4. @KeyserSoze Thanks, Tammy and Murray obvious choice, I think another beside them. Not many Option for this third cheapo FW. Pheeew.

  5. guys have to make a lot of changes to this team got 0.7mil in the bank and 2 free transfers .
    looking to replace otamendi before price fall

  6. @Zwischenzug @KeyserDoze Yes you right :thumbup: I must give time for Lewin and Niasse. I will watch them closely. Thanks mate.. Its character from beginner…lack of patience. I better focus to my def first to face GW 13

  7. Salah or Manè if buy now?

    Want fo sell Eriksen before price fall. Already missed Salah’s price rise.

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