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Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

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Please rate my team:

Baines, Terry, Azpi
Ozil, Payet, Wanyama, Townsend
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Mignolet, Chadli, Smith and Fosu-M.

Captain: Ozil and Vice is Payet.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Mingolet -> Boruk so I have cash to upgrade Terry next week

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1,631 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 21

      • @masterdeds I only have 0.1M ITB. Brunt will cost 5M compare to Evans 4.5M. How about Nyom? Is he available?
        And you mean to add Ibra instead of Kun? or Pobga for Alli?

        • @Johan i think ibra is better than pogba. You need spur cover.keep alli . Yup if you sell kun we can upgrade evans and mee too. I think is risky double burnley.heaton is enough

    • @Johan team looks good but slightly unbalanced. the second half of the season usually reaps more defensive returns, so you might want to invest a bit more in your defence. also, united has one of the easiest upcoming fixtures so one needs to have at least one red shirt in. i reckon you need to give up on either aguero or sanchez (giroud is in good form) and go for pedro as chelsea cover to get ibra in.

      • @rafay Thanks for the advice. Yup, my defense crap as to provide funds for Aguero and Costa. Maybe I need to give up Aguero for Ibra and improve my defense. Jones is worth it?
        How about between Alli and Pogba? which one will you choose?

    • @Johan Ake definitely needs to go. He is not a guaranteed starter. It’s good you’ve got Chamers as his starting role coupled with Middlesborough’s fixtures bodes well.

  1. Hi Guys this is my 2nd draft of my WC team.

    What do you think? I can’t get Sanchez in without sacrificing Ibra at this stage.

    @Zaid and @ramsey786 let me know your thoughts.

    Click to enlarge image

    • made up this little table to check my defenders rotations using the site’s game difficulty checker to determine which of my selected players has easier GWs and therefore should be played and which have harder gameweeks and could be rested.

      Click to enlarge image

        • @curto14 Maybe Stanislas over King?

          Something else I’ve been thinking since I’m on a wildcard too. What’s the opinion on Jay Rodriguez?

        • @Zwischenzug It’s only a matter of time before Rodriguez starts finding the net. He’s had chances in previous games and has a friendly run on the horizon

        • @Zwischenzug is he guaranteed start? His PPMPG is 1.23 over 10 games where as 0.6 over 18 games. Stanislas equivalent PPMPG over 18 games is 0.68 – assuming his spread of points will be aligned to how he has been playing. I did consider him but was worried about risk of rotation or injury – what ever made him miss the 10 other games of the the season so far. Allen’s PPMPG is healthy 0.77 over 19 games. So not only is he playing more but he is returning more.

          In terms of Rodriguez – I would say Redmond offers more return for less money and is more of a guaranteed start for the saints.

    • @curto14 Maybe give the armband to Defoe, could be a much safer option than a midfielder against a Tony Pulis side.

    • @curto14 I think that defense can get better with little changes here and there.

      By downgrading Vertonghen to Baines, McAuley can be changed to Brunt. Daniels to Jones and Cahill to Azpi.

      With Phillips there plus a good 4th defender, I dont think King or any expensive 5th mid is required, you can save some cash there.

      • @Zaid thanks mate. McAuley is 0.1 cheaper than Brunt – although seems to be on form. What about the no defensive Spurs coverage?
        Cahill is a cheaper alternative than Azpi. What is your motivation for this option?

        • @curto14 Azpi over Cahill for BPs. He will probably get 1-2BPs every time they keep CS plus potentially 3BPs when the game ends 1-0 in Chelsea’s favour. So over few weeks(say 10), he can outscore Cahill by around 10pts and maybe around 20pts till season ends, could be more or less but worth considering. If budget is tight, go with Cahill.

          Regarding Spurs, cant have them all, so have to compromise here and there… I’m actually not sure about Vertonghen as an option, granted he is the cheapest route in that defense but he doesnt have any attacking threat and BPs potential isnt higher either. Toby/Walker/Rose worth extra investment imo.

        • @curto14 Not much in them I would say… Brunt is exciting, can play in midfield, on some corners and FKs. So there is potential of points even against tough opponents. McAuley is good in air and collects BPs aswell.

          Will leave this one to you, your choice here ;)

  2. Please help my team. I’am on WC, 0,2 ITB.

    Any ideas or input are very welcome ;)

    Click to enlarge image

    • @jajaja Not sure about Pedro, Willian/Pedro will be rotated for that spot.

      Interested in playing 4-3-3? Would suit your side. Drop Pedro to cheapie and put the cash in defense by adding a United defender/Baines for Amat, Mee to WBA defender and maybe Vertonghen to Toby/Walker/Rose.

      Alternatively for 3-4-3, you can try Barkley instead of Pedro, Vertonghen to Brunt and Amat to Pieters.

