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Here to help. Post your team and get good constructive feedback on your selections. We will share our thoughts and concerns to help each other build better teams and hopefully win our respective mini-leagues.

How does it work?

Tell us your first 11, bench, cash in the bank and captain as we’ll take a look. We might tell you there is too much money sitting in the bank. We might question if you have the right striker or goalkeeper. We will point out obvious errors like it is rarely a good idea to have a defender as captain. For sure you will be told about the absence of a ‘star’ player and the captain de-jour.

Option 1: Post your team using the Rate My Team Automated Advisor

The most advanced RMT algorithm on the market today is now in “Release 7 Beta”, meaning it has been updated with the latest functionality to help managers for the full season. Based on published research, and capable of machine learning, our Automated Advisor is a powerful FPL analytics tool. Our Points Prediction engine takes into account new signings, formation changes, manager changes, and many other factors.

However, Fantasy Football First’s uniqueness is that as well as the excellent analytics engine, we have excellent FPL managers who’s opinion you can canvas. Data and experts – a powerful winning combination. Check if your team is ready and import your FPL team. Enter your FPL Team Code and import your team direct from the FPL site!

Option 2: Write your team in a comment

Post the players you select in the formation you want to play them, and separately list your subs., transfers and remaining cash in the bank. For example:

Please rate my team:

Baines, Terry, Azpi
Ozil, Payet, Wanyama, Townsend
Defoe, Lukaku, Kane
Subs: Mignolet, Chadli, Smith and Fosu-M.

Captain: Ozil and Vice is Payet.
Money in the bank: £1.5m
Transfers Mingolet -> Boruk so I have cash to upgrade Terry next week

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Linking your team means anyone can click on your profile image and see your team. This helps because the reviewer can see your transfer history and get a sense of your overall strategy. After all, we don’t want to suggest a player you have just sold.

To link your team

1. get the url of your team from fantasy.premierleague.com. To do this open the game and click on POINTS. In the “Game Week Points” section you will see “View Gameweek history”. Open the Gameweek history page. Copy this URL.

2. Click “Profile” in the footer of the site. This will open your profile page.

The website field is in yellow on the image above.

3. copy the url into the Website field on your profile page and save.

Can YOU help someone?

You’re more than welcome to join the fun. Helping each other out is what this site is all about. The sharing, the arguing and yes the gloating is all part of the fun. Its not all stats, stats, stats. Just give constructive feedback on the team and your view on the points it will earn, and you are all set.

Keep popping back

As the season progresses we’ll provide all sorts of articles, stats and tables to help everyone to maximise their points potential. We’re also posting updates on who is playing well or playing out of position in the weekly game reviews, thereby giving us all the latest information. The first set of tables are out and will be updated on Thursday. So keep popping back to see the latest player information.

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1,631 thoughts on “Help My Team for game week 21

  1. Made a few wrong turns with my wildcard last month, stuck with several players who are not living up to their name :)
    Any suggestions are welcome! :D
    2 mil in the bank and 1 ft

    Click to enlarge image

    • @jovpa You have kept Walcott till now? :eek:

      Save FT if he is passed fit. Next week, Matic to Philips and Sigurdsson to Pogba/Barkley.

      • @Zaid had high hopes that he will miss only one game, then i traveled a lot only managed to grab Lallana for Mane.
        Its a nice idea getting rid of Matic, you reckon i should keep Hazard or turn this week to Sanchez?

  2. *Bournemouth have received clearance from DR Congo to play Benik Afobe during in the Premier League during AFCON.
    *Reports suggest that Puel could omit Fonte from his Saints line-up until after the January transfer window closes.
    *Hull’s Dawson set for further tests today on shoulder problem, confirms Silva.
    * Dimitri Payet is likely to leave West Ham if the club are unable to improve their form, according to Sky Sports pundit and former Hammers striker Tony Cottee.
    *Arsenal have confirmed the signing of left-back Cohen Bramall from Hednesford Town.
    *Stoke City have made a formal bid to buy West Brom striker Saido Berahino, according to Sky sources.

    • @IvanTheTerrible So Fonte at Everton looks likely coupled with a possible Schneiderlin move and that defense could be rock solid…

      So Payet probably wont start against Palace? Might have to take him out… :/

      Berahino! A name which is only heard during transfer window… :lolflag:

      • @Zaid
        We are just in the middle of another big mess like every year :lol:
        I still keep drafting diferent combinations of transfer and the Auto Pick insisting on your old love Baines. With the fixtures ahead his latest perfomance I think it makes sense :idunno:

        • @IvanTheTerrible If you have cash, go for it, best and most exciting player you can get at that price. :P

          Unfortunately, I cant get him due to rules and restriction :(

        • @Zaid
          After I’ve listen to this week show I decided to keep my WC for a while. I am prepared for – 8 in my team B. So getting rid of Origi/Firmino/Stones the Auto gives me this which looks not that bad.

          Click to enlarge image

        • @Zaid
          I could but I can’t see him doing anything special against Man U away. I know Phillips is away to Spurs but after that the fixtures look beautiful. On a second thought you might be right, I can save -4 for this week :thumbup:

        • @IvanTheTerrible Nah, not Gray. Tough fixtures plus playing for a team that doesnt score many goals… Go with those moves. Over long term, that will hopefully work.

          Maybe you can avoid Stones to Baines and save 4pts there.

