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Talking Points For GW1

The Fantasy Football transfer window for game week 1 is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved. 


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1,125 thoughts on “Talking Points For GW1

  1. I need Kane to score twenty!
    had a very poor start so far only 36 points with -1 for Morgan and 6 for KDB as captain.
    Have Kane, Luka and Little P left to play.

    • @Terminators That’s not too bad – you’ve got your 2 most expensive players still to play. They should hopefully get you the points take you near to 50/60. Shame about KDB as captain, but he played well and was a good choice without benefit of hindsight.

  2. Best danger would be making rash moves like taking out Benteke / Zaha / Wji and so and so.

    Keep calm and see if the same team will get something next week. Then the changes will come in.

    As for Chelsea who knows, but maybe upfront with Willian + Morata they could do something. KBD will get something maybe :D.

    • @kumakier I have Zaha, there is nobody at £7m to replace him with unless you go to a lower price, I don’t know how well he played, other than in pre-season he was looking very good.

      Palace should really have beat Huddersfield on paper, especially as they were at home, it is early days, I don’t know what the game today was like though

        • @S.B.L I was just looking at Ramsey for Zaha :question: Wengers rotation puts me off though and really looking at the fixtures CRY and ARS both have a mixed bag for a fair while yet and Zaha plays as a FWD and is guaranteed to start.

  3. Aside from Salah at £9.0M and Vardy at £8.5M, none of the other players in the current GW1 dream team cost more than £6.0M :jawdrop:

    That’s likely to change with tomorrow’s results, but is still pretty remarkable after 8 fixtures already played.

  4. Wondering if I should go back to GK Foster (WBA) £4.5m and take out Forster (SOU) £5m (other GK is Elliot {NW}) and then use the £0.5m to upgrade to a £4.5m DEF that will play as a possible rotation.

    • @Terminators It looks like you’re suffering from GW1 panic-attacks! Let tomorrow play out first, before thinking of any big moves. Remember that there’s a transfer window currently going on too, and Spurs/ Chelsea will be investing over the coming weeks. It looks like maybe only Xhaka will go up in value tonight, and there’s no point in taking a hit to change a keeper and a bench defender. Be patient for tonight :thumbup: This gameweek has been crazy, but the first few gameweeks are always erratic.

      • @S.B.L I have a panic attack every GW :shocked: I admit I lost it completely last season I was making transfers like crazy, I have to hold off this time.

      • @FFC I don’t see the appeal much either, other than potential squad value. That may have been Xhaka’s key 17/18 performance.

        If Hegazi was guaranteed gametime I may have gone for him but I have to boot Fabregas out (or keep him, lose money on him and hope Carroll or Mee performs next week). A pain, in other words. At least I’m not a Chelsea supporter: I’d probably feel even worse about him.

        • @Kralin I’d go Willian in for Fabregas, but like you’ve said below, wait till tomorrow. I think everyone who is not a Chelsea fans counts their blessings. Couldn’t think of anything worse.

        • @FFC yes, thanks, I will probably play it safe. They clash with Spurs though next week, so not the easiest of ties but I suspect Chelsea will improve. They didn’t get off to a flyer last year. Will be interesting to see who they bring in for their banned players. As long as Fab’s price isn’t going to go down I will hold on as long as possible.

          The game I was most interested in today (other than Liverpool’s), from a fantasy perspective, was the WBA vs Bournemouth match. I was convinced Bournemouth would win that but a sturdy sounding WBA defensive display is good news.

  5. I dunno what to say to discourage people from making rash transfers. At least wait until tomorrow’s games are over: Lukaku / Kane / Alli could get injured, adding to your woes.

    (Incidentally, I have a grim feeling about Spurs tomorrow which I sincerely hope does not come to pass, given that Kane is my captain.)

    I’ve had a terrible week so far, got it completely wrong with Palace, had Fab in midfield, changed Kun to Jesus late in the week, but for me it’s all about hanging on in there, start to spot the deeper trends, check out the data a bit, all that stuff. Chasing after GW1 stars could seriously imbalance your team.

    Having said all that, I have the headache of Fabregas. I’m going to see how Newcastle perform tomorrow as I may, looking at their fixtures, try and sneak one of their mids in my side for now.

    Who would you replace Fabregas with? Willian is the obvious choice and was apparently one of the better Chelsea players today.

      • @midnightrunner Thanks. I had him. He was one of my saving graces. I was saved from complete ignominy by him, Bertrand and Otamendi.

    • @Kralin
      This is the most sensible post around so far after the first part of this round. It’s only my 7th season but from experience I’ve noticed that most of the managers get into some sort of hysterical panic just because their initial picks didn’t perform well. This is so wrong. GW 1 means nothing. Hold to your horses and think positive I would say.

