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Talking Points For GW1

The Fantasy Football transfer window for game week 1 is now closed. Join me in our virtual Fantasy Football world while we watch the games and hope our points rack up. Sit back, relax, enjoy the football and hang-out here with your fellow Fantasy Football managers and chat in real time as the action unfolds. Perhaps everyone else is experiencing the same “Aggghhhh” player difficulties you are, or the same “Yeahhhh” moment as your captain puts the ball into the back of the net? Talking Points is simply a chat area for us Fantasy Football First managers. Tell us about your highs and lows, and get into the match day atmosphere. Get involved. 


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1,125 thoughts on “Talking Points For GW1

  1. I am very woried not have liverpool cover, but tobdo that i will loose either spurs/chelsea/city/man u attck cover, shoul i take a hits in this early stage ? The staright swap is either salah to kdb or firmino to kane…

    • @tata25 – Hang in there mate. Wait for a week and see how things go. It is very early days yet. The first round can be chaotic so no need to make crazy transfers yet.

    • @tata25 Bees, offers good advice. If you did the transfer, it would probably be the wrong one anyway. That’s the agony of fantasy football.

    • @tata25 Just sit back with that one. On another day both KDB and Jesus could have had loads of points versus Brighton yesterday; Kane we haven’t even seen yet.

      Boy I could do with him netting a couple of times today.

    • @Johndayal21 best thing with that is to check

      That site has Xhaka looking favourite for the first price rise of the season.

      Personally I’d avoid because his exploits were the exception rather than the norm plus he likes a yellow and red card or two. Plus Arsenal’s fixtures aren’t that brill. I’m looking at Arsenal after week 5 I think, when they have a very nice run ineed.

      Hegazi, Salah and Vardy are all strong candidates for a price rise.

      However someone in today’s games will probbaly emerge as well.

      So in the absence of any article etc just keep logging in, join in the community a bit (getting a Grav always helps) and by asking a few questions and expressing your own opinion you can generally come up with the best options for your side.

  2. No.1 rank TCed Salah (that old trick but fair enough) and managed to bench Cahill AND Lukaku, but Cahill will come on for Sobhi while Lukaku stays on the bench :thumbup: :rofl:

  3. 42pts so far, Alderweireld, Alli and Lukaku (C) still not played so decent 1st round for this season.

    Any suggestions to transfers? I’m a little bit stuck, should I go for some bandwagon already or just keep everyone still? :headscratch:

    • @MikoTheManiac I’d keep everyone still. The dust won’t settle for a couple of weeks; sides who played badly this week may miraculously improve next.

      Good score so far, 10 or so up from me.

  4. Hi all. First time to post this season. The first weekend of games always throws us some curve balls and for most, creates doubt about our own selections. Patience and calm are required. Let the weekend run its course and review. Mini leagues are not won on gameweek 1. :thumbup:

  5. Average gw so far 34 points capt lukaku and DDG to play. My risk in milner back fired and his cameo kept naughtons 6 points on the bench. so I want to replace him and fabregas. if son gets gametime today he could be a great differential. I’m thinking.

    Milner to Bertrand
    Fabregas to son

    for a – 4

    • @dennisim Son is still marked as injured so that sounds risky.

      Milner…I would give him another week. Hopefully he will start next week to help steady the ship.

      Like you I have the Fabregas headache but I could bench him for a week and play Mee off the bench, which is not a terrible option.

      So you could do something similar then make your two transfers for free if they’re the moves you still want to make ina wekk’s time.

  6. I’m on 58pts so far, with DDG and Davies still to play. Very happy with that :yahoo:

    But, no Kane or Luka in my main team is making me very nervous for today’s matches :doorpeek:

  7. Morning all. 49 points so far for me. My stubborn determination to make Firmino my third forward paid off. Disappointed in Jesus though, and wish i hadnt changed Foster to Hennessey.

