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Sorting the Score Predictions for FPL BGW 35 2018

Thankfully the short turn around this week is eased by the shortened match schedule. There are only 6 matches on the docket this weekend, and you may expect a ton of rotation when lineups are announced.

The first DGW is in the books and I’m not sure that everyone was satisfied with the results. Many first team members were rested in the second matches and that led to lower point accumulations.

Those with the Free Hit still available will be using it this weekend. Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool players are sure to be in most managers teams.

As time is of the essence, let’s bring on the RMT algorithm simulations for Wins, Clean Sheets, and Multiple Goal Scoring in GW 35.

The RMT algorithm Simulations for Winning Teams in GW 35 are – 

Home Away Sim% for HW/AW/Draw Sim% & Projected Score
Manchester City Swansea City 57.5 / 4.4 / 9.6 14.3 / 2-0
West Bromwich Liverpool 11.8 / 54.0 / 20.3 13.6 / 1-2
Arsenal West Ham United 46.1 / 8.0 / 15.0 11.3 / 2-1
Stoke City Burnley 29.0 / 40.6 / 28.21 16.0 / 1-1
Everton Newcastle United 39.8 / 25.1 / 28.4 16.5 / 1-1
Watford Crystal Palace 36.2 / 27.9 / 30.7 17.9 / 1-1

Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal are projected as clearcut winners, and the score simulations support this view.

Burnley is also projected to win but by a lower simulation, as the simulated score is a 1-1 draw. If I were a betting man, it would be Burnley for me.

The Everton v Newcastle and Watford v Palace matches are projected to be draws and that seems to be the case in my opinion.

The RMT algorithm Simulations for Clean Sheets in GW 35 are –

Home Away Sim% for H CS Sim% for A CS
Manchester City Swansea City 39.3 2.5
Stoke City Burnley 27.2 36.0
West Bromwich Liverpool 8.8 31.5
Everton Newcastle United 28.4 18.8
Watford Crystal Palace 25.3 20.3
Arsenal West Ham United 22.2 2.3

Once again, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal display the simulations to favor them to keep Clean Sheets.

Burnley and Everton appear to be in the running in the CS derby, but the Watford v Palace contest appears too close to be called.

The RMT algorithm Simulations as to the Teams Scoring 2 or More Goals in GW 35 are – 

Home Away % Sim for H 2+ G % Sim for A 2+ G
West Bromwich Liverpool 18.3 51.8
Manchester City Swansea City 50.7 8.6
Arsenal West Ham United 50.3 18.1
Everton Newcastle United 35.9 25.2
Watford Crystal Palace 35.0 30.1
Stoke City Burnley 22.2 28.6

Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal appear again as the leading candidates when goal scoring is projected.

Everton seems to have a chance versus Newcastle United, but the remaining 2 matches would require a real leap of faith for someone to predict a goal fest in those.

Three teams dominate the RMT algorithm simulations this GW, City, Pool, and the Gunners. It boils down to picking the right players from those three to populate your teams. You could also throw in a few Burnley players on defense.

The Statistical Score Predictions from Websites for GW 35 are –

Home v Away Mean Mode Stats. Prediction
Watford v Crystal Palace 0.9-1.2 1-1 1-1
Arsenal v West Ham United 2.3-0.6 3-0 2-1 or 3-1
Stoke City v Burnley 0.3-1.2 0-1 0-1
Manchester City v Swansea City 3.1-0.3 3-0 3-0
West Bromwich v Liverpool 0.6-2.0 1-2 1-2
Everton v Newcastle United 1.3-0.8 1-1 1-1

As the RMT algorithm simulations project above, the distilled knowledge from the websites also points to City, Pool, and the Gunners as leading candidates this weekend. Burnley over Stoke City appears to be a good bet, while the remaining 2 matches are projected to be drawn.

“You pays yer money, and you takes yer choices”. Always good advice when playing this competition.

The Top Websites from GW 34 were – 

Site # of Predictions # of Correct Wins/Draws # Correct Exact Scores 14 7 3 14 7 2 14 7 2 14 7 1 14 6 3 14 6 3 – merson 14 6 3 14 6 3 14 6 2 14 6 1 14 6 1

That wraps it up for this week. The shortened schedule made it less work for me. I hope the data will offer some assistance although the posting only affords a day to digest.


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Continuing my FPL educations with the help of quite a few friends.

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  1. Thanks Mosc
    I found myself a little bit decent in prediction, kicked away from top ten of last year.
    but still 4 games to go.
    anyway, I always use your article to decide which defender i would like to have in next GW, just to seek CS to enhance my GW’s point.
    Thanks a lot Mosc, again.

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