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Please rate my team:

Baines, Terry, Azpi
Ozil, Payet, Wanyama, Townsend
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Mignolet, Chadli, Smith and Fosu-M.

Captain: Ozil and Vice is Payet.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Mingolet -> Boruk so I have cash to upgrade Terry next week

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1,631 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 21

  1. I’ve written this quasi-article today and sent it to Chorley about my strategy in maximising profit by using a wildcard this Gameweek but unfortunately he must be busy and I haven’t gotten any feedback.

    Anyone has time to read it and provide some?

    The idea behind this is to maximise the possible profit from a wildcard. As known, when a player rises by 0.2m, when you sell that player, you make a profit of 0.1m. The 12-day gap between Gamweek 20 until Gameweek 21 allows to earn a profit around 0.5 to 1.5m depending on how many players will rise by 0.2m. To be frank, I expect something around 0.8m.

    In this view, I have drafted a team with the players that will most probably rise by 0.2m within the next few days. In addition I have listed a number of players that are on the rise, sorted by position and the rate their price is rising, that you can swap from this team as soon as the player rises by 0.2m. Have in mind that some may reach that within the first 3-5 days.

    The team is as follow:
    Heaton, Grant

    Holgate, Daniels, Ake, Clyne, Brunt

    Pogba, Snodgrass, Alli, Lallana, Phillips

    Ibrahimovic, Giroud, Gray

    Please note that Ibrahimovic and Grant can be swapped but I decided not to because I already gained 0.4m from Grant and 0.4m from Ibrahimovic.

    Fortunately, this team can be made with any budget, however it can get tricky if players like Costa and Kane perform well after their matches.

    Ommissions (these are in order that are expected to rise first):


    Guzan (similar rise with Heaton)




    de Roon

    Possible after their match if they have a good performance:


    • @Zwischenzug

      Hi Zwischenzug,
      Firstly I will say that all articles and analysis are welcome on this site, and you have spent a lot of time and research in getting your article together, which is appreciated.
      As you have asked for feedback on your article, I shall give a couple of thoughts about it –

      In a sense, you are speculating on which players will go up by 0.2 in price between now and GW21. This can be easy to predict when a player has had a stellar week, but is not always obvious at other times.

      Your speculation that players who look likely to rise in price tonight will rise again in the next 8 days has some logic, but my feelings are that only players who have done well this week, or have been performing consistently for the last few weeks, are liable to do that.

      I think the most unlikely price riser this week is Mason Holgate (Everton).
      Currently priced at 4.0. He played 3 games at the start of the season, and was then dropped.
      Three things will have triggered interest in him –
      1. His price tag of 4.0M, 2. He sits at the top of the points table for defenders with a 4.0 price. 3. He played in GW18.

      My guess is that once his price rises to 4.1, then people will lose interest in him, and move on to the next 4.0 defender, and so on.
      Perhaps some analysis/reasoning behind why a player is going to rise in price, would give a better pointer to those who are likely to rise more than once.

      I don’t want this to appear as criticism. You may well be on to something with regards to anticipating price rises, but it is only the “elite” that tend to rise more than 0.1 in a week.

      • @OldGoat First of all, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. I’m impressed by your concern on how I will take it. Truth is, I believe that feedback, criticism or comments of any sort can only be beneficial.

        For the last time, I’m gonna remind you that this is my first season ever and this is an idea that popped into my head and wanted to get experimental with it.

        Now, fantasy :D

        That’s exactly what my idea is. I agree that this happens most often with players that are consistent but, this is also the case with bandwagons! I’ve actually was inspired by that because, due to my inexperience, I had hopped on the Son and Gundogan ones respectively. Massive, terrible failure.

        However, if you do that during a wildcard, that’s absolutely fine!
        Let’s take a look at those cases:
        Zlatan: Dec 21st, 11.4m – Dec 27th, 11.6m (1 GW)
        Lallana: Dec 31st, 7.5m – Jan 3rd, 7.7m (1 GW)
        Alli: Dec 29th, 8.1m – Jan 2nd, 8.3m (1 GW)
        Snodgrass: Jan 1st, 5.6m – Jan 3rd 5.7 & Jan 4th 5.8 (expected)

        This trend applies to most players that I have selected and they are players that have been playing well and liable to make that change. Have in mind that if 7-8 players make that 0.2m transition, we are talking about 0.7m just out of a wildcard! That’s a lot.