    • @Kumast yep, that’s the exact expression he put on when britos scored, what a ridiculous goal to concede. nice score, i’m slightly below your lofty heights at 44, go firmino!

    • @Kumast Firmino was a good edition to your team as it has turned out… Guaranteed Reds penalty taker for the season, do you think??

      • @Ricardo milner wasn’t on the pitch so I wouldn’t say firmino is 100% the penalty taker but even sharing pens he will do well for 8.5 mil.

    • @Kumast Good score. I should have copied your side.

      I was enormously disappointed in Palace yesterday, not least H in goal. Foster was in my first draft but I talked myself out of the WBA defence.

      • @Kralin @Kumast 57 with just Kane (C) to go. Might get in around decent average of 60 pts but utterly disappointed with Alonso, KDB & Gabbi.
        I switched from Kolasinac > Alonso…and Mounie > Gabbi in the last minute because PL experience blah blah! I suppose I will give Mounie another GW before I make any switch! Do you guys reckon ALonso will come good? Or is he eating up way too much value for low single figure returns!?

        • @Porcelain Biscuit 57 is very good. Bad luck re the swaps; tell me about it.

          Alonso had most shots on goal for Chelsea yesterday I think so is definitely worth keeping.

        • @Kralin I think I have to be patient and roll FT so I could make 2 FTs + 1 hit for any new bandwagons/bargains after GW 2 by which we should have a fair idea of starting XI of most clubs!

        • @Porcelain Biscuit yeah. I may still ditch Fab (don’t really want a player’s price falling in week one) but I have Mee to cover him next week so not bad. Having 2 FTs next week will be very handy.

      • @Kralin I should have followed your lead and kept Otamendi in (I went with Stones in the end), so swings and roundabouts…
        I finished on 88. Would have broken the 90 point barrier if i’d kept Foster (and/or otamendi) , but shant worry too much about that for now. Let’s see if Palace improve though,…as you say a big disappointment.

        • @Kumast Palace, hmm. Luckily I can call on Elliot in goal next week, but am lumbered with Benteke. Maybe he’ll get the consolation goal for them.

          I got lucky with Otamendi, on another day Stones would have been top.

          88 is an extremely strong start. My (minor) worry is that if Lukaku continues scoring I could fall quite a bit behind if my trio fail to spark, but I can’t believe Jesus/Kane/Benteke will only get me 5 points again. When I got in earlier and saw Kane hadn’t scored, I knew Lukaku would.

        • @Kralin No Kane or no Lukaku, both options carried a risk. Us Lukaku owners got lucky today but the shoe could easily have been on the other foot. Kane had chances.
          Benteke 15 goals last season so dont panic. I must admit though I’m relieved I ignored both him and zaha.

        • @Kumast minor frustration was that I nearly played Jones of Man U and kept Kun but Jones was too puntish for me.

          But of course on another day Jesus could have had a couple yesterday.

          Oh well. Upwards and onwards.

        • @Kralin Yes thats really annoying. I know you were hot for kun, and you called it right on the kun/jesus choice. I thought about Jones but thought better of it. The cash saved from swapping Bailly to Jones would have been useful. I’m sorry you got a full monty of failing forwards. It’s not going to happen every week.

        • @Kumast PS I got 47 points, my haughty comments about Huddersfield’s (and WBA’s) defence, plus Man U’s lack of scoring prowess, came back to haunt me.

          When I came in yesterday and saw Burnley and Huddersfield winning comfortably, and WBA keeping a clean sheet, I could only laugh.

  8. I’m happy with danilo CS yesterday. I don’t think he will start next GW. His ability to penetrate didn’t look convincing with his righfoot deployed on the left flank. If he already near the penalty area, he will stopped and changed foot and the best moments were gone.

    I think Sane will start next GW

    • @rap02

      in his last pre-season he deployed on the right flank. He was good and didn’t need to stop and made several shots to Joe Hart

  9. Terrible week from me. Went for Palace and Saints players. Hoping Man U players can save me today.

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