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Talking points for game week 6

This week in Talking Points we look at what to look out for in game week 6 to be prepared for the early game week 7 transfer. We look at the teams with a good run of games and the teams with a tough run of games, and we consider the implications of last weekend’s formation changes and if these will be repeated this weekend. All the while we chat about this weekend’s action in our comments section.

Good Runs from game week 7+


Arsenal picked up their third win in a row for first time since last Christmas, and jumped over Chelsea to third spot in the league. They are hosting the Blues at the Emirates in their next game before facing Burnley (A), Swansea (H), Middlesbrough (H) and Sunderland (A).

The Gunners dominated possession as we are accustomed to and spent a lot of time on the right hand side of the attacking third. Whereas Hull spent the majority of the game under pressure.


Arsenal’s new defensive partnership of Shkodran Mustafi and Laurent Koscielny looked solid against Hull and didn’t conceded many chances. Petr Cech was given a sweeper keeper role and did well apart from the penalty.

In midfield, Cazorla may have been lucky to stay on the pitch following a couple of rash challenges whilst on a yellow card. Unfortunately for him, Sanchez decided to take the penalty off him, despite the fact that Cazorla is the designated penalty takes. It was a decision which even mystified Wenger who revealed it was “not planned for Sanchez to take it”. Cazorla played as a deep-lying midfielder, allowing him to start the majority of attacks, but was rarely involved in the final pass or shot. In fantasy football terms, now that we doubt whether he is Arsenal’s penalty taker and the fact that he plays deeper than the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez suggest that the points are more likely to go towards the German and Chilean respectively as they will be further up the pitch therefore more involved with the attacking play, allowing more chances for assists and goals which will convert into valuable fantasy points.

Given Arsenal’s form and schedule, we suggest to involve Arsenal within the midfield. Sanchez is the obvious yet slightly expensive option however if you don’t quite have the funds for that “calibre” of a player, then Ozil, Cazorla and Walcott remain good, solid alternatives.


Watford gathered 7 points from a tough set of opening fixtures and they are now facing a more generous run against Burnley (A), Bournemouth (H), Middlesbrough (A), Swansea (A) and Hull City (H).

The Hornets played outstandingly against a below par Manchester United and created a number of good chances in the first half. Capoue netted the opener and has now scored four goals from just five shots on target. In the second half United’s performance improved and it looked like they could go on and grab the 3 points after Rashford equalised. Instead, Watford responded with a goal from Zuniga and a penalty from captain Troy Deeney

Capoue’s scoring streak is ongoing, therefore we recommend to buy him as fourth or fifth midfielder. Defensively, Holebas and Janmaat deserve mentions as they push forward and whip in plenty of crosses. Holebas managed to grab a goal in the 4-2 win against West Ham and is sometimes on set piece duty. Because clean sheets seem to be hard to come by this season, it’s wise to target defenders with attacking quality as well as the solid “defenders”. Deeney now seems like a great option for your “cheaper” third striker spot as he’s a good target man for a team who cross often as well as being the designated penalty taker.

West Ham

We hesitate to mention West Ham in this section again as any fixture seems difficult right now after their third defeat in a row. Bilic is now under pressure and will have to turn it around quickly. On paper, he has every chance of doing so in games against Southampton (H), Middlesbrough (H), Palace (A), Sunderland (H) and Everton (A).

West Ham’s defence had an absolute shocker and Alan Shearer described their defensive performance against West Brom as embarrassing, a horrow show and like watching a bunch of U10’s. They conceded four goals against West Brom, a team who hadn’t scored more than one goal in a game since March in their 2-2 draw against Leicester. The first goal came from a comical handball from Masuaku. Poor clearances were at fault for the second and third.

In the second half West Ham tried to push men forward but this left them vulnerable to counters. Safely bench your West Ham defenders for now and don’t pick them up until their results and performances start to pick up.

On the other hand, the “Payet-Antonio” combination still showed that despite the state of the rest of the team they can still show their own class and quality thus scoring points. Payet assisted Antonio on the first goal, won the penalty for the second and was unlucky not to score himself as his free kick hit the post.