        Have in mind, that now there is a 12-day gap and people are liable to go on a shopping spree. Especially given how the fixtures change, the missed deadlines and all the wildcards! In this view, more transfer activity, more volatile market, more possible for 0.2m rise.

        Holgate is a longshot however, I am planning to change any player that doesn’t meet the minimum increase rate after the first 0.1m rise and swap him with someone who hasn’t risen and has more chance. This is also the case for someone that has reached the 0.2m increase.

        After the first night, I have these results to show:
        Giroud, Lallana, Phillips, Gray increased by 0.1m with Pogba and Alli expected to rise today.

        I’ve also made the change of Clyne to Baines because Clyne has beginning to fall.

        I will keep you posted if you are interested.

        • @Zwischenzug

          Thanks for taking time to show your findings.
          As I stated, players that rise by more than 0.1 in a GW, are either those that have had one great week, or those that have been steadily rising.
          However, having checked Zlatan’s recent points hauls, even this isn’t a guarantee –

          GW16. Ibra gets 11 pts. However, only 31,729 people bought him for GW17 and his price doesn’t rise!
          GW17. Ibra gets 12 points. 541,779 people buy him for GW18 and his price risies 0.3

          Lallana next –
          GW16, gets 19 points. 288,036 people buy him for GW17 and his price rises 0.2
          GW17. only gets 3 pts, but 109,182 people buy him for GW18 and his price rises 0.1.An explanation for this, could be a combination of Coutinho being injured, his points tally from GW15 (7) and GW16 (19) and Liverpool playing at home to Stoke in GW18
          GW18. gets 9 points. 143,586 people buy him for GW19 and his price rises 0.1
          GW19. gets 6 pts v Man City. 219,910 people buy him for GW20 and his price rises 0.1 once again.
          Between the opening of the window for GW17 and the closing for GW20, approx 750,000 people bought Lallana and his price rose from 7.1 to 7.6.
          This is some feat – helped to a degree by Coutinho’s injury + Liverpool scoring 17 goals in the period and Lallana himself getting 4 goals and 2 assists.
          However, the only GW that he rose more than 0.1 was when the window opened for GW17.

          Interestingly, the price checker last night showed that Holgate was going to rise overnight, but he didn’t.
          There is an element of gambling in trying to predict those that will rise by 0.2 in a GW – something akin to the stockmarket. get it right, and you get a healthy profit. Get it wrong and you crash and burn!!

          Good luck with this. I would be interested to know how well you have done by the time the transfer window closes for GW21

        • @OldGoat There’s definitely some element of gambling but it is similar with forex or stock exchange. Thankfully one of my majors was economics :)

          At the moment I am planning to cash in on Lallana (because I have bought him last week because of this strategy) and I am expecting to cash in on Phillips (if i don’t keep him), Giroud, Alli and Daniels.

          In addition, don’t forget that the biggest bandwagons started after games outside of Premier League (e.g. Gundogan).

          I have actually monitored those things since GW10, and as unexpectedly some may seem, they are also results of causality and most importantly by 2 important variables: the ability to field a team, and how hot a player is. GW16 to GW 20 has been, mostly, to fix problems and field a team of 11 players.

          I can understand the concerns, and I am extremely thankful to hear them from another person. However, this is my first season, and if I don’t experiment in this one, when am I going to do it? :)

          I will post a comprehensive post with my findings and results as soon as the gameweek ends.

        • @Zwischenzug There is a profound difference between WC1 and WC2. You can use WC2 just like WC1 to increase TV (and to balance team, except most managers have balanced teams at this stage). Crucially WC2 can be used differently for GWs thirtysomething when there are 4-5 teams playing 2 games in 1 GW and you can use WC2 to get the right players in before (or rebalance after or re-setup for a second bonanza GW). Beware, if you want to use the bench WC, say, to get the equivalent of close to 30 players on the pitch, you need to plan ahead and use WC2 the week before because you can only use one WC/GW.
          The best way to increase TV is slowly from GW1, just going early, (typically saturday evening only for saturday players), for the very few players rising .2-.3 in a GW. By all means leap on a bandwagon but watch for the clues to jump ship (not rocket science, anticipate the words down and tonight, when a reduction would reduce the sell price (not when it doesn’t!). There is a magic number somewhere around £106m-£107m (before Xmas) when you should switch strategy (not tactics), resist taking low lying fruit because you can and really start to hate any hits at all (sorry). Remember your goal is points not TV, you need to generate money early, with minimal impact on points, then convert money to extra points late in the season. TV of £120m after GW38 is worth nothing.