        • @Zaid
          You are right. The only thing is I just can’t stand Stones anymore. He has done so much damage for my team this season. Going back to plan A, you know I am a hit man ;)

        • @IvanTheTerrible Thats true… There are so many players in team that arent performing, trying to keep myself calm! Once I get back on my track, it will be hits galore… :eek:

        • @Zaid
          :lol: It has been a bad season for me so far, in fact the worst in my last six seasons. Anyhow, the hope keeps us going. We could turn the tables around in the second half :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:

        • @IvanTheTerrible Reduce the hits imo, I think that has helped me to some extent. Lets see if this strategy can help in second half of the season or not, Bowie is too good and wont be possible to get anywhere close to him.

  3. Please help my team  Any thoughts on how to replace Mane? I like Alli but fear too much Spurs with Ericksen. Firmino? Lallana? I’d like to get rid of Holebas and could package him away.. I have 2 free transfers… Much obliged for any thoughts…

    • @rhillman holebas> baines. mane>phillips (the man is in good form plus easy fixtures, also it will free up funds so you can analyse and make decisions accordingly.)

  4. Mane has to go. The question is who would you replace Siggy with who has been sadly very inconsistent at late? I would get Phillips or Allen for Mane for the time being unless you are planning to play your WC.

  5. 1.1 In the Bank.
    2 FT left.
    WC active, but I would want to wait for some more time until I use it.
    I am this week for sure thinking of subbing out Siggy and replacing with someone (though RMT Algorithm disagrees).
    According to the RMT prediction, looks like I can just do with Benteke and Defoe for now.
    Any suggestions apart from a complete team overhaul?

      • @IvanTheTerrible
        Yes. thanks, Ivan.
        I was contemplating:
        For Siggy replacement: Most likely Philips or Snodgrass, Capoue, Milner, Allen.
        For Stuani replacement: Either Rondon (if not choosing Philips to avoid double teaming, or is it a good thing), Deeney, vokes, Gray, Origi.

        According to RMT’s PS for N3GWs:
        Redmond/Zaha/Phlips for Siggy and,
        Rondon/Carroll/Deeney/Wilson for Stuani.

        Based on this, was thinking if I should do Redmond and Rondon for Siggy and Stuani.


        • @tejus2005
          I can go with that. Why don’t you try and do like I did? The posts above. Just remove the players unwanted and then press Auto Complete. You can always rearrange them with your choice ;)

        • @IvanTheTerrible
          Thanks !
          This method suggests Phillips and Gray. This also sounds decent.
          So Philips and Gray or Redmond and Rondon for Siggy and Stuani.

          Actually, for WBA, after Spurs, the fixture list looks great. So got to have either Phillips or Rondon. Question is who is better among these 2. choosing one helps better clarity on the other.

    • @tejus2005 You’ve got a lot of wedge tied up with your goalkeepers. I’d say you only need one of those, with a cheap alternative.

      Similarly I’d leave the pricey defenders at Cahill and Walker and downgrade van Dijk.

      • @Kralin
        Great idea. Thanks for that suggestion. I was thinking of using that while doing a WC in a 3+ GWs when the teams might be settled a little bit more. Does that make sense?

        • @tejus2005 Yes fine, though the more money you have now the more options you’ll have. I may be inclined to go 50/50 – one transfer to improve the finances, one transfer to improve the team.

  6. Team to play Hull: De Gea, Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Darmian, Herrera, Pogba, Mata, Rooney, Mkhitaryan, Rashford.
    Team to play Man Utd: Jakupovic, Robertson, Maguire, Meyler, Huddlestone, Snodgrass, Clucas, Diomande, Henriksen, Mason, Tymon.

    • @SecretZorro* I’ll be curious to see if Klopp gives it the same priority tomorrow that JM has this evening. Given the team of tyros put out on Sunday, I suspect Liverpool will go out (sic) with a strongish side.

      • @Kralin Kop’s said that he’s only interested in the League this season, no distractions. However the fans will always want to go to Wembley, he shouldn’t underestimate that.
        Even if he realizes that Utd will win, he needn’t tell the fans that! :clap:

  7. Hi All

    Not sure what to do next .. 2FT and 1.7m in the bank.

    Grant (Pickford)

    Jones, Alonso, Holebas (A Smith, Evans)

    Sanchez, Eriksen, Lallana, Philips (de Roon)

    Ibrahimovic, Kane, Defoe

    Is my mid/attack ok?

    Thinking I need to sort out defence due to injuries and non-players?

    For example
    Option A: Defoe, Smith to Giroud, Brunt
    OptionB: Defoe, Lallana to Giroud, Hazard
    Is Eriksen to Ali a wasted transfer?

    So much to ponder …

    • @Stew

      Holebas, Smith or Evans to Rose?, or maybe get Baines as Everton have decent fixtures after this week. Evans to Brunt would be a cheap option, although both are currently listed as injured.

      Not sure why you want to change your front 8, when you state that it is your defence that needs sorting though.
      I would defo keep Defoe – where will you get a better striker under 8M?
      Also keep Lallana. Liverpool have mixed fixtures, but they are capable of scoring against any team.
      Eriksen to Alli is a wasted transfer IMO. Maybe do Kane to Costa though

    • @Stew It probably is a wasted transfer (E to Alli). Your mid and attack is fine, though I would swap Kane for Costa as you have no Chelsea up front.


      He is more of a defensive midfielder. I suspect he will take on the role that Gareth Barry had been doing (minus the yellow cards, I hope).
      Everton have decent fixtures after this week, so he MIGHT be worth bringing in.
      Do bear in mind that players take a while to settle down into new clubs though

  8. @Secret Zorro We have probably discussed this before but cant recall what was the conclusion! :oops:

    Is Ireland and Northern Ireland same country? Looking at Coleman(IRE) but I do have Evans(NIR) aswell, so wanted to make sure before the move…

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