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Sorting the Score Predictions for EPL GW18 2016

I would guess that right about now Jolly Old St Nick is sitting down at his PC and scanning the spreadsheets to find out which FFF managers have been naughty or nice. I HO-HO-HO HOPE all and their families have a very Merry Christmas (was going to search for how to say it in all languages, but I’m too lazy), and that Boxing Day rewards you with green arrows in FPL and exact scores in the Prediction Game.

Last week saw the top 2 sites recorded 9 correct win/draws, and the RMT Adviser’s algorithm came thru with a respectable 8 correct and 2 exact scores. All 30 sites met or exceeded the 40% benchmark. As of this writing 20 – 24 sites have posted predictions, and here is what has been revealed.

  • 10 of 24 sites predict a Wat win at home v Palace but 11 of the 24 say draw. 41.0% of the RMT Adviser’s simulations predict a Wat win with a 10.6% chance of a 1-0 score. This looks like a coin flip.
  • 23 of 24 sites predict an ARS win at home v WBA and 57.4% of RMT Adviser’s simulations agree with a 12.8% chance of a 2-0 score.
  • 10 of 24 sites predict a draw between BUR & MID while 8 sites predict a BUR win. 39.6% of RMT Adviser’s simulations predict a BUR win with a 19.0% chance of a 1-0 score. Looks like another coin flip.
  • All the sites predict a CHE win at home v BOU and the RMT Adviser’s agrees with 57.4% of simulations predicting a CHE win with a 13.6% chance of a 2-0 score.
  • 16 of 24 sites predict a LEI win at home v EVE and the RMT Adviser’s agrees with 47.0% of simulations predicting a LEI win with a 12.4% of a 2-1 score.
  • All 24 sites predict a MUN win at home v SUN and the RMT Adviser’s agrees with 55.4% of simulations predicting a MUN win with a 17.8% chance of a 1-0 score.
  • 9 of 24 sites predict either a WHU win or draw on their visit to SWA, but the RMT Adviser’s simulations of 31.4% in favor of SWA and 31.6% in favor of WHU would appear to lean toward a draw. This is just my take on the numbers since the RMT Adviser’s predicts a 2-1 SWA win in 11.6% of simulations.
  • All 24 sites predict an MCI win at HUL and the RMT Adviser agrees with 45.4% of simulations in favor of a MCI win with a 10.6% chance of a 1-2 score.
  • 21 of 22 sites predict a LIV win at home v STC and the RMT Adviser agrees with 54.6% of simulations predicting a LIV win with a 12.8% chance of a 2-0 score.
  • 14 of 20 sites predict a draw between SOU and TOT, while 41.2% of the RMT Adviser’s simulations predict a SOU win with an 18.4% chance of a 1-0 score. Another “pick’em” match.

The statistical predictions for GW18 are –

Home v Away Mean Mode Stats. Prediction
WAT v CPL 1.5-1.3 2-1 2-1
ARS v WBA 2.0-0.4 2-0 2-0
BUR v MID 0.7-0.7 1-1 1-1
CHE v BOU 2.3-0.1 2-0 2-0
LEI v EVE 1.7-0.9 2-1 2-1
MUN v SUN 2.1-0.1 2-0 2-0
SWA v WHU 1.3-1.5 2-1 1-2 or 2-1
HUL v MCI 0.4-2.3 0-2 0-2
LIV v STC 2.3-0.3 2-0 2-0
SOU v TOT 0.9-1.0 1-1 1-1

The site results from GW17 were-

# of Predictions # correct wins/draws # Correct Exact Scores 10 9 4 10 9 1 10 8 3 10 8 2
RMT Adviser’s algorithm 10 8 2 10 8 1 10 7 4 10 7 1 10 7 0 10 6 3 10 6 2
2 sites tied 10 6 1
2 sites tied 10 6 0
2 sites tied 10 5 2
7 sites tied 10 5 1 10 5 0
2 sites tied 10 4 2
2 sites tied 10 4 1 10 4 0

As always, no claims are made that the results presented here will outperform your processes and what has worked for you in the past. They are offered as a possible time-saver for those managers lacking time to surf the Web, especially at this time of the year.

“You pays yer money, and you takes yer choice”. That’s what this is all about. Although the consensus of results here may help to point you in one direction or another, it is still your own instincts and gut feelings which determine your final choices. Good luck in the numbers’ game.

Next GW’s predictions may be a little dicey since there are only 46 hours between the end of Wednesday’s match and the start of Friday’s match. Hopefully, the sites will come thru and I can get enough data to make the stats meaningful. Keep your fingers crossed.


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79 yr old retired water & wastewater Chemist from Philadelphia, PA; retired to Florida. Enjoying the game more through association with all on site.
Continuing my FPL educations with the help of quite a few friends.

20 thoughts on “Sorting the Score Predictions for EPL GW18 2016

  1. I’ve got a question brother, do you have an overall stat on how these 24 websites have done in the past 17 gameweeks regarding their win/draws predictions? Is there a consistently high performing website?

    • @sdzsdz To answer your question the following sites have averaged between 5.5 and 5.7 correct picks over the first 17 weeks:
      bbc,com (LAWRO)
      That is not saying that any are on a hot stresk at the moment. You can look at recent past articles to see which sites finish at the top of the weekly summary of sites to see if there are any consistently good results. I hope that this is of some help. :thumbup:

    • @sdzsdz As you see being correct about 57% of the time for the correct win/draw result is about average. The percentage for correct exact scores runs around 10 % scross all sites.
      The RMT Opti-bot simulations have been yielding good returns lately but are not a readily available site to visit as of this time. I have access to the data through the Boss.

      • @mosc1938 thanks for the reply and the stats, I guess 57 percent is still much better than my fifa 17 simulations :D

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