Given Antonio’s prolific form in front of goal and his relatively gentle price tag, we would advise buying him for your team as a fourth or fifth midfielder.

Bad Runs from game week 7+


Last week we noted that Chelsea’s title credentials would be tested in the upcoming run of games they have fallen at the first hurdle, but can they step up and do better in games against Arsenal (A), Hull City (A), Leicester (H), Manchester United (H) and Southampton (H)?

In defence the individual errors keep piling up, costing Chelsea dearly. Conte still has a lot of work to do to duplicate defensive walls he created at Juventus and with the Italian national team. Without Terry there was a lack of leadership in defence and composure, therefore we would advise not to get any Chelsea defenders until he’s back.

Up front Diego Costa scored another goal taking his record to five in five whilst Eden Hazard blanked for the second game in a row and had a disappointing game. We would advise you to keep Costa and sell Hazard for other premium midfielders such as Kevin De Bruyne and Alexis Sanchez.

Other game week 6 talking points to help your game week 7 transfer

  • Chadli looks like a great addition to the West Brom squad and was involved in all four goals. His form should be monitored over the coming games.
  • Manchester City look unstoppable at the moment and King Kevin is running the show. He has provided an assist in four consecutive games and has also scored back-to-back goals, so he should be a priority pick. For those short on cash, Sterling remains a good alternative as his revival continues under Pep.
  • Snodgrass continued his good start to the season as he comfortably converted a penalty against Arsenal. Being involved in almost every attack and set piece for Hull City, he’s another cheap midfielder to be considered, especially as the Tigers schedule eases up soon.
  • Everton remain unbeaten and a great source of fantasy assets outside the big four. Baines and Coleman are heavily involved in. Up front the main man is undoubtedly Romelu Lukaku. With four goals in his last two games, he is one of the form strikers at the moment.
  • Manchester United looked disorganised and ineffective, particularly in the first half. Rooney, Pogba and Ibra all struggled to have any impact on the game. Ibrahimovic still managed to score points by assisting Rashford for the goal. Hold Ibrahimovic for but it is advisable to replace Paul Pogba because he seems to be finding assists or goals hard to come by.
  • For the Saints, Nathan Redmond and Shane Long showed a lack of composure in front of goal as they missed some glorious chances. Eventually, it was Charlie Austin who found the back of the net in a deserved win for Southampton. He will be hoping to find the form he had for QPR and if he does find it, he will undoubtedly be an amazing third choice striker. However, as the others aren’t converting, sell them for a cheap replacement to accommodate Austin and some heavy hitters alongside.
  • Andros Townsend had a wonderful game against Stoke, scoring one and providing an assist another. If you still have him in your team, hold him as you can expect more points coming in as Crystal Palace are finding their feet.


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559 thoughts on “Talking points for game week 6

  1. hello boys,

    What’s your favorite option:

    A: Snodgrass + Rashford + 0.3 ITB (Hit -4)
    B: Milner + Austin + 0.2 ITB (Hit -4)
    C: Lallana + Diomande + 1.2 ITB (no Hit)
    D: Son + Diomande + 0.9 ITB (no Hit)
    E: Couthinho + Diomande + 0.2 ITB (no Hit)

    Though one I know.. THANKS

    • (My team at the moment):

      Cech – Jaku
      Valencia – Smith – McAuley – Collins – Kingsley
      Firmino – Sterling – Sanchez – Capoue – Lamela
      Kun – Lukaku – Diomande
      1.4 ITB

      Basically want to get rid of Lamela and wonder if I should straight up upgrade or downgrade and get a better 3rd FWD


      • @Jim Since you may want to field all 5 of your MIDs each GW, you can leave the 3rd FWD as is and just straight swap Lamela for Son for a solid 3-5-2 every GW!

        Depending how Firmino does in the next couple GWs, you can then think of swapping him for Coutinho if you want

        • @Porcelain Biscuit Thanks!

          Indeed I’m not unhappy with my 3-5-2.
          For some reasons I think that a 3-4-3 is better long term solution but this season is special with lot of players out of position.


