Fantasy Football Firsts Fantasy Premier League Team

Fantasy Football First’s current wildcard FPL Team for Game Week 33 2016

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. So I’ll be explaining how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

My game week 32 team

Last week I sold Zabaleta because of his lack of game time, and bought Ivanovic. It felt like Ivan was the only Chelsea player not to score.

My Team

Captain Aguero did as expected, although Payet would have been the higher scoring choice.

My game week 33 team

In game week 33 I activated my wild card. In my most recent Double Game Week Planning article we finished with the below team, so naturally this was my starting point.

My Team

My worries with this team are

  • Vardy has not scored in 6 games. He has three reasonable games and then three hard games in GWs 36, 37 and 38. Because of the other transfers I’ve planned, I’d have to keep him over the whole DGW period. Moreover, Leicester have been very defensive of late. So keeping him is a risk.
  • I would like to bring in Aguero because City have good fixtures. Also they have a lot of players returning from injury. KDB is back. Silva is due back this weekend and Sterling very soon. They should have a full attack against mid-to-low table teams.
  • Firmino has fallen out of favour and his game time is a doubt. The RMT Machine predicts Milner to earn as many points as Coutinho over the next 5 weeks making Milner a like for like swap.
  • I want to ensure I can afford future transfers to build a team for GW37, however, I have to keep in mind that based on experience, GW37 is usually a disappointment and I should not take hits to chase it.
  • I feel two Leicester defenders is over exposure, given the harder games in GWs 36 to 38. I’d like to bring in a United defender if possible because United’s defending stats for this season are “off the chart”.

In the end I can’t afford a United defender, so I choose:

My Team

Player 33 (WC) 34 (BB) 35 36 37 (AOA)
Lukaku x2 x2 x2
Aguero x2
Payet x2 x2
Milner x2 x2
Coutinho x2 x2
Sanchez x2
Lennon x2 x2 Routledge Antonio x2
Gabriel x2
Delaney x2 x2
Olsson x2 Ogbonna x2
Sakho x2 x2
Cech x2
Robles x2 x2
Cash In The Bank £0.5m £0.5m £0.6m £0.2m £0m

Tell me your team below and I’ll take a look. Best of luck.

Team update

I’ve found out Olsson may have been dropped from the Baggies back 4. I’ll post an update once I’ve looked into this some more.


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608 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First’s current wildcard FPL Team for Game Week 33 2016

  1. TEAMS: #WHUFCAdrian, Tomkins, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Kouyate, Noble (c), Antonio, Payet, Lanzini, Carroll #WHUARS #COYI

  2. ARSENAL: Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Elneny, Coquelin, Welbeck, Sanchez, Ozil, Iwobi ⚒ #WHUFC #WHUARS

    • @GamingPredator7 Indeed….. all returns from injury killed my plan…and somehow I put a team with not so many DGW players like others.
      KDB – first headache, almost battled to fit him in
      Ozil vs Sanchez – everyone is going with Sanchez, so I also followed the BW
      Darmian/Rojo and Lingard/Rashford – none is sure with Luke Shaw and Rooney back to training… Rooney will start in GW34; forced me to go with DDG and risk pick Lingard
      Payet vs Lanzini – Trusted Payet.. so finally I ended with 0.1m in bank and team of 12 DGW and 5 BGW players:

      DDG, Robbles
      Bellerin, Gabriel, Delaney, Morgan, Simpson (double on LEI… could not fit Moreno)
      KDB, Sanchez, Payet, Coutinho, Lingard
      Aguero, Kane, Lukaku

      Hope my trusted players will do well. :fingerscrossed: Good luck to all. :thumbup:

    • @GamingPredator7 Yes, I know the feeling. There must have been loads of managers close to nervous breakdowns this week. Nice to have a forum to come on and let off steam.

      At one point I got so irrational that I was even thinking of taking hits next week, despite WC this, but common sense won through in the end.

      But yeah, onwards and upwards (I hope).

  3. Hi, please check my team out and let me know what you guys think and what changes would you make if you were in my situation

  4. Please help my team £0.5m the bank, 2 transfers made from 2FT, 2 of 2 wildcards played. what changes can i make in my team for gameweek 34?

  5. Please help my team £0.9m the bank, 0 transfer made from 1FT, 2 of 2 wildcards played. What you guys think of my wildcard team ? Going to play beench boost as well :) is it worth swaping Marhez for a dgw player ? :)

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