      • @OldGoat
        Hello OldGoat,
        I think your logic on price rises is impeccable. You can’t predict the .2prr just on points haul and player attributes. A player might just be the highest point scorer in a team that played badly but had 4 easy upcoming matches or played a blinder on MOTD with mediocre points or just got transferred into an elite team etc.
        I used to use the predictor (log(tir))/log(tor)+tgt%/100, evaluated on a saturday evening. Above 2 indicates price rise of .1, above 3 suggested prr .2, above 4 was .3 projection. Now I don’t bother, I ignore points haul, just look at fff/price and click the pr/hr column, when a candidate approaches tgt% of 100%. Easy to do and no time-wasting calculations
        Anticipating price rises for non-elite players is tricky, I try to spot ones early on an existing rising price trajectory, are expected to go up .2 during GW and have a favourable fixture next GW and hope to be lucky.

    • @Zwischenzug
      Great analysis but I think that Kun is showing improvement and by GW 21 he ill be up at least by 2.0. He won’t be afraid against Spurs and Man U. The rest is a walk in the park if he avoids injures or suspensions.

      • @IvanTheTerrible All that love for Kun :)
        Oh I wish the data will start showing that! But Aguero’s activity has been quite numb. If that happens, Giroud or Gray to Aguero as soon as they get their 0.2m

    • @Zwischenzug. Using a wildcard to raise your tv is a good strategy. If I understand your article you would totally disassemble your team to draft all the players you think will rise .2? Might not be so good. I’m guessing you would be dropping some quality players on your team that have already risen. Examples would be Sanchez, Hazard, Chelsea/Arsenal/Spurs defender, Costa to name but a few. You might not afford to bring back all your higher quality players in the end? (Especially if any of the higher priced players rise .1 or more?) Tread carefully. Cheers

      • @TFC Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

        I’ve actually got mesmerised with the idea, then dropped it for being madness and then did the math, properly. I agree, that this applies for many cases. However, you can maintain the players under 3 conditions:
        1. If you have already gained at least 0.2m
        2. If they are on the rise and
        3. If you plan to keep them in your team.

        If a player satisfies all 3 of these conditions then you must not sell him whilst doing this strategy.

        The players that this applies in my case are Hazard, Zlatan, Costa, Defoe and Grant.
        Hazard I will not keep.
        Zlatan, 0.4m on top and rising so stays in the team.
        Costa is actually 10.7 still. The same as I bought him (because I sold him after the ban)
        Defoe is actually 0.1m less than what I bought him for! (madness)
        Grant 0.4m on top and rising so stays in the team.

    • @Zwischenzug This is an interesting thread. I agree with all the potential downsides already pointed out by other users; however, I think there are a couple of other factors that might make this GW a very BAD one to gamble on price rises.

      Yes, there is a longer period of time for potential price rises, so I see your logic there. However, I feel a lot of people may delay making their transfers until the end of the GW21 transfer window, because they will want to make sure nobody is injured in the FA Cup matches. That might not leave enough time for players to benefit from multiple £0.1m price rises within the GW21 transfer period, as I believe a player can only rise a maximum of £0.1m in any single day. So, even if a player gets enough transfers for 2 price rises, if they all happened on the last night of the GW21 transfer window, I think they would only get a single rise of £0.1m credited for GW21. They may get a further £0.1m rise at the start of the GW22 window if the “excess” is carried over, but by then you’ve lost unlimited transfers from your GW21 WC and won’t be able to reap the profit as intended.

      Another possible factor is that there could be a lot of other people using the WC this GW, perhaps for similar reasons, and I believe that transfer activity for managers using their WC doesn’t contribute to price rises (although I could be wrong on that). If that is the case, then the expected price rises might not come if the players in question are acquired in bulk by other managers playing their WC.

      Good luck though – I hope the strategy pays off for you and I would be very interested to hear how you got on.

