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RMT Adviser’s Algorithm & our experienced FPL Managers: Best of both worlds

A better FPL team in two simple steps:

Step 1: analyse and improve your FPL Squad using our algorithm. Let us help you find the best transfers to earn the most points in the coming weeks.

Step 2: let our experienced managers sanity check your transfer ideas and updated FPL team.

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Spend a few seconds to import your FPL team. Your team will be automatically rated, you will see a suggested formation, captain and vice captain, and transfer strategies. Use the rating to try out different captains, substitutes or players to find winning combinations. Then ask our helpful FPL experts for assistance with your team.

The model is uses the real-world machine-learning research of the statistics professors at the University Of Southampton’s Computer Science team. The FPL Adviser’s Algorithm has significantly improved since its first incarnation in 2010, but should you want to know more please read their published paper on the original model at “Competing with Humans at Fantasy Football: Team Formation in Large Partially-Observable Domains.” by Matthews, Tim, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, and Georgios Chalkiadakis (AAAI 2012).

The RMT Adviser’s Algorithm is not mode available for game week 38.