  2. Hey guys,
    When I go to see if Aguero’s price will be rising it seems to be locked until the 29th…I’ve never experienced this before so was hoping someone could shed some light on it. Does that mean his price could possibly spike all of a sudden or will it start to rise from 0 again after that date? Any info would be great

    • @bluedrew

      Aguero’s price is locked until 9.20 PM on 29th September.

      When a player is injured (0% chance of playing), suspended or unavailable his price can still change in value. However, once his status has changed (to fully available) his price will be “locked”.

      When a player is “locked” i) his price will not change, ii) transfers in and out will not affect his price, and iii) his Target percentage will be set to zero. To view the locked players and determine the date and time at which they will be unlocked look in the “Unlocks” column

  3. Morning all – not a great week, but better!
    57 and till got Capoue to play.
    I’m thinking Mahrez to Sanchez this week which I can just afford (leaves 0.1 ITB). Surely a must have with upcoming fixtures?
    Would this be a sound move?
    I want to ship out Lamela, and after performance this weekend maybe Antonio, but upcoming West Ham fixtures not too bad.
    Anything I need to take a PH for (bearing in mind I won’t have much free cash so more or less a straight swap)? Or just use my FT for Sanchez move?
    Waiting to use my WC.
    Thanks as ever people.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @chelseachick_uk I don’t think WC is necessary but I think you might look into taking a point hit .
      Sanchez in, Mahrez out as you said

      And Lallana in for Lamela. You could use the Pool cover , and the prices of these two are very similar , if you think Lallana is a good hit for you , and you won’t have an extra 0.1 or whatever.
      getting Pool cover without taking out Ibra or downgrading Defoe is hard without a wildcard.
      Lallana looks outstanding value over the season IMO , def bound to rise to 8.5 or so come the end of the season if he keeps playing like this, seems important to Klopp s tactic . Antonio at 7 or Walcott at 7.6 both might fizz out or drop to the bench respectively , Cazorla has stopped his penalties and rarely takes shots.

      Lallana seems too good value for the 7.0 million In a free scoring pool side.
      No other seven million mid might be able to match come end of the season. For that reason, worth a hit in my books since you correctly want to get rid of Lamela too.

    • @IvantheTerrible What’s more interesting is the lack of love for Kun as captain. But in many ways, that’s good news.

      Sadly, most people in my ML have cottoned onto my tried and tested make-Kun-captain and have started doing the same.

    • @IvantheTerrible those who have kept him have captained him as a no brainer Vs Stoke at home.
      Who who have shipped him feel Rashford will give cover and he isn’t enough value for money yet. Needs double digit scores IMO, which will come if he improves conversion rate, but that makes all the difference.
      Right now Defoe has the same points . Which means if you picked rightly at the start of the season, you could have avoided Ibra till now and still been in top100 k or so if your captain choices were correct .
      Harder to captain so well rather than just slap it on Ibra but a huge 4.5 million difference Defoe has outmatched.

        • @Kralin this has put everything in a new perspective for me.
          Seeing FPL in points per game and points offered per million is so crucial this season with the amount of midfield wealth.
          As the RMT Algorithm said, midfielders in the 7-8 offer the best value , which tells me Lallana might be the pick of the season at 7 without any benching insecurity like Walcott, takes ten times more shots than Cazorla , gets into the box and due to his CAM days at Southampton he is a playmaker. Klopp might just be the person to transform him like what Klopp did to a few at Dortmund.
          It’s a speculation but this guy seems as crucial to Klopp s system this season as Firmino is a false 9.
          I don’t think Antonio can keep this going man, under a West ham team in shambles , with him moving to rig back . Might fade in 3-4 weeks .
          Lamela also insecure at 7 .

  4. Hello,

    1.1 ITB, 1 FT any suggestions on transfers? thinking I need some liverpool coverage where i might ship out barkley.

    Click to enlarge image

  5. price rises baffling mw a bit. I thought u would only ever be 0.2 or 0.3 behind, i’ve had Capoue since day 1 and in my team i get 4.8 value but to buy in he’s at 5.2! :(

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