      • There are quite few new kids on the block who can provide a competition to the old guns. Gabriel Jesus for man City at 9.0. Player of the year in Brazil with 13 goals and 4 assists in 20 games. Then we have Ademola Lookman for Everton at 5.5.Rudy Gestede is the new boy for Boro priced only 5.0. At the same price Wilfred Ndidi is the new face of Leicester. Don forget Joey Barton for Burnley at only 4.5.

      • @Zaid

        Thank you for your feedback. I prefer 3-4-3. I will try to play a little more with my team with your ideas.

        But I agree on Pedro, I’am also afraid of his gametime. But what do you think about this team then (0,1 ITB)? With this team I could also downgrade Pogba to Coutinho later if Coutinho has better form than Pogba.

        Click to enlarge image

  3. I’m considering Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Southampton, given their fixtures. Whom would you suggest from those teams?

    I find Dann overpriced and I’m concerned for Hennessey.
    Daniels is a bit overpriced. Stanislas a constant doubt. What about Wilson?
    As for Southampton, who is nailed and worth it in defence/mid?

    • @Zwischenzug

      Palace: Dann, Ward, Cabaye
      Bournemouth: Daniels, A. Smith
      Southampton: Not sure, constant rotation in defense plus transfer rumours. Same is the case with attack.

      • @Zaid What about Kelly? I mean, if you can get Chambers with 4.4, it sounds a bit irrational to get Dann at 5.2m no? Are we expecting better return in clean sheets from Palace?

        Is A. Smith worth it in comparison to Daniels? 0.5m but 30 points difference (up to now) and much better form.

        • @Zwischenzug Not sure about Kelly. With Tomkins around and Sam trying to sign Jenkinson, he might not be nailed on over long term.

          Dann is a risky differential I think might work. Obviously cant guarantee but considering his previous record and Sam’s tactics, he should grab few goals before season ends.

          Since Daniels is on penalties in Wilson’s absence, Daniels would be better if you can afford.

  4. First draft that I’m sharing. On a wildcard.

    0m left in the bank.

    Hit me with everything that’s wrong with it (and, of course, suggestions).

    Click to enlarge image

      • @IvanTheTerrible Sunderland rotate extremely well with Stoke and I’m so frustrated with Southampton’s defence. I would actually like to have the Crystal Palace keeper but I’m not sure what the verdict is at the moment.

        If I get rid of Baines, I will get rid of the Everton defence altogether. I actually have a problem in the next gameweek as they face Hull, City, Liverpool, West Brom and Spurs. However, Baines is starting to hit form and he is on set pieces. I’m considering Cedric (but I don’t know if he will be playing), Arsenal & Chelsea I think are too expensive, and Middlesborough (Chambers or Gibson).

        Just a thought, I can do Baines to Chambers and de Roon to Stanislas with 0.3m in the bank.

    • @Zwischenzug I think you could downgrade a defender (Daniels?) to a 4.3/4.4 option. Instead of double Man U attacking cover, I would consider switching Pogba for Coutinho- he’s coming back to fitness and will outscore Pogba in my opinion. Those moves should give you enough to upgrade Rondon to Defoe. As much as I like WBA’s fixtures, Rondon is not consistent/clinical enough.

      • @cdp666 Interesting. I actually never had a Bournemouth coverage throughout the season and as I was speculating options I couldn’t help but notice how many points Daniels has scored and whom he has outscored! The next viable options seems to be Mee or Ward? How do you feel about those?

        Do you think Coutinho will perform as soon as he returns? How about waiting for the United game and then switch accordingly as my first transfer before the price goes up?

        I like Defoe a lot. I have had him in my team since GW4. However, those WBA fixtures are amazing and Rondon will be the main man up front. And he is 1m cheaper. Do you think it’s worth it to sacrifice elsewhere for that transfer?

        In this idea, how does this team look to you?

        Click to enlarge image

        • @Zwischenzug Mee is a bit more of a threat but both good options in a well organised unit. Keep an eye on Liverpool tomorrow and see if Coutinho makes an appearance – agreed it makes sense to let him prove his fitness before bringing him in, but once fully fit, he is central to Liverpool’s attack from open play and set pieces so should provide points quickly. The other option to consider for Pogba in a couple of weeks is Walcott/Lallana – that could then free up funds to switch Giroud for Lukaku given the nice Everton run from GW22. It’s a tough call – I like your first draft too and Rondon could explode!

        • @cdp666 First drafts always contain a bit of magic :)

          Oh I’m definitely watching Liverpool as I hope to beat them on Sunday (obviously a United fan). And yes, Coutinho is a must have until the end of the season if he proves to be fit.
          Walcott is also constantly on the watchlist but this fitness saga is becoming a headache (despite how much I want to bring him in my team instead of Sanchez).

          Lukaku is a tough call. If Everton start finding form and Rondon blanking, thats the move to make. Thank you for your thoughts.

      • @Zaid Thank you for the feedback before.

        So you suggest that Ward/ Chambers/ de Roon/ Giroud is better than
        Ward/ Chambers/ Stanislas/ Defoe or
        Daniels/ Baines/ de Roon/ Rondon or
        Daniels/ Chambers/ Stanislas/ Rondon?