        • @SecretZorro* Do you have any source for that? I was actually looking for this information but couldn’t find it. My estimation is that it is irrelevant as it is regarded as a transfer despite the fact that the manager who did it is on a wildcard. I’m very willing to test it if you want. I have actually just sold Holgate and bought Mee. Mee has now 5863 transfers in. I will wait for a few minutes and check again if that changes and revert. After 2 minutes no change has been made.

        • @Zwischenzug FISO and it is common sense really. When we’re tinkering with our WC, we often change our minds or an injury/suspension appears, the prices would be all over the place if they were all logged.

      • @Chipster Thank you for pointing out the bad variables in this idea. It is of extreme value.

        I understand the rationale behind waiting for the last day to make most transactions. However, you are projecting. A common thing that is usually neglected in macroeconomics is that, if a player in that market is rational, it by no means necessitates that another player is also rational. You have the understanding of an experienced manager, same as another 200-300k (just an estimation). My hope is not on players like yourself, but the rest who are liable to jump on intuitive and rush transfers :)

        At the moment, I am actually wishing that I posted this after I started this strategy. However, great power comes with great responsibility and if it fails, I guess, oh well. The trend though suggests a profit of 0.5 to 0.6m.

        I wish I could have the data from previous seasons for price rises but I couldn’t find them.

        Thanks again for your feedback.

        • @Zwischenzug I had tinkered with the same idea a couple of seasons ago! Used my WC (the only one at the time) in the international break after GW 3 or 4 (dont clearly remember) I was unaware of the fact the WC transfers do not contribute to price changes and kept jumping bandwagons up until the last day! But to my dismay, my TV only rose a mere 0.2 or 0.3 (not at all what I expected)!

          Also I’ve been told the FPL devs change the algorithm for price changes almost every season! All of the reasons above kind of put me off this strategy after that! I’ve stopped chasing TV since then! Having said that, the introduction of the 2nd WC in the second half of the season may have changed things since! If you’ve already hit the WC button this week, it would be best to wait and find out how it has turned out for you! Good luck!

        • @Porcelain Biscuit Well, the fortunate or unfortunate thing about this strategy is that you need to commit to it, and thus, I have.

          Now I’m waiting for time to unveil the results of the experiment. I’m expecting at least 0.6m with the trends I’m seeing, which is definitely good in my opinion.

          Thank you!

        • @Zwischenzug

          Have you thought about creating a team for the remainder of the season in which to conduct your research on?
          I know you have played your wildcard this week, but having a “trial” team would mean that you wouldn’t have to tinker with your main team. Handy if you were in any mini-league, or am currently in a decent position overall

        • @OldGoat I am actually managing 5 teams at the moment in order to conduct experiments such as this. To be honest, I’m doing well in my mini league with my main team, but I see this season as a gateway of knowledge in order to casually win my mini leagues next year.

          I’m much more intrigued by the philosophy of fantasy rather than winning the league at the moment. It’s a wonderful world, and I was just introduced very recently.

        • @Zwischenzug Interesting read, this thread. I try to do this when I wildcard as well (this season’s first half wildcard was fairly okay, gained .5) I like to be conscious of rises and falls but try not to chase just the rises having been burnt by that in the past. Good luck to you, keep us posted.

        • @Dhakka09 I am expecting 0.5 as well if no miracles happen tonight. To be frank, I am feeling disappointed having invested so much time in that. On the other, I feel content, for it’s always a pleasure conducting an experiment regardless of the results.

          I will post tomorrow my experience and knowledge acquired.

    • @Zwischenzug I totally get what you mean mate. But if i were you i would change my logic as following.

      1) For players who i want to retain in my team after the WC

      if the player in my team has a TV of 0.1 more than what I bought him, then he stays on the team. (eg: If i bought a player for 5.5 and if he is now 5.6, i would still sell him at 5.5 and if i want to buy him again as I want him in my team i would have to spend 5.6)
      if the player in my team is going down in value than for what i bought him for, but i still want him in my team then i would immediately sold him and get him back later (eg: if i bought a player for 5.5 and he is gonna drop to 5.4 tonight, then I would sell him now for 5.5 and get him back for 5.4 tomorrow. by this you do not increase your TV but do not loose either)

      2) For players who I want in my team and is rising

      I would immediately buy them before rise and would not sell again. they are not the ones for profit making but to build the team itself and the TV.