    • @Kralin

      Totally agree with what you say about making rash transfers.
      People spend hours poring over the best team to have prior to the season starting, and then decide to rip up their team after one week because – A. none of their players scored over 6 points, and B. another player that they previously discarded for legitimate reasons, gets a bit lucky.
      As I always say, it’s a marathon, not a snickers. er, sprint!

      Fabregas is banned for one game. Can you not just bench him?

      • @OldGoat Yes, sage bleats indeed, thanks.

        I’ve considered hanging on with Fab and will do so for as long as possible while I ponder things. However will be keeping an eye on his price and will ditch him if it’s starting to look a bit shaky. Having said that, Hazard’s price fell to 9.8 last year if memory serves.

      • @OldGoat Another thing of course is that there is no law saying that people can’t make a transfer this week.

        In an ideal world it’s good to hold and have two next week (and you’ll be grateful you did) but it’s an entirely reasonable thing to relax, have some fun and just keep on tinkering.

        For me, Xhaka = bandwagon; Hegazi = minor bandwagon / a correction of the side, especially if you like me you ignored the charms of WBA’s defence. Obviously Hegazi may not be a permanent fixture in that team, WBA may concede three next week…

        • @Kralin

          Personally, I don’t think there are any bandwagons worth jumping on after GW1.
          We have seen a few unexpected results this weekend, which almost certainly won’t change people’s views of the top clubs – so why rush out and get a player on the strength of one performance. It makes no sense to me.

          ps – Huddersfield to do a Leicester of 2 seasons ago and win the title against the odds.
          Chelsea to do a Leicester of last season and flirt with relegation before sacking the manager. :lolflag:

        • @OldGoat No, there aren’t. I remember a Hull defender got jumped on a couple of season’s ago after week 1 then promptly got sent off (or got injured, can’t remember) in week 2.

          The Hegazi move would be one of those ‘I’m in slight denial about not picking a WBA defender’ moves but I’m not going near yet.

          Having slept on it I probably will bench Fab as Mee off the bench isn’t terrible. If it looks like his price will drop catastrophically / some blinding bit of illumination occurs / one of my players today gets crocked etc then I’ll reconsider. A pain, though.

        • @Kralin

          The old brain has just remembered Etienne Capoue from last season, although he was in my team from the off.
          Nice tidy profit by the time I sold him, which I used to go to New Orleans for the Mardi Grass :lol:

        • @OldGoat PS Chelsea started last season poorly as well. I’m interested to see who they bring in for Cahill but again, with Spurs looming, would be risky. And we haven’t seen Spurs yet. Given the turbulence so far, nothing would surprise me.

        • @Kralin

          It’s around this time that Conte will be rueing the loaning out of Kurt Zouma!
          Maybe Aston Villa will let John Terry go on loan for a month

      • @Chipster You’re a chip off the old block for getting that out whilst on your sick-bed.

        Good idea. Ramsey was in my first draft so was part of my initial plans. I’d say he’s second favourite behind Willian (have only 7m to spend).

        As long as Fab’s price doesn’t look like falling I’ll have a look at any reports about Atsu and Ritchie of Newcastle to see how they got on. Phillips and Redmond are other options I’ll be agonising about, no doubt.

  6. I am pulling the trigger!

    GK Forster (SOU) > Foster (WBA)
    Frees up £0.5m
    DEF Mariappa (WAT) > Fernandez (SWA)

  7. Tough to hold off on a knee-jerk transfer after a 35 points haul so far. Still got Kane, Bailly and Lukaku so hoping for a respectable 50 points by tomorrow night.

    Anyone else going to jump on the Sam Vokes train? Looked pretty clinical today and decent fixtures? Or am I clutching at straws?

    • @Admiral Benson I think I’d monitor Vokes rather than jump on straight away. And Liverpool and Spurs loom for him, plus a revitalised WBA defence next week.

      If I get to 50 I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

  8. Yoshida just missed out on scoring a header and then took a free kick not far from goal, may have to do a swap sometime for Cedric.

  9. Had Cahill with -3 pt, did not know the players continued to be penalized the goals conceded after sent off…. need to take him out as he is suspended till 17th of Sep, but like Kralin said don’t want to make rush transfer today. What’s you guys thought on replacement of you have Cahill? Anyone would keep him?

    • @touch.ref One week ban probably ok to keep; three week ban then I’d swap him for someone. Depends on whether you want to do a like-for-like, in which case Chelsea have some decent options. However, and whilst they are a fairly fixture-proof side, their fixtures aren’t the easiest.

      So, for the same price or less then you could look at: Valencia; Bailly; Bertrand; Walker; Alderweireld et al.

      See how Man U and Spurs look today; and you may have a Man U defender anyway.

      • @Kralin thank you, I will wait for the games finish tonight. With 3 weeks ban I will definitely transfer him out after, and I got Yoshida and Stones so may go with Spurs or Man U if they show good D tonight… else look for cheaper ones.

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