    • @Kralin @ChorleyRocks @OldGoat any chance you can look at these teams and discussion and provide some feedback?

      Any opinions about Schneiderlin as an option at 4.6m now that he is expected to become an Everton player?

      • @Zwischenzug For balance (plus my belief Liverpool will continue to net, regardless of fixtures) then Pogba – Lallana. But I think you run other sides, and may be hedging your bets by avoiding Liverpool players in this team.

        Coutinho will be eased back so is a risky pick for now (as per discussion above).

        I noticed there is a cheaper, starting Middlesbrough mid – Clayton – if you’re trying to squeeze every penny out of the wildcard.

        I know the podcast comes in for Eriksen instead of Alli, but haven’t listened to it yet so I don’t know the rationale behind that.

        I don’t know much about Schneiderlin, other than he cost more than the budget of an art-house film, but if he’s mainly a defensive mid then no, other than as bench-fodder and you have that covered.

        • @Kralin Thank you for your feedback. I think Pogba will start netting regularly, soon. What will be the position of Lallana now that Coutinho and Henderson will be back? Does Origi remain in the front 3?

          Along with the fixtures, it makes me a bit sceptical to whom I should pick for Liverpool coverage and since I have a tendency towards Coutinho, I have decided to wait for the moment.

          I was thinking about Clayton but I really like de Roon. Plus he has scored 2 goals. You’ve got to at least believe in someone to put them there. As I’ve told you before, I don’t like the strategy of 14 + 1 neglected player.

          I’m listening to the podcast now. I understand the rationale for Eriksen but if you are missing a 0.1m, both can do.

        • @Zwischenzug Yes, maybe Coutinho for the Swansea game. Liverpool haven’t half got some tasty fixtures coming up. Could well make or break many other sides, let alone their own chances.

          Re Ali and Eriksen, why not in a (stable) 3-5-2? If I were doing that I’d probably park them there for a while and be reconciled to the occasional dud week.

    • @IvanTheTerrible Ivan, let’s make a wildcard post and share wildcard drafts until we are happy!

      I will give my suggestions based on my drafts and I would like if you can to share your basis on yours so we can find the optimal solution.

      Aren’t there too much money invested in GKs? Foster with a cheapie can suffice. Heaton is 4.9 and with extremely bad fixtures. That 0.6m can be used elsewhere. I know BPS king etc but still.

      Rose over Walker I think. The bot agrees and it’s 0.1m cheaper. (I prefer Walker as a guy, but fantasy is not personal)

      Van Dijk. Can you really trust Southampton’s defence? I know you already had him, but what about Daniels or Baines freeing up 0.5 at least to spend in midfield?

      Phillips, Ali, agreed.

      Coutinho is back. Do you still want Lallana? Sterling has the headache of Pep.

      So with 0.5m from Van Dijk, 0.7m from the keepers and 2m from Giroud to Rondon we have 3.2m allowing, for example, Lallana to Sanchez and Sterling to Rodriguez/Redmond/Palace mid? Or Lallana to Coutinho, Sterling to Pogba and Giroud to Defoe?

      I don’t know if I prefer what I’m suggesting but I’m brainstorming.

  5. My team
    1.2 ITB 2FT
    I want to upgrade coquelin and browning to players that a starting.What should i do with ake!!!Suggestions?
    Grant, Randolph
    Jones, Alonso, Ake, Pieters, Browning
    Pogba, Hazard, Eriksen, Phillips, Coquelin
    Costa, Defoe, Kane

    • @fantasy foxes Ake is already a Chelsea player, so you have to take one of the Chelsea guy out first, right?

      Ake to Baines and save other FT. Next week Coquelin to De Roon and then after that, Browning to Pieters/Nyom

      • @Zaid

        Was thinking ake to yoshida and coquelin to stansilas.Next week browning to nyom.What do u think?

  6. Opinions please! Wildcard currently active.

    Randolph, Robles
    Alonso, Daniels, Jones, Baines, Brunt
    Alli, Sanchez, Phillips, Lallana, De Roon
    Costa, Giroud, Ibra

    0 in bank. My only thought is possibly downgrading one of the defenders (but who, they are all amazing) to have enough money in the bank to do Ibra/Costa to Aguero if I need to. Would give me more flexibility. With a defence so strong and with solid fixtures in 2 game weeks time, I might keep it like this and unleash my bench boost before downgrading a defender.

    • @GAlexGG

      Nice team. Your GK’s rotate, and your defence does as well – apart from this GW.
      Will Robles keep his place when Stekelnberg returns from injury this month though?
      How about Daniels to a cheap benchwarmer and upgrade De Roon to Stanislas?

      • @OldGoat I’ve got to be honest I’m not sure about Robles, although he seems to be doing well.

        Why Stanislas when I have Phillips already and can’t play both? Do they rotate well?

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