      3) For profit making purpose

      I would buy the hot assets and keep until they go up by 0.2m and then sell them for a profit margin of 0.1m.

      the whole point of the WC is to improve the standard of the team. your idea of improving TV by 0.6-0.8mil is realistic but the methodology i feel needs a bit of a tweak mate. based on the above criterias,
      you can probably make a profit of around 0.3,0.4 from the “profit making players”. (3 players for that sole purpose would give you 0.3m)
      your team value would rise by around 0.3,0.4 from the newly bought players whom you would keep in the team long term. (if you buy 3 players who go up by 0.1m each your TV would still rise by 0.3m)
      since you have removed the TV losing assets you would not loose any TV what so ever.

      My advise is you first decide whom you are gonna retain from your current team for GW 21 and check to whether they fall to type 1 or 2 and act accordingly. Then you buy players who would be in your team come GW 21 deadline and is on the rise immediately. Then you move to the profit making ones with the remaining slots available.

      The fact of the matter is that if a player rises by 0.3m(which is the maximum a player can rise over a GW) and you sell him you would only get a TV of 0.1m. At the same time if a player who you wants to buy and keep in the team come deadline rises by 0.1m, you would have to spend additional that amount to buy him so in the end the the transactions would yield a net profit of 0. it’s better to directly buy a player who you want at deadline and have a TV increase of 0.1 at GW deadline.

      • @kushansamararatne Exactly! I have done exactly that.

        As I said above:
        You can maintain the players under 3 conditions:
        1. If you have already gained at least 0.2m (this one needs correction and should be 0.1)
        2. If they are on the rise and
        3. If you plan to keep them in your team.

        Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback and express your comments. Now I’m looking forward to see how it plays out. Although I lost the 0.1m of Willian but I doubt he’ll go over 0.2m

  2. @ChorleyRocks @Kralin @OldGoat @SecretZorro Should I be using a wild card right now for this team? I have a FT left and I wanted to bring in Ake/Stanislas and replace Origi! Should I keep the cool head and keep it for the double game week or use the wild card right now.

    Click to enlarge image

  3. Hi all! Don´t know what to do. Been falling on the rankings for several weeks now. 2FT + 0.2ITB.

    Click to enlarge image

    • @MissMyKass

      Origi looks to be your one problem area, due to his recent game time.
      Benteke (if fit) or Rondon could be replacements, but I don’t see enough weaknesses in your team to warrant using your Wildcard.

        • @MissMyKass Holebas has not been amongst the points recently. So, maybe replace him with a B’mouth defender who have favorable fixtures upcoming and playing well. (Ake may be recalled soon, so, others may be safer bets)

  4. Hi all, please help my team

    I already use my FT

    Do my team need wc ??

    I know siggy,lovren,holebas,pickford and maybe kelly need to go

    Thxxx all

    Click to enlarge image

    • @mansoo22

      Anything in the Bank? Any Free Transfers?
      Zaha is off to the African Cup of nations, and could be gone for up to a month. I would replace him with Phillips, as you really don’t want to be playing Anichebe each week + Zaha price is likely to drop

    • @Zwischenzug
      Hello Zwischenzug,
      Theory has it that the object of the exercise when using WC to maximise profit is to buy early the players likely to rise .2 or .3 then sell players late in the week to buy the ones you need. The problem I have is that the players you ought to need are the very ones you are likely to sell to realise the profit. Also, if you sell a player and realise a profit, you would then need that profit plus an extra amount equal to that profit to buy that player back. Not that I am suggesting this is a sensible thing to do but I am suggesting that realised profit damages your short-term TV.

    • @mansoo22 Zaha>Phillips is a no-brainer as Zaha has gone AWOL for a few weeks (or, Zaha>Fraser if you want money ITB to do something about Anichebe in the short-term).

  5. Team to play Man City: Adrian, Nordtveit, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Fernandes, Obiang, Feghouli, Lanzini, Antonio, Carroll.
    Team to play West Ham: Caballero, Sagna, Stones, Otamendi, Clichy, Toure, Zabaleta, De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling, Aguero.

  6. Double on midfielders from pool is so yesterday. Keep one of them, I would go for Lallana. Costa has been very consistent and can provide you with enough cover for Chelsea. Alli for Hazard will be a good move.

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