Injury List

This fantasy football player injury list,manually updated by the FF1st team, is to help with your team selection and transfers.

Player Name
Injury Status
Injury End Date
Barkley EVE Injured 2017-11-18
Bolasie EVE Injured 2017-01-01
Lallana LIV Injured 2017-10-31
Dummett NEW Injured 2017-09-24
Brown BHA Injured 2017-09-23
Kayal BHA Injured 2017-10-14
Marney BUR Injured 2017-10-07
Coleman EVE Injured 2017-10-14
Clyne LIV Injured 2017-09-23
Zárate WAT Injured 2017-12-31
Wells BUR Injured 2017-09-23
Cathcart WAT Injured 2017-10-21
Coquelin ARS Injured 2017-10-14
Heaton BUR Injured 2017-09-24
Drinkwater CHE Injured 2017-09-30
Kaboul WAT Injured 2017-09-23
Rojo MUN Injured 2017-12-26
Rose TOT Injured 2017-09-30
Lamela TOT Injured 2017-11-05
Ibrahimovic MUN Injured 2017-09-23
Sidwell BHA Injured 2017-09-24
Baldock BHA Injured 2017-10-14
Kompany MCI Injured 2017-09-23
Afellay STK Injured 2017-09-23
Wanyama TOT Injured 2017-10-21
Fuchs LEI Injured 2017-09-23
Pogba MUN Injured 2017-09-23
Cameron STK Injured 2017-09-30
Prödl WAT Injured 2017-09-23
Lanzini WHU Injured 2017-09-23
Haidara NEW Injured 2017-09-24
Collins WHU Injured 2017-10-07
Fernandes WHU Injured 2017-09-23
Player Name
Injury Status
